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Monday 20 April 2020

Femi Kayode And The Hypocrisy Of Nigeria Politicians

Femi Kayode And The Hypocrisy Of Nigeria Politicians
Femi Kayode

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press International.

Earlier today, I was not surprised reading once again another bashing of Ndị Igbo on Femi Fani-Kayode's Facebook page. I am not surprised because I have seen and lamented this earlier, but got the bashing of my life from people who after reading insults against their tribe, would rather choose to praise the insulter.

Femi Fani-Kayode is an intelligent man, I give it to him, but what he is not is an activist. He is a typical Nigerian politician. Fani-Kayode has not only proven my thoughts about him right, he has also exposed himself, all in an attempt to whitewash and force a bad, wicked, evil and conscienceless beast down our throat.

I wouldn't have cared replying FFK had it been he didn't make his "HOW ARE THE MIGHTY FALLEN" articles an attack on Ndị Igbo.

How is it an attack on Ndị Igbo? We shall find out.

FFK in his attempt to bring to the public the achievements of Abba Kyari wrote the following.

..."He (Abba Kyari) promised the Governors of the East that he would get adequate funding for Enugu Airport and he did."

"He also promised to ensure that good progress would be made on the second Niger bridge and it was."

"I can also tell you that when the police, with elements of the military, attacked and killed IPOB youths and literally burnt down half of Oraifite in Anambra state, the hometown of my friend and IPOB lawyer, Mr. Ifeanyi Ejiofor, Abba, in collaboration with Umahi and Ugwanyi, was instrumental in putting a stop to it."

Brothers and sisters, can you sit down and tell me why Femi Fani-Kayode concentrated on things he thinks his bossom friend Abba Kyari did for Ndị Igbo, without dishing out what he thinks he(Abba) did to Northerners or his Yoruba people? The truth is that Ndị Igbo owe nothing to anyone, not Abba Kyari or late Buhari. If you say Ndị Igbo are Nigerians, you shouldn't be writing a useless article telling Ndị Igbo that it was Abba Kyari that made Enugu Airport upgrade and the construction of Second Niger Bridge possible. At least not from a man that thinks we should blame the president and not those working for him. We didn't see anyone play politics with Yoruba people when all those massive bridges crisscrossing Lagos state were constructed. Therefore, Ndi-Igbo will resist any attempt to use ordinary upgrade of Airport and Second Niger Bridge to force the beast called Abba Kyari down their throats.

By the way, if Abba Kyari was indeed this powerful to have done these things for Ndi Igbo, why then did FFK exonerate him from the atrocities of the government? Is he not contradicting himself here?

When FFK boasted that if we don't like your views about Kyari, we can go to hell, I quickly remembered Oba Akiolu of Lagos threatening to drown Ndị Igbo in the lagoon. It can't be a coincidence.

Suddenly, you want us to accept "that the buck for the things of the Federal Government does not stop at the desk of the President's Chief of Staff but at the desk of the President." Yet you forgot that it is this same man that advices the president, and should anything go wrong, they all should take the blame. You also forgot you told us it is Abba Kyari and not the president that made second Niger funding possible.

You relayed to us how Abba Kyari was giving scholarships, forgetting that many devils in Nigeria government have also given same scholarships. Those of them you have been criticising, are you telling us they don't have friends they have been good to? Haven't they done some good?

According to Kayode, Abba was better than others in Buhari's government and am forced to ask: Is he better in doing 'good' or 'evil'? Late Abba Kyari might be good to Femi Kayode, but not good for the people. That is where FFK failed it. Abba Kyari is simply his protector and benefactor right inside the terrible and wicked APC government. Kyari might be the reason he not in jail after all. Everything FFK gained from this evil government under Abba Kyari have so beclouded him that he forgot that thousands have been killed and millions rendered jobless because of the evil tendencies of Abba Kyari and his fellow cabals.

But incase you have forgotten, let me quickly remind you.

It was under Abba Kyari that Nigeria Chief Justice was removed, replaced with an Aeroplane tuner sharia judge.

It was under Abba Kyari that Gov Emeka Ihedioha, the people's elected governor of Imo State was removed and Hope Uzodimma imposed on the people from a distant fourth position.

Under Abba Kyari, Asha Buhari was religated to the background and locked out of Aso Rock.

It was he and his fellow cabals that brought an impostor to replace a dead president.

It was under him that Fulani Herdsmen were aided, paid billions to keep killing Nigerians. They saw to the recruitment of Boko-Haram members into the Nigeria military. Under him soldiers have been sabotaged and killed. Those soldiers were also people's husbands, fathers, brothers and friends.

Under him entire service chiefs are still in office when their tenures have already elapsed.

Under this unrepentant beast more than 300 Shiite Muslims were killed in One Night.

As a powerful chief of staff, he and his cronies brought Python Dance 1,2 and 3 that killed hundreds of IPOB youths and imprisoned many till today.

It is under him that all appointments went to Hausa Fulani and Muslims leaving out South East.

Under this looter, Nigeria borrowed extensively for infrastructure, excluding South East.

Under him, the Vice President from your region was relegated to nothingness.

Under him, businesses were destroyed and our goods seized, only for it to be shared to Northerners.

What evil did this man Femi Kayode is eulogising as "A GOOD Man" not do?  Why insult our sensibility?

FFK must know that Judas Is Cariot who betrayed Jesus have friends too. There are lots of people that received some goodness from Adulf Hitler. So what actually is he talking about.

It's pathetic that Femi Kayode has finally exposed himself as not different from other Nigeria politicians. I continue to say it that no Nigeria politician want Nigeria to end. It doesn't matter if the person is in APC or PDP. All of them want Nigeria to remain this way. It pays the politicians and no senator will walk into that chambers and still remember restructuring. Do you know the type of damage a Restructured Nigeria will do to Nigeria politicians?

Dearest Biafrans, please stop suspending your sense of reasoning when you see someone speak ill about Nigeria. Most of them are all hypocrites.

Who would have known that FFK has been enjoying APC government through Abba Kyari?

We must be careful of the people we follow in this journey to freedom.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher and Activist.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba.

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