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Wednesday 15 July 2020

BIAFRA: Shaming A Tool Used By Agents Of The Oppressors to pull you down

BIAFRA: Shaming A Tool Used By Agents Of The Oppressors to pull you down

Shaming is used by many people to achieve different things. I was in a market one certain time when I witnessed a young man shaming a girl. He called to toast her, but she refused to listen to him. He then started calling her 'Ọrọbọ'(obesed). 'She is not even beautiful and she is forming', he lamented as the girl walk farther away. You think a girl is ugly, yet you call her to toast her.

Shaming like I said comes in different ways. Writing has come with its packs of shaming. Especially writing to expose the ills of the society and demand that Nigeria should end to save lives. In doing this, you will suffer lots of humiliation, and that's what people who work for the government are using against those that are truly demanding for a change, especially against IPOB members.

They started denigrating IPOB members to the level that it becomes shameful for some people to even accept they are IPOB or sympathetic to IPOB. You did hear people say, 'even if I am not an IPOB member, but I support their cause.' That is the work of shaming. They first intimidate people to accept that they are not IPOB, because of the shaming from agents of the oppressors.

They first called IPOB members miscreants. As if that is not enough, they called them touts and louts. Some kept saying that IPOB members are extremely poor people and jobless youths. All these they use to shame the people into silence.

But I rose above them a very long time ago. I thought to myself. If truly IPOB members are extremely poor and jobless, and these people are in their millions, isn't it a sign of the failure of the country called Nigeria? That such amount of youths are agitating is a sign that things are not well. Did they see job and refuse to work? Come to think of it. If indeed IPOB members are poorest of the poor, then why worry about them? Why are they spending 85,000 dollars monthly to expose the atrocities of Nigeria worldwide? Can you now see that those that shame you are pathetic liars?

Calling IPOB members miscreants is the height of it all. I went to a very good school, both from primary, secondary and University. Very good schools. I came out with good result, yet they tagged me a miscreant. Lots of IPOB members are top businessmen. They are doctors, lawyers and professors; but somehow, someone that is contracted by a politician and placed on a 30k monthly allowance would come out to call them jobless and miscreants.

There are some people that distanced themselves from IPOB because of this shaming. But today, they are coming out to say they are IPOB. And the truth is that we all are indeed IPOB. We are all indigenous people of Biafra. There is no doubt about it.

It pains to be struggling, to be poor and to be jobless, but never you let any one shame you into silence because of these things. We all can't become e-rats for politicians. We all can't all turn into sycophants and looters.
What we are looking for is a sane society. A society one man will never steal 38billion dollars in few days. A country one man will not own oil wells. A country senators won't be paid millions in salaries and allowance, when ordinary workers are paid paltry 33,000 naira as salary. We want a country where policemen won't be on the road shamelessly collecting money from people.

The real shame is a country where evil leaders would be killing people with impunity, yet the ignorant ones would term it God's time. The irony is that those who are supposed to be ashamed are rather busy castigating those fighting to restore sanity through Biafra.

Before you try shaming an IPOB member, try looking at your Nigeria first. Or try getting a reasonable  job in Dubai or any civilised country with your Nigeria citizenship.

Written by Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi,
Elochukwu Ohagi is a Philosopher, Teacher And Activist.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba.

For Family Writers Press International.

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