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Friday 17 April 2020

Nigeria: Extortion Business Involving Nigeria Police Officers In Enugu, Uncovered

Extortion Business Involving Nigeria Police Officers In Enugu, Uncovered

The unwholesome activities unabatedly  being carried out by the officers and men of the Nigerian police force has become disappointedly institutionalized. Family Writers Press International,  has deemed it expedient to bring to the attention of the general public, the prevalent criminality and notoriety associated with some of these policemen in Nigeria. Two of these officers whose prominent assignment is extorting tricycle operators in Abakpa area of Enugu city, Enugu State, has eventually come to the fore.

These criminal elements in Nigeria police uniforms culpable in this crime, are serving in Abakpa Central Police Station (CPS), located right opposite Senator Gilbert Nnaji's residence, in front of Nike Lake Resort, Enugu. One of the two police officers involved is Mr. Emmanuel Ugwuanyi, who most likely hails from Nsukka area. He is between the ages of 35 and 40 years. Full identity of his other colleague in crime could not be ascertained but he goes with the surname Owoicho. A name that suggests he is an Idoma man from Benue State. He is elderly between the ages of 45 and 50. Both officers are presently serving in Abakpa Central Police Station in Enugu as earlier mentioned.

The menace being orchestrated by these two notorious police officers was brought to the notice of Family Writers Press International, sometime in 2019 but efforts to track them down with their detailed identities, delayed this report. They engage in extortion of amounts ranging between N4,000 and N5,000  from unsuspecting tricycle operators that get into their net, numbering up to one hundred daily. Comprehensive investigation about them was however hampered by the intricacies associated with serving Nigeria policemen. In the bid to get an eye witness account in the course of investigation, the two police officers were spotted carrying out their criminal activities within Abakpa area of Enugu city. They were seen arresting the innocent tricycle operators at gun points at different locations, namely:

* In front of St. Mary's Hospital along Nike road, Abakpa.

* Amangwu bypass by Holy Cross Parish, near Igwe Nnaji, Iji-Nike, Enugu.

* Nkwo junction, near Enugu East Local Government Secretariat.

* Ugwunwani bypass by Liberty in Abakpa Main Market, Enugu.

On it's visit to Liberty Unit 1 Tricycle Riders office situated within Abakpa Main Market, Enugu, Family Writers Press International surprisingly learnt that virtually all the members have reportedly been extorted between N4,000 and N5,000 by this police notorious gangsters under flimsy excuses. The tricylists further revealed that the reason for this criminal activities of the police officers hinges on what transpired sometime in 2019. It all began when police authority placed ban on the officers from daily collection of N50 fee from each tricyclist on highways amongst others. That order strictly stalled the nefarious activities of many years practice by these policemen. This two extortionist officers currently and most likely operating on the instructions of their  Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in the Central Police Station in Abakpa, Enugu, boldly and callously resorted to extorting varying amounts of money from these helplessly oppressed tricyclists who are struggling daily to put food on the table for their respective families.

It is therefore important in view of this reckless impunity and criminality, to pointedly call on the attention of the Enugu State Police Commissioner and the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Abakpa Division, to caution and discipline these their erring police officers, Mr. Emmanuel Ugwuanyi and Mr...... Owoicho who have blatantly desecrated the santity of the profession. They should be made to leave the already over-burdened innocent tricycle operators alone, who daily are struggling to survive in an adverse economic environment. The tricyclists are already angry and mobilizing to carry out a massive protest geared towards the outright transfer of these notorious officers from Enugu.

Family Writers Press International hereby eagarly await the action that the Enugu State Police Commissioner and Abakpa Divisional Police Officer (DPO) would take against these policemen. That will really prove their innocence in this whole mess.

Onyebuchi Eze Reporting for Family Writers Press International

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