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Wednesday 8 April 2020

Nigeria: Soldiers Are Killing Citizens More Than Coronavirus Pandemic

Nigeria: Soldiers Are Killing Citizens More Than Coronavirus Pandemic

A report recently published by Punch Newspapers, had it that "A motorist identified as Joseph Pessu was shot dead in Warri, Delta State, on Thursday 2nd April 2020 by a Nigerian soldier for allegedly flouting government's Sit-At-Home order, to prevent the spread of the deadly disease".

It is no longer news that the Nigerian army is killing peaceful protesters but has taken Covid-19, which the world is presently struggling to contain as a coverl. The Nigerian army has taken this window of the epidemic in the country especially in the South, as an opportunity to kill those who stand opposed to the fulanisation/Islamisation agenda of the Nigerian government under irrational excuses.

Coronavirus which presently stands out as the world's greatest threat, arrived Nigeria few weeks back well before lockdown/Sit at home orders were given. High ranking political office holders were reportedly declared infected with the virus, leading to the restriction of movements across Nigeria, which is aimed at curtailing the spread of the disease.

These Nigerian soldiers that invaded Warri to eliminate their perceived enemies instead of professionally playing their constitutional roles, transformed into death agents, killing and maiming the innocent.

Over the years, Biafrans have been subjected and are yet being subjected to all forms of brutality, victimization, marginalization and unwarranted deaths by the Nigerian government through the security forces, all aimed at trying to deny the people, their rights to self-determination. The pursuit for peaceful agitation for freedom has been criminally classified as an act of terrorism in Nigeria. This is a policy that stems from the greediness and selfish interests of those at the corridors of power whose livelihood rests on the proceeds from the rich natural resources that dot the entirety of Biafraland. They do not want to listen to the cries of the poor masses on whose back they rode to the pinnacle of leadership.


Eversince the outbreak of Covid-19 in this part of the world, Biafrans have remained exceptionally law abiding in their locations and meticulously been following all relevant health directives of World Health Organization (WHO), put in place to curtail and contain the spread of the coronavirus disease. Closely looking at the records, very minimal cases have been identified and reported so far across Biafraland. This is as a result of strict compliance to the social distancing and other related protective measures adopted.  But the Nigerian soldiers whose duties have absolutely nothing to do with the situations on ground, are being deployed to the streets of Biafraland to harass and brutalize the already over-burdened/suffering masses. Those who step out to pick up few commodities for their families as the effects of the lockdown bite hard, are being shot dead.

In Warri, Delta State precisely, no coronavirus case has been reported but family members have been thrown into mourning mood through the vampiric activities of the Nigerian soldiers. This showcases the fact that Nigeria is grossly and shamefully reeling in crudity and farther drifting away from any known form of civilization even in this 21st century.

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Okwu-Kanu pointedly said and I quote: "When I refer to Nigeria as a zoo, most people misunderstand me. They feel it's an insult. These reported events that took place in Warri, have once again, clearly justified my insistence that Nigeria is a zoo or much worse and is run by savages sustained by neo-colonialist interests that want to see Africa depopulated by all means. Most people are now beginning to reason that these frequent massacre of Biafrans by the Nigerian soldiers on one hand and Fulani terror groups on the other hand, are not random incidents but parts of well coordinated and premeditated plots to reduce the population of Judeo-Christian South for the violent conquest of  Islamic core North".

"Britain sould call the Nigerian government to order now to halt the continuous attack on Biafrans in the name of enforcing Covid-19 lockdown across our region. The world should also be aware that the government of Nigeria is using the fight against coronavirus pandemic as a tactics and an advantage to kill more innocent citizens of Biafra".

The African Union, United Nations, United Kingdom, United States of America, amongst others, must as a matter of urgency, compel the killer Boko Haram terrorists, disguised as Nigerian soldiers, to stop harassing, killing and arresting Biafrans. They should channel their fight against the real insurgency in the Northern part of Nigeria.

Nigeria will continue to fail in it's desperation because Biafra remains the one and only solution to the problems of the Biafran people.

Written by Sunday Okafor

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International

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