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Friday 22 May 2020

Why Do Black People Complain Instead Of Reasoning?

Why Do Black People Complain Instead Of Reasoning?
Africans evicted from apartments and hotels in China

By Amanda Uzor
For Family Writers Press International

The problem with black people is not about lost self-esteem due to slavery, colonialism and neo-colonialism but Disunity and subordinate mindset. No matter how we tag racism to every criticism, that doesn’t change the fact that most black people don’t reason.

 Even the well-meaning blacks cannot criticise black leaders because it will be tagged “hate speech”Now, let’s talk about racism, a people united by the colour of their skin and they hold that colour to high esteem, therefore, discriminate against the other colour, right? Black people complain about ill-treatment from white people, yellow people (Chinese) Latinos, Indians and Arabs, as much as we are divided by colour, but black people have refused to see how colour united these other people, which is why racism is institutionalized.

These people have a collective ambition to succeed with supremacy of colour as a people and not as individuals. They reason together as a people and not as a person, so, it provided them leadership. Their children grow up queuing into that mindset. At least, they found a unifying force that pushes their agenda forward. What programme did black people have for their children to queue into?What is black agenda? Centrality and Leadership.

Black people lack centrality and leadership. If all others are united by the colour of their skin, black people should also be united by their blackness, have one common goal and speak with one voice. But self-hate, self-doubt, and egoism took the better part of black people, and the easiest way to feel safe in our skins is to blame others for our inadequacy to pull ourselves up.

However, blame game has also helped people reach a logical conclusion of their agitation to be just, Jews won reparation for holocaust, but not black people for slavery. Some people have used religion to dominate others simply because this religion unified them. But neither colour, ethnicity nor religion could unite black people.

This disunity becomes a major obstacle to the black existence. All these other people are tactful and focused in their thinking, they know what to accept, when to accept it and when to stamp their feet on ground with a, NO, no matter what. These are people who want to be competitive and be respected for who they are and what they stand for. Respect is not given, but earned. If you want to gain respect you must have dignity.

Black people can keep blaming others for their situation, it’s a shame that it is black people that drown in Atlantic Ocean always. It is black people that are sold into slavery in Libya in the 21st century. Black women prostitute all over Europe. Black people made up 80 percent of the prison’s inmate in China, Europe and America.  In all African countries today, there is ethnic and religious wars, corruption is the second name of Africa, and poverty and disease have ravaged Africa to shame. Yet, the so-called African leaders swallowed their shame, acting as if it’s not their fault, there’s nothing they can do.

Black people stand for nothing, always seeking approval from the same people they consider enemies. Black people in the Americas and Caribbean say, “I’m not from Africa, I’m from the Caribbean, I’m an American” even if you are from the moon, you are black, and show me that country in the world where black people are respected.  It doesn’t matter where your blackness starts, as long as you are black. When shame is all over the body, some people think it’s more on the face.  The suffering and disrespect of black people by all others are tied around this disunity.

Black people hate their oppressor, they hate the way the white people treated them from slavery to colonization, which means they are not unaware of what has happened and still happening to them, and who is responsible. Yet they show how much they love the ways of their oppressors more than their own ways. "If it's not white or Chinese, it is not superior" therefore, they ignore their own medicines, their own scientists and doctors, everything that are made for the Blackman’s environment is inferior, and who said so, the oppressors. So, they chose the one of their oppressors. Black man trusted his life in the hands of the same oppressor more than in the hands of his brother.

African politicians fly abroad whenever they are sick because they believe that the medicine from the same white men, Chinese, and Indians will cure them more than the one made in Africa.  An African leader, who makes laws that governs the education system of his country, did not believe in the ability of a university in his country to produce a good doctor, a good pharmacist, immunologist and he doesn’t believe that his own people deserve a good health care service since he can use the country’s money for himself and family to seek medical care abroad.

The magic of market:

The fake hair and skin bleaching industry are trillion-dollar industry specially targeted at black money. From hair relaxer chemicals to fake hair extensions, all targeted at black money. In these trillion dollars the mainstream media has a chunk for promoting racism and brainwashing. The media creates a strategy to market a straight hair more fashionable than the afro hair. Then black women straight their hairs with dangerous chemicals that they don’t know the content except the lies written behind the packets by the manufacturer.

The magic of market is not in the lies globalization fed us” a one-way ticket to instant communication and world prosperity” but in the wisdom behind your marketing. Had black people believed in themselves and stay connected like all those others, stay competitive like those others, and stay united with one goal like others, that would have kept the economic hit man at bare.

Black people are the liquid money that flows in the bleaching cream industries in spite of the evidence of the skin damage caused by these chemicals, we always go for more because the oppressor’s media markets white skin colour as superior to black skin and we agree and complain, but, never count the blessings behind the black skin. That's how pathetic black man's mind works. The most concentrated number of black populations is in Africa, a continent where every living thing could find wealth and health. These riches of Africa have made all others rich including the oppressors and even those who came for a visit. The riches of Africa are useful to every people except Africans. And why is that,a tree planted in the middle of ocean still need water?  How can someone blame anyone for the poverty situation of Africa today?


It cannot be exaggerated to say that poverty in Africa is self-imposed. Let me take you to Nigeria, where you find the highest concentration of black people on earth.
Nigeria in particular is a land of riches, every mineral resource is found in Nigeria. Now, welcome to the world’s poverty capital, Nigeria, where more than 90 million people are living in extreme poverty, that is less than $2 a day. So, whose fault is it?

In Nigeria every politician is a thief, and the poor claim them as their thief as long as he or she comes from their village. Since the so-called Nigerian President elect, Muhammadu Buhari died in 2017, Nigeria has no President, no vice-President and the country is run by a few criminals. Nigerians know that the country is on the verge of collapse, yet Nigerians are fine. Nigeria represents what the British sowed, corruption, lies, stealing and killing, all forms of criminal behaviour sown in the land by the oppressors. The oppressor created a political linkage that will linger between him and his inferior black people of Nigeria. Even though the oppressors said to be Christian, and sold the idea of his religion to the eastern region of Nigeria, the oppressors chose Islam in the North to control the evil he created as a country, Nigeria and the people he gave his religion.

Today, the most lucrative business in Nigerian is church enterprise. Nigerian Christians defend Christianity and the so-called pastors, those who are responsible for their misery instead of looking inward to see how Christianity impoverishes them. Their minds are controlled by these fake men of god and what the bible says, and not what their own brains say. This is what happens where a people don’t reason.

As much as Nigeria needed a total re- orientation, a change of mindset that could conceive moral values, believes in both resilience and competitiveness... I do want to acknowledge that this is not a fight to be left for Nigerians alone. It’s now obvious that long matches and never-ending noisy protests are less effective.

If black people all over the world want to regain their respect and dignity, black people in the Americas, Caribbean, in fact, all over the world must pull their resources together and rescue one African country they can be proud of, and others will follow suit.  It’s all about reasoning and not complaining.  In Biafra Africa Died

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