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Sunday 24 May 2020

They Also Die!

They Also Die!

Romance with them at your own peril.
Spare them and bury your children in mass graves.
Welcome them and be destroyed,
Preach peace and lose your ancestral land.
Be silent and become homeless.
Abide by the preaching of "thou sham not kill",
and ruin your sacred religious places.
They also die!

They that move
while you are asleep,
they are not immortal.
They are made of flesh, blood and soul.
The janjaweeds are humans, fear them not.
They also die!

They have the bushes and the forests,
they have the weapons,
but you have the intelligence and the wisdom.
You have the backing of divinity and grace.
They also die!

The invaders of your land
are raping and defiling your girls, women and mothers
These are the killers of our aged parents.
They are less educated.
They that brought war to your doorstep,
They that chant doom unto you,
They that see you as infidels,
They also die!

They have blood and water running also in their veins.
They are the janjaweeds.
They are stinkingly parasitic beings,
They are marauding invaders.
They are visible and never invincible,
They have come into our land prepared.
They also die!

You have made many prayers,
Your fast is enough,
Time of action is now.
Mercy is at equilibrium,
It is time for elastic return.
Sharpen your clubs and your swords,
Invest in arms and ammunition,
They also die!

You do not experiment with herbs with the first son of a witch doctor.
Do not allow yours either to be used for this suicidal experiment.
The time has come and now it is.
They have surrounded the land with their well trained killers.
They have assembled them from all over Africa.
They are waiting for a command,
They also die.

Your prayers are to encourage you for the fight.
Your fasting is to empower you at the battlefield,
Your sacrifices are to sustain you in times of need,
God Almighty, the ELOHIM and the Great Overseer that rules from above,
has prepared you for this purpose before the world came into existence.
They also die!

Heaven has done it's work.
It will never come down in your defense while you do nothing,
For it has already equipped you.
The earth will swallow you alive if you fail to defend her in this battle.
They also die!

They are here to make it official.
The end of secret war is here.
They are here to make it known to humanity.
They are here to finish the 1967-1970 war.
They are after the offsprings of the Biafran ancient warlords.
They are here to exterminate what is left of Biafra.
They are here to end you.
They also die!

Resurrect your power,
Awaken your strength and the spirits of Biafraland.
Alert the warriors of the land,
They also die!

Assemble your children, oh Biafrans!
Bring them out enmass,
Take away fears from them.
Teach them how triggers are pulled,
Give them the bullets.
They also die!

Report no case anymore to the police,
Run not to the military,
Expect no help from your governors.
Do not hope to hear it from the media,
They all are in partnership.
They are the ones who have sold you out.
They are the ones who have exchanged your lives for money.
They have exchanged our land for their political relevance.
They also die!

Written by Paul Eronini
For Family Writers Press International

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