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Wednesday 17 June 2020

Live Radio Broadcast Of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, On Sunday 14th June, 2020

Live Radio Broadcast Of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, On Sunday 14th June, 2020
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

* We must preach this gospel in every truth and honesty because anybody who is unfortunate to be part of the zoo called Nigeria, has become a laughing stock all over the world. The better the zoo comes to an end, the better for everybody.

* The last time in history of what is presently happening in the zoo, happened in Spain during the dark ages. We are living through this era of Fulani infammy and that is why they can bring in an impostor in place of the dead Muhammadu Buhari to Aso Rock.

* And an 80 years old man all of a sudden, has become a 30 years young boy, in a country with 200 million people including religious leaders, elders and professors in various degrees None could rise up and speak out against the evil act of bringing in an impostor to replace the dead Buhari.

* Nigeria is a very terrible experiment that has gone very wrong. It is going back to the dark ages instead, and the Fulani janjaweed are responsible for this.

* Those who are handling this whole Buhari saga was Abba Kyari and his group and when he died, our Yoruba friends began to say he was a defacto President. Now, Aisha Buhari has taken over.

* I told you that Yemi Osinbajo was missing. What is happening today? Have you heard from him giving live address? They were busy doing fake videos. Everybody knows that Nigeria is not working.

* I want the Yorubas to know that holding late Obafemi Awolowo in high esteem is a very big mistake and they must know this. Awolowo and Yakubu Gowon presided over the death of over five million Biafrans and nobody wants to talk about it. Now we are talking about it and we will  continue talking about it.

* Abomination is happening inside Aso Rock as I am talking to you now. We have Imams, we have Pastors and we have Elders and yet, the truth cannot be spoken. You pay your tithes with all the biblical nonsense, telling sinners to come and repent while you are worst than the sinners. Pastors in Nigeria are evil. You are there and you saw the 30 years old boy they gave to you as 80 years old man and you are there pretending. You claim you are a PhD holder, you claim you are a professor and knowledgeable but you cannot ask those in Aso Rock, why are you doing this.

* You have Yoruba Pastors in Pentecostalism, you have Imams in Islam but you are all bunch of hypocrites.

* When a whiteman paints Lucifer with black color, they are only trying to deflect the state of the consciousness of the blackman.

* The worst people you have in the zoo called Nigeria, are the pastors because they are worst than the serpent. If you wake up in the morning and say you are going to church, if you die, you are going to hell direct. Because the message you are receiving is from the messengers of darkness.

* Are you telling me that Pastor E.A. Adeboye is not seeing that little boy in Aso Rock? Are you telling me that the man I respect so much, Pastor T.B. Joshua will tell me that the little boy there is Muhammadu Buhari?

* Those of you that will go and jump and clap inside fraud and want God to bless you, while your heart is full of deceit, how is that possible?

* We are going to shock them and I am assuring you that.

* If you do not know that Buhari is dead, may God have mercy on your soul.

* Write it down, one day Fulani will take over Yorubaland. Mark it down somewhere and it will happen.

* Anybody telling you that Nnamdi Kanu is insulting you, know it very well that such a person is your strong enemy.

* I have come into today's topic which is RACISM.

* Joe Biden of the Democrats in America, is a racist and the democrats are your real enemies. Do you know that Joe Biden introduced legislative racism?

* I want you to examine the flag of Nigeria and let us make a case study. What is BLACK in Latin? Black is 'Nigga'. It also means 'Negro'. It means 'Niger' in French. All these mean dark or black. Go to google and make a research. In America, anything black or Niger means ill omen. And this is how foolish you are by bearing a name that means terror and mourning.

* When are bearing a, how do you expect National Electricity Power Authority (NEPA), to give you  electric power supply?

* What does the Bible say about the name, Nigeria? Biblical meaning of Nigeria is a place that is dark.

* Now let us consider the meaning of WHITE. White means purity and light.

* I want someone to google the color psychology of black. According to color psychology, these are the characteristics of black. It absorbs all light in the color spectrum. Black is often used as a symbol of menace or evil but it is also popular as an indicator of power..... Black is associated with death and mourning in many cultures.

