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Monday 25 May 2020

Live Broadcast Of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu On Radio Biafra On Sunday 24th May 2020

Live Broadcast Of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu On Radio Biafra On Sunday 24th May 2020

* I will start this evening by dissecting the character of an Igbo person. Before I came up in the studio this evening, I saw a video of a barrier built in Onitsha head bridge against the movement of Biafrans within Biafraland. I condemn such because governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State and other governors in Biafraland should have built such at Biafra borders at Igbanke, Igala, Ogoja and other places.

* I have earlier warned the South-Eastern governors and Igbo elites around the world including America, that the Fulanis were coming to attack us but they did not care to listen to me. This same way also, Professor Ejiofor, the President-General of World Igbo Congress (WIC), is presently doing in the United States of America but it seems most people do not want to understand.

* I saw what governor Willie Obiano did today in Onitsha and I felt sorry for the brain of black people. Look at how sad our condition is today because the people do not understand history.

* These people do not know their history. They turned Igweocha to Port Harcourt. There is a place in Igweocha where they named a village after the only surviving daughter in a family. This is not done in Igboland.

* Fifty (50) years after the war, not even a minute has been set aside by Nigeria to remember those that died during the 1967-1970 war. But even when I tried to host one in Enugu and as I was trying to build a cenotaph, Ralph Uwazuruike sabotaged the effort because he knew that will expose his evil deeds against the restoration of Biafra.

* Enemies have surrendered Biafraland. There is influx of Fulani Almajiris from the North and now exactly what happened during the war of 1967 is repeating itself. Today, you are in America doing video on the internet.

* Biafrans in America are very selfish and stupid. Do you know that I traveled down to Baltimore in the United States of America few months ago to address Biafrans on the need to start contributing one (1) dollar per month towards Biafra Foundation but none of them has contributed anything simply because of jealousy and envy against Nnamdi Kanu.

* Before Covid-19, I told them to contribute just only one dollar but they have refused. Since I went there, they only contributed a total sum of thirty seven thousand (37,000) dollars in the whole of USA. But my question is, what can such amount do in preparing our people back home against the Fulani attack?

* Biafra is coming and when it comes, we shall deal with those useless Biafrans living in America. I promise them that and they should have it in mind. All the saboteurs in America can never return to Biafraland after we are free.

* If I wanted to sell this struggle, I would have done it in DSS custody. They came promising heaven and earth and I said no. They came when I came out of prison and I said no. Is it now that I will sell you?

* I need nothing from anybody. Once Biafra is restored, I will retire.

* This week, we shall be remembering those that died because of this noble cause. On the 30th of May 2020, there will be no movement from morning hours till 12 noon. We shall read from the book of Psalm, from Chapters 1 to 150. We shall observe fasting and prayer from 27th and round it up on the 30th.

* In Ogbunike, the President-General of that town has sold out large acres of land to the Fulani people. The Ogbunike Eze-in-Council (late Chuka Okadigbo's town), is busy selling our land to Fulani cattle herders. Do you know there is a Fulani native doctor in Ogbunike? Videos and other evidences abound.

* Despite the killings by the Fulanis in Uzo-uwani in Enugu, this idiots called Ohaneze Ndigbo and the Enugu governor, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, did nothing to fight for justice but rather, they are all complicit in the matter. Nnia Nwodo is leading Igbos but does not know anything about leadership and the meaning Igbo he is leading.

* Last year 2019, Nnia Nwodo and Ohaneze Ndigbo made a publication against Igbo youths. The President-General of Ohaneze Ndigbo, Chief Nnia Nwodo said "Some Igbo miscreants hide under herdsmen's atrocities to kidnap and kill innocent people". Do you see why I disrespect the so-called Igbo leaders?

* In a country where there is no President, there is no Vice President, what remains is anarchy. After all, they are busy trying to install Mr. Adamu, as the new Chair of Interpol. They may be wondering how I managed to know, but I will shock them with most of their secrets I know which must be unveiled in due time.

* I told you live on air that Abba Kyari was on a life-support machine in Cuba. I told you that, that thing in Aso Rock will not speak. I told you that Jubril will not come out to address Nigerians on this Covid-19 pandemic but you all saw with your own eyes, that it was all about recorded broadcasts.

