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Saturday 29 August 2020

United Nations Insensitivity, Basis For Terror Related Activities In Nigeria

United Nations Insensitivity, Basis For Terror Related Activities In Nigeria

It will amount to foolishness to equate the Nigerian leadership with the class of sane/civilized beings that have the mental capacity of learning from history. And this demented development rests squarely on the gross insensitivity, inactiveness and biased politics in Africa which is being engineered by the United Nations.

The history of how Boko Haram amongst other Islamic terror groups, with the cacophony of their nefarious activities sprang up against  the innocent indigenous ethnic nationalities in Nigeria particularly, evoke tears from the eyes of beings of good consciences. These acts of brazen stupidity has brought upon the people, series of pains and sorrow over the years, with no end in sight.

Boko Haram was founded by Mohammad Yusuf in the year, 2002, with the sole purpose of establishing an Islamic state in Northern Nigeria, which would stand opposed to the westernization of the society. Initially, the adherants of the ideology of this group were non-violent until the Nigerian government callously started exerting suppressive polices against them. The security forces started unleashing terror against them to the point that the group's leader (Mohