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Tuesday 25 August 2020

Is Nigeria Heading To Another Civil War?

Is Nigeria Heading To Another Civil War?

In the late night of August 23, 2020, the thunderous voice of the Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu reverberated in anger and pain over the gruesome killing of 21 IPOB activists by Nigeria security forces. The leader of the largest peaceful freedom movement gave an order to Biafrans in Nigeria to henceforth defend themselves from any brutality from the Nigeria military and police, who since 7 years ago, have been terrorising innocent civilians. In his words, "From today, anywhere the Nigeria army, Police, DSS is involved in the killing of any unarmed civilian in BIAFRALAND, we will kill them too.
If they kill one person in BIAFRALAND, we will kill hundred of them, and your corpses may not be found."

The broadcast came after the horrendous killing of about 21 IPOB members by a combined team of Nigeria military, police and DSS. The choice of DSS simply shows that the attack is a premeditated one from the Nigeria Federal Government. The governor had to visit the place of the massacre in the evening, saying that the residents assured him that peace and calm has since returned. This shows that the governor wasn't briefed about the massacre. The Fulani sees South East Governors as slaves who can do nothing or say nothing, even if an entire Igbo village is wiped out.

One might want to ask: Why should Nigeria government who have been pampering Fulani herdsmen terrorists and Boko Haram, forgiving and recruiting them into the country's security service, suddenly launch a deadly attack against peaceful and unarmed IPOB members that gathered in a house to pray? Are they planning to instigate a civil war? Remember that the former central bank deputy governor said that the Fulani is preparing for a civil war that will be fought in the South East. Is the massacre going on in Southern Kaduna and entire middle belt a way to conquer them for the jihadi warfare?

I guess the North is optimistic they will have upper hand in any eventual war in Nigeria. The North have other hopes of getting other Fulani militias in West Africa that will be fighting for them. Militias that are already in Nigeria. The pampering of Boko Haram terrorists by the APC government and the tacit support given to the Fulani herdsmen, shows that the North is definitely up to something. Of course, there is no way the Koran can be dipped into the Atlantic ocean without fighting and conquering the entire South East. Those that still say it is impossible to be Islamised should read up about Turkey and Egypt.

Some people that glorify themselves as intellectuals unfortunately feel less concerned and see the impending civil war and unprovoked brutalities as an IPOB affair. For these self acclaimed intellectuals, the Fulani controlled federal army will move in and slaughter only IPOB members, leaving them and their families. Pathetic, isn't it? What is happening is a continuation of the Jihad of Uthman Dan Fodio. The Fulani never stopped for a day in carrying out this Jihad. It is painful to every Fulani man that there are still Christians in Nigeria. And they have been working towards the eradication of Christians in Nigeria, starting from Northern Nigeria.

The coming of Muhammadu Buhari into power became the greatest upliftment for the Jihadists. The same ignorant intellectuals were used to bring the Islamic sadist into power. Rev Father Mbaka, a Catholic Priest and some other pentecostal men of God like Adebayo, all supported the Islamic fundamentalist. They supported him when he kept sacking Christians holding important offices and replacing them with Fulani Muslims. That is how every security architecture are left in the hands of the Fulani Muslims.

According to these intellectuals, the president can appoint anyone, including his wife as far as she can deliver. The Jihadists in power pushed on massively. RUGA was introduced and nearly implemented. They started wiping off villages and occupying them. More than 300 people were killed in one night in Agatu. They got their own puppets to be governors in entire South East. Men with slavish mentality, who are ever ready to betray their very own people for more political power became governors from Enugwu to Imo.

This is how IPOB was proscribed by South East Governors and later designated as terrorist group by Nigeria Government. IPOB killed no one, but they are terrorists, yet Fulani herdsmen wiping off villages are not terrorists. The killing of IPOB members in 2017 in Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's residence was never condemned by any Igbo leader except Enyinnaya Abaribe.

Should the Fulani bring their threat of civil war to Igbo land, there will be enormous casualties in the following month, due to the local sabotage from Igbo political leaders and their ignorant supporters against the collective interest of Ndị Igbo. But within time, things will change. The truth that people, especially the politicians and those up North have refused to accept is that Nigeria cannot survive a second Civil War. The fake unity that rallied entire Nigerians against Biafrans in 1967/70 is not there again. Today, Biafrans are not ready to fight a defensive war again. The war will be fought in all corners of the country.

That Nigeria government is provoking Biafrans into another civil war, at a time Southern Cameroon (Ambazonia) which shares boarder with Biafrans are also fighting a gorilla warfare with Cameroonian Federal government shows that the Fulani led Nigeria government is very unthinking. A sprout of war in Biafra Land, with Ambazonia ally will surely spell doom for Nigeria.

The killings of IPOB members in Emene, Enugu State by Fulani DSS shows that they are indeed looking for war. What happened in Emene is a replica of the Asaba massacre of 1967. Years after the first civil war, Igbo youths are still being massacred by Nigeria soldiers in the same manner. I see war and unrest coming.

Will Middle Belt and Oduduwa join the Fulani in this their recent madness should the war they are looking for is ignited?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Written By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
(A Philosopher, Teacher And Activist)

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers Press International.

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