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Monday 8 June 2020

Excerpts From Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's Live Broadcast On Radio Biafra, On Sunday 7th June, 2020.

Excerpts From Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's Live Broadcast On Radio Biafra, On Sunday 7th June, 2020.
Nnamdi Kanu

* My name is Nnamdi Kanu. I am the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra and by the special grace of ChukwuOkike Abiama, Elohim, Adonai, Abasi, Tamuno, Olisa (God Almighty), I will continue to serve the people of Biafra diligently and courageously, against the enemies of darkness.

* This evening, there is a way we are about to start because I will be making a lot of revelations. I receive all my instructions from heaven.

* Because once you are strong, darkness will be far from you.

* A letter written by a Catholic Archbishop Calio Mariah Vigalo of the Vatican, wss sent to Donald Trump and it contains what is happening in the United States of America after the death George Floyd, is associated with the fight between light and darkness.

* Everything that is happening is because Biafra is very close and many people will begin to wonder what does this letter written by a Catholic Archbishop to Trump, has to do with Biafra.

* The Archbishop is encouraging Donald Trump to continue the fight on behalf of the "Children of Light". That is the main thing that struck my attention in that letter. That is the same thing I have been preaching here on Radio Biafra for the past ten (10) years.

* Late Fela Anikulapo Kuti said "evil is evil, good is good". Whites are maltreating the blacks, even during the apartheid regimes in South Africa. Fela is an examplary constituency.

* The Catholic Archbishop continued by saying in his letter: "Even though there is a thousand of differences and weaknesses, the light will continue to shine upon it's children against the children of darkness.

* After listening and watching one of the video interviews of late Fela Anikulapo Kuti, I revere and respect him. If you are like Fela, I will respect you because he has the "spirit of consistency". That is why I love people who are consistent with the truth.

* The death of George Floyd should have thought our people a lesson about Africa. A white police racist officer killed a blackman in America, then everybody is protesting across the world, even including the white people. That has shown how civilized and humane majority of the white people are and they are prospering in everything they lay their hands on, technologically and otherwise.

* It was an Ibibio man, Mr. Seriake Ekilie in London, who told me that he wants to see Biafra restored. The meaning of Ibibio is Igbo nta which is Igbo junior.

* There was a document I saw before I came on air this evening called "State House Press Release". The Press Statement said that IPOB, the self-acclaimed Jewish people, are using Christianity to wage war against Nigeria.

* But out of ignorance, they do not know that everybody is a Jew because Judaism is the oldest form of religion. The worship of God has been practiced by Moses or Moshé who received the revelations from ChukwuOkike Abiama, the only one and living God.

* Every form of religion originated from Judaism including Islam and Roman Catholicism.

* All of a sudden, they do not any longer, adress us as proscribed or terrorist group. This is because we are doing a lot of job behind the scene.

* Now, they are talking about Biafra. They are having sleepless nights just because of the great work we are doing.

* I told you that before us, there was none like us and after us, there is none. We have destroyed Abba Kyari. We have destroyed Aso Rock and today, the presidential villa in Aso Rock is empty.

* Let me tell you that this subterfuge effort by the Fulanis is not enough.

* I am now telling every Biafran that it is a must to engage on twitter. If you are a Biafran, try and ensure that all your family members should be on social media especially on Facebook and Twitter and let us do the remaining job together.

* I have always told  you that Yoruba Muslims will always align with the Fulani Caliphate, the same way the former Us President - Barack Obama, went to Saudi Arabia and bowed down to the king of Saudi Arabia. All of them in Islam have absolute loyalty to the head of their religion more than the government. In the zoo called Nigeria, the Emir of Kano has more greater authority to them than any other person.

* Somebody that is spending his money to fight on your behalf so that you will be free is now a scammer. Do you see how foolish you are?

* But you are channeling your money to Yoruba churches and their pastors who are busy buying private jets. And the so-called pastors will come to the altar to tell you that Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB are antichrists. Does that actually make sense to you?

* Fulani is busy taking over Biafraland but the churches and pastors have not protested against the malicious activities of the Fulanis, instead they are busy condemning IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu.

* Anywhere you see a broken down truck or container damaged truck along the roadside in any part of Biafraland, be rest assured that they are

supplying arms and ammunition to the Fulanis camping within the vicinity. We have gotten high number of arms from the locations right in the bushes/forests where such were dumped.

* The Nigerian army is busy supplying arms to the Fulanis inside the bushes using helicopters. They have been spotted somewhere in Ebonyi State recently.