* I want everyone to google search 'Sambation'. In the earliest references, such as the Targum Pseudo-Jonathan, the river is given no particular attributes but later, literature claims that it rages with rapids and throws up stones six days a week or even consists entirely of stones, sand and flame. For this six days, the Sambation becomes impossible to cross but it stops flowing every Shabbat, the day Jews are not allowed to travel. Some writers say, this is the origin of the name.

* The same way, we have Biafra in the Afara region of Ethiopia.

* A whiteman doing research in America testified that Biafrans had the first written constitution in the whole world. The Igbos had the first democracy of self governance in the world. They were leading their people in due process of government with fairness. The whites knew all these and they are not happy.

* Biafrans are the oldest of the oldest (Ndigbooo) and Biafra was the centre of civilization in the entire universe. There are two sets of people God sent into this world to develop the earth and these are the Israelites and the Biafrans.

* Biafra is the kingdom of God on this very planet earth. We were doing greater in terms of technology than the Americans, the Chinese and what the Japanese are doing today before it was stolen from us.

* Biafra will save Africa and restore back the world to it's original civilization. This is the sole aim of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

* Your name is Chidimma, Chigozie and you prefer answering Isabella. What does that show to you about the brain of the blackman?

* I now come to the issue of Niger Delta. Pa Edwin Clarke wrote a letter to 'Buhari', telling Mr. President how he served the South-South region of Nigeria for seventy (70) years. But my question to Edwin Clarke is: What have your people benefited in your 70 years of service? And you are begging the boy in Aso Rock to come and intervene over the poor conditions of your so-called Niger Delta people.

* Pa Edwin Clarke connived with the Fulani and betrayed former President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan and now, you are begging the North for infrastructures in your community. Edwin Clarke is a traitor just like Ken Saro-Wiwa did to sabotage Biafra. But I promise you, no one sabotaging Biafra will go unpunished.

* Edwin Clarke, do you not see what is happening in the North, how major and minor projects and infrastructures are going on in Daura?

* Edwin Clarke must know that he will not go unpunished. I pray you will be alive to see Biafraland pay you dearly for your atrocities.

* Do you think Ike Ekweremmadu wants Biafra to come, with all the money he has stolen? When Biafra comes, which contract is he going to hijack? So you can never expect them to be part of what we are doing, Never!

* The zoo has come to an end! And we are coming to the end of tonight's broadcast.

* Bukola Adebayo is CNN correspondent in Nigeria, so they will never write or show anything about Biafra. These are the people that Satan is using to suppress the truth so that this freedom will not emerge. Yoruba is created to hate the Igbos. And our people in Nollywood are talking nonsense instead of promoting their culture.


* This very evening, I am announcing that every IPOB family unit in the world, because we going to bypass the Yoruba media, every Biafran and friends of Biafra, must download twitter application in the next four weeks. We are going to launch a twitter campaign. We are going to appoint Twitter Media attached to every family unit in the whole world. Their job is ever. Where you see a Biafran with a smart phone, ensure you download twitter app for such a person.

* You must follow me @MaziNnamdiKanu twitter page and you must follow each other. That is how we shall collapse the zoo called Nigeria, we need critical hands. I am telling you that twitter is even more potent than Facebook.

* Everybody must be on twitter especially those of you in America.

* And this evening as well, I must clarify the hierarchy or our structure in IPOB, very important so that we must understand. IPOB starts with a family meeting, a small unit and from the unit, you get to a zone. Every four units can then form a zone as the case may be. Ten units can also make up a zone. A zone is headed by a Zonal Coordinator.

* In Biafraland, we have Local Government Area Coordinator, Senatorial Coordinator, National Coordinator, Regional Coordinator, and then, we have Continental Coordinator, Directorate of State, Office of the Deputy Leader and then, myself, the Leader.

* And this evening, I cannot thank you enough for persevering and listening. They are many things I would have touched but let me leave them for another time. This evening, I must say that it gives me an honor, serving you and this truth must continue to be preached.

* Thank you all for listening and from me, from here, it is good evening!

Written by Egwuatu Chukz

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International

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