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Saturday 4 April 2020



I saw it again
The blood flowing angrily
On the street of fatherland
Crying for justice

The mad dogs
Appeared again
Thirsty for blood of the innocent
Hefty men on uniform
Ruggedly with Boot
On flesh but beasts
Drove and paraded
The cruel image
Fully armed to the teeth
To devour the innocent
Chanting blood, blood
In the street of fatherland

I thought it was a dream
Till reality, hugged my confused brain
When l heard the cry
Of a gun shot
On a romance hug
To a healthy body
Pierced through
Grip the sack of blood
And caused it to flow profusely
For fun
Old woman beaten to stupor by Nigerian Army

Oh l cried for fatherland
Defiled again without remorse
Now everywhere smells
Blood, blood
Everywhere now stains with blood
All moving body now a target
Fear now become a daily ritual
No one kiss safety in the land

Mad dogs, mad dogs
You are my mortal enemy
Why are you so cruel to our land?
What have we done to you?
Why do you always threaten
And thirst for our blood?
Why can't you leave our land in peace?
The land of Biafra
Land of the rising sun

#All hail Biafra! #SupportBiafraFreedom!!

A Poem dedicated to those massacred in Warri, 3/4/2020 Amid Covid-19 locked down

Written by Onyebuchi Eucharia O.
For Family Writers Press International

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