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Tuesday 12 May 2020

Africa: Ojukwu is not here but Biafra is alive

Africa: Ojukwu is not here but Biafra is alive
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu left and Late Ikemba Ojukwu right

The indefatigable leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) globally, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has said that the emergence of the late tyrannical  Army General, Muhammadu Buhari as the President of Nigeria under the All Progressive Congress party-led administration, is a veritable pathway through which Biafra will re-emerge as a nation. He pointedly made this statement during his live broadcast on Radio Biafra, transmitted globally from it's London base on Sunday 10th May, 2020.

He declared: "As ChukwuOkike Abiama promised us and as was revealed to me in the year 2014, I was told that Buhari is the key to our freedom. And I preached it on this very hallowed platform and I said that this very dictator, this brutal, evil, wicked, mass murderer, is our passport to freedom and today,  it has happened. The zoo (as he normally refers Nigeria to), has collapsed completely and totally, there is nothing holding it!".

The IPOB leader further stated that Biafra restoration was only a matter of months away and that when he went to Aba for the 30th of May (Biafra Heroes and Heroines Remembrance Day) 2015, he had proclaimed during that very rally under  spiritual guidance of heaven, that Nigeria must fall and today, it has fallen. He maintained that it was the very prophecy of a certain Yoruba pastor that stated the crumbling of Nigeria if the government failed to pay heed to the warning. That prophecy was even made while he was yet unlawfully incarcerated in the Nigerian prison.

He proceeded to play the audio clip of the pastor who had foretold the coming of Biafra. The message read thus: "You cannot fight an 'ideology'. Ideology is like a spirit. You cannot use guns and bullets to stop an ideology. You rather engage it with wisdom. The only bullet that can kill an ideology is the bullet of knowledge. Wisdom! Wisdom!! The only way to deal with an ideology is to go back to the founder of the ideology and reprogram the ideology and stand at the central processing unit of the ideology, make sure it is rightfully corrected. If you remove the leader, have you removed the ideology? There are crazy Nnamdi Kanus that will come up after Nnamdi, they are just hiding under him. The only way to kill this, is not by gun and bullet, it is by engaging with programmed dialogue, with knowledge and wisdom. This cry we are hearing here is not a cry of children. It is a cry of adults! The only way, the best way to handle this, is to listen to the cries of the people. Everything is not gun and bullet.

When you take their leader away, okay, take the leader away! The best and many people are still out there on the streets. Do you know how many spirits of Biafra that have entered into the people? Do you know how many millions of people that carry the spirit of Biafra around? If you kill or you take their leader away, are you going to remove the spirit from everybody? Ojukwu is not here but Biafra is alive. Biafra is an ideology! The man who started it has left. Before he left, he kept quiet and lived peacefully and left, but the generation that has come, has picked it up and it is even worse than his own now. They are engaging it with knowledge. The best way to deal with this is not by guns and bullets.....the issue of Biafra is very spiritual.....".

Revealing the true state of the Nigerian leadership presently, Kanu affirmed that there is neither a President nor a Vice, running the country. He stated that the reason why they are now using the word: "Presidency" which actually is an indication that Nigeria is being run by a certain group of people known as the cabals and not the Head of State, Muhammadu Buhari or his Vice, Yemi Osinbajo. He then rhetorically asked: "Now, why are you answering 'Presidency' in Nigeria? The reason why you are answering Presidency in Nigeria is because, there is no President. Presidency is a group of people, a cabal! It was introduced under Abba Kyari. I want all of you to go back to 2015 and 2016, it is an assignment. Write it down on a piece of paper. Also go back to 2013, 2014, 2015; go back from Obasanjo's time, go through every statement issued, every publication issued and count how many times under Obasanjo, under Yar'Adua, under Jonathan, that the word ‘Presidency’ was used to describe the Nigerian President. Go and ask or check! This fashion of 'Presidency' only came in, with this liberal, it came with them!".

Recall that the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has many times, publicly declared Buhari dead on Radio Biafra platform. According to him, Buhari died since 14th February 2017 and buried in Saudi Arabia. But due to the treachery of the Nigerian leaders, they conspired to conceal it and get the dead Buhari replaced with an impostor named Jubril Al-Sudani (a man from Sudan), using a hyper reality face mask and a certain deep fake technology, to continue to lie to gullible Nigerians so that power will still remain in the North till 2023. Further elaborating on the program called "Deep Fake" technology that the Aso Rock cabals are using to deceive Nigerians, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu presented an evidential video clip which he posted on his Facebook page for the whole world to see. The video clip portrays an actor impersonating the former United States President, Barrack Obama, using the same 'Artificial Intelligence' (AI) program. 'Deep Fake' according to him, is a Hologram Technology  invented by  Chinese scientists which makes it possible for someone to impersonate another person which is really not there by just using the existing videos or pictures of the person.