* Elohim  (Almighty God), is highly involved in this our restoration project. God told me that He would give us Biafra but that Nigeria must be destroyed before my own very eyes. There is a lesson to teach every Biafran person and that punishment is through the present attack by the Fulani herdsmen.

* Aisha Buhari must go to prison. She must be in jail. They do not know us. They do not know IPOB. They do not know what we are up to.

* During the war, there were blockcades on land, air and sea. They were busy killing and starving the innocent souls of Biafra. When Biafra comes, we shall do everything at our reach to change the death of the innocent.

* That thing you saw in the picture today, does it look like Buhari to you? All of you have become deaf and dumb, no one is talking. It is only one courageous woman like the late Dr. Mrs. Dora Akunyili and she will always have my respect.

* The PANDEF and Niger Delta nonsense make me upset. You said Niger Delta, does that make sense to you? Upon all your oil and resources, yet none of it is being controlled by you. I hate Chief Edwin Clark and his so-called Niger Delta leaders. A Niger Delta man said Igboman is his problem but yet, the whole Nigeria is being controlled and managed by the Fulanis. Not even any Ijaw or Ikwerre man, is employed or opportuned to work in NNPC. You were chasing away the Igbos from NNPC and today, do you have Urhobo, Itsekiri, Isoko and Ijaw in NNPC?

* But I am here to tell you that Biafra is not about oil and gas, even though we have large deposits of crude oil in the South-East. Niger Delta one-Nigeria, look at where it has led you to.

* If you call yourself Niger Delta, God will punish you. But do you know that PANDEF wrote a letter to the Federal Government of Nigeria, saying that the South-East also has oil and the content of the letter contains only the names of South-South governors. Not even one name of the South-East governors whose State has crude oil as acknowleged, was included. The word Niger Delta, is a curse and if you say you are a Niger Delta, I despise you totally.

* I need nothing from anybody once Biafra is restored. I will retire.

* Anybody telling me Port Harcourt, I will block him and his articles will be blocked. Igweocha is the right name and not Port Harcourt because you cannot go to anywhere in whiteman's country and name it Port-Okereke.

* Isoko is Biafraland. Are you aware of that? Go and do your research.

* Is there anybody in Opobo that does not understand Igbo language?

* All these territorial areas of Biafraland are one. We all have common cultural values, our women/mothers tie two piece wrappers on blouse top and on scarf. When Biafra comes, we shall put everything in place.

* We shall conduct a plebiscite (referendum), to determine those who want to join Biafra even after it has been restored. This will help to determine the complete and exact map of the Biafran nation.

* I am now giving you an order tonight. Whenever you see a Pastor telling you to pray for one-Nigeria, you must stone him to death, it is an order. Yoruba Pastors are evil. Your daddy General Overseers are one-Nigerianists.

* Where is Professor Yemi Osinbajo? I have asked them this question consecutively but yet, they have not provided him. Rather, one Boss Mustapha is now in-charge of Aso Rock.

* Recently, I discovered that late Abba Kyari has been appointing various officers into the presidency.

* It is a collective effort. Those in America and we all, must come together and defend our land.

* Listen to these people here on social media broadcast. They are our people and are doing a good job.

= Biafran Child (Nwachineke)

= Uwa Sofia Obazee

= Uwanogho Efe

= Badero Olusola (Maiyegun's Diary)

= Prince Darlington

= Tamuno Tonye

= Faith Ogala (Freedom Fighter)

= Onyemaechi Uba

= Simon Ekpa

* I also encourage you to follow them on Facebook and let us sink the zoo (Nigeria) together.

* Stop focusing on those idiots with fake accounts on Facebook. Let us dismantle the Fulani government and Aso Rock.

* As always, we have preached the gospel of heaven. Elohim has been kind to us. We pray to Him to open the hearts, minds and ears of our people in USA, so that they will know and understand where they came from.

* I maintain as always, that Biafra is our religion and here on Radio Biafra, is where we worship Elohim (ChukwuOkike Abiama puru ime ihe nile), our God. From me, from here, it is good evening.

Written by Egwuatu Chukz
For Family Writers Press International

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