* Sixty five percent (65%) of Hausas now know that what I have been saying is true.

* Today, you can hear it that IPOB is fighting for Christians. You can now see the work that IPOB is doing to save your life from perishing in the hands of Islamic terrorists but your General Overseers (G.Os) in your churches have not done anything.

* Have you suddenly forgotten when Ahmadu Bello said that he will never give jobs to the Igbos (Biafrans), the discrimination of the Fulanis did not start today. Later in 1964, Ahmadu Bello clearly told his fellows to allow Igbo people to go in peace but instead, they brought in Yakubu Gowon, a Christian army officer from the middlebelt region, to replace him and fight the Easterners (Biafrans). That ended up in the gruesome massacre of over five million Biafrans including children, women, men and the elderly.

* Follow me on twitter @Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and ensure you retweet all my tweets. If you are following my tweets, you will be educated on mostly, how the caliphate operates because I expose them.

* The very "indivisible Nigeria" has finally collapsed. I have destroyed them with truth and facts. Did I not tell you that Buhari is dead? Now you can confirm it with your own eyes that there is no Buhari in Aso Rock. Rather, Aisha is now in charge. She is the defacto President of the zoo called Nigeria.

* The news about United Nations creating a new nation from Cameroon for Ambazonians is not true. I spoke with the leadership of the Ambazonian movement.

* I have now instructed IPOB in the United States of America to return the 2,300 US dollars that was donated for Defence because Biafrans in the US are not serious. They are not ready in defending our land and if the donors refuse to collect back their money, we will channel the fund to   a Charity Home in the US. They are only interested in spending money on stupidity and rather prefer the death of their people back home in Biafraland.

* I fought for Orji Uzor Kalu's release from prison and I immediately wrote it on my Facebook page then. The Fulani cabals decided to delay his release from custody so that it will not appear that they obeyed Nnamdi Kanu. They recently released him however and I thank them for that. But I still have someone that I need to be released from Kuje prison. His name is Olisa Metuh. I am giving them 14 days and after which, they will see what will happen to them if Metuh is not released.

* Some of you campaigning against Donald Trump have failed again because he has a divine mandate. Trump is coming back as the US President and there is nothing anybody can do about it. But by the way, when Barack Obama was in power as US President, he was busy destroying Africa. He killed Mammour Gaddafi of Libya, he helped in removing Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan and gave you Muhammadu Buhari.

* I want to sound it as a warning. If you do not release Olisa Metuh from prison, I will expose every single individual that is involved in his prosecution to all the governments of the world.

* All of you that stole 2.2 billion dollars from Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), have you returned it?

* Aisha Buhari, you have a pending investigation in United States of America involving you in the Halliburton scandal. That is why you cannot travel to the US. You must release Olisa Metuh or else all of you Fulani criminals must go to jail. I am asking every Fulani thief, where is the 2.2 billion US dollars you withdrew between 2015 and 2016 from NNPC account in Central Bank? Godwin Emefiele, where is the money the Fulanis withdrew from NNPC account in the central bank? The 2.2 billion dollars, where is the money? You claimed that Olisa Metuh stole 400 million naira, the money that People's Democratic Party (PDP) gave to him to run campaigns for the party but you Fulani criminals that stole 2.2 billion US dollars are walking free. The law of natural justice demands that Olisa Metuh must be released.

* Fulani, you claimed that you are fighting corruption whereas you people are more corrupt than everybody else. Allah will punish you all.

* I wish that Dr. Dora Akunyili were still alive today. May her soul rest in peace! They killed her because of her bravery. She stood to announce that Musa Ya'Adua was dead otherwise the Fulanis tried then to bring in an imposter and that was why Goodluck Jonathan became Nigeria President. We remember her today!

* Every job offer or tender when Biafra comes, will be subject to journal publication.

* But Fulanis are not ashamed that in the 21st century,  they are still moving cattle from one place to the other. Oh, Fulani janjaweedism! Yorubas, be on your own and if you want to be together with people from Adamawa, that is your business. Let everyone be on his own.

* There is one thing that is very annoying about the blackman. The blackman will rather fight each other rather than fight his common enemies.

* I must thank everyone of you this night for having listened to this Radio Biafra special broadcast. I must proclaim unequivocally without fear or favor, that Biafra is our religion and here on Radio Biafra, is where we worship and that ChukwuOkike Abiama puru ime ihe nile, is our God and with love in my heart, from me, from here, it is good evening!

Written by Egwuatu Chukz
For Family Writers Press International

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