Blaming Nigerians over their blunt refusal to rise up and place a demand for the whereabouts of their Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, who has remained incommunicado since the ill health of Abba Kyari, the former Nigerian Chief of Staff to the President and who had played the role of a defacto President before he contracted Covid-19 and was declared dead on Friday 17th April 2020 by the "Office of the Presidency", Kanu affirmatively maintained that Aso Rock is empty. He said that Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, has been kidnapped and that the person running the country now, is Aisha Buhari, the wife of late Muhammadu Buhari.  He also stated that  because they could not find a suitable replacement for late Abba Kyari, they had to kidnap Osinbajo and then place Aisha Buhari in charge so that power will still remain in the North till the expiration of late Buhari's second tenure as the Nigerian President in 2023.

Meanwhile, according to the Nigerian Vanguard News Headline of Saturday 9th May 2020: "The Presidency Charges Nigerians To Ignore Claims On Osinbajo’s Whereabouts. "What is happening now in Nigeria is a travesty! It is a shame and a disgrace", Kanu cried out.

He said that the learned people in Yorubaland have refused to speak up against the evil/conspiracy, going on even against their own son and father, Vice President, who has been placed under house arrest by the Northern Fulani cabal just because they are too afraid that if Biafra goes, they would be left with only the Fulani people. That is why they have kept on supporting this evil that is ongoing in Nigeria.

"The only thing keeping Nigeria today is cowardice, those who are afraid to do what is right". Mazi Nnamdi Kanu further stated that the calamitous consequence of What Aisha Buhari and the rest of the cabals are doing in Nigeria, is imminent. He said that the people involved in this treacherous activities would all go to jail in due time. He reiterated that it is better that Aisha comes out clean now and clear her own name before it would be too late for her. He also said that IPOB has caged them all in the zoo (Nigeria). IPOB is like a black mamba snake, very dangerous and poisonous and that he has injected this poison of truth into the very foundation of Nigeria which has now crumbled, he further assured. 

Strongly proving his claims, the erudite scholar went ahead to play an audio clip of statements from the Northern Arewa Elders Forum: "The leadership of Muhammadu Buhari has failed the nation in the area of improving the security. Poverty, particularly in the North and massive social security problems have worsened under this administration (APC led). Northern Elders Forum has been refrained from comments relating to the management of national security and governance because it is convinced that these are times which require the highest levels of responsibility and circumspection in the manner elders and the leaders of the nation contribute to the search for solution to the multiple problems which face the nation. On national security, the forum regrets that the leadership of Muhammadu Buhari has failed the nation". Kanu moreover, stated that if Buhari were to be alive, the Northern Elders Forum would not say all that about him.

Speaking on the vaccination that members of the Nigeria House of Representatives are yet debating on to pass into law, Kanu categorically warned that they should not bring such a program into Biafraland because his people do not need it. "If you bring that thing to Biafraland, we will take it and inject you with it", he thundered.

On the issue of the so-called Almajiris from the North into Biafra territory, the IPOB leader emphatically urged the South-East and South-South Governors to arise and man up to their responsibilities and do the needful by protecting the land from Fulani invasion. He made it clear that the Kaduna State Governor, Mallam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai is the one championing the influx of the Fulani foot soldiers on trucks as "diseased Almajiris" from the North. He stressed that their core agenda has always been to conquer and Islamise the country.

Touching on the recent statement by Ralph Uwazuruike who has been going about deceiving his credulous followers that he has secured the registration of Biafra in the United Nations through UNPO which is an Organization that is Non-Governmental (NGO), Kanu pointedly stated, is a sham. According to him, UNPO is nothing more than that which has absolutely nothing to do with the political status of Biafra.  He further stated that IPOB is going straight to personalities that matter in global politics and not to some organizations that are looking for those to defraud. The IPOB leader concluded his exposé/lecture by saying that the organization which he leads, will never allow anybody whatsoever, to continue to lie to the people, using the name of Biafra. He warned Uwazuruike, the MASSOB leader, to desist forthwith from such childish lies and deceits.

The Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodimma was also warned to stop tasking the people of Ezinihitte Mbaise, over raising sums of money running into millions, to pay Fulani herdsmen on their alleged missing cattle. Kanu maintained that Biafrans have equally lost fortunes at it's worst and even killed in the North and in the West without anybody thinking about raising any form of compensation for them.

Written by Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu
For Family Writers Press International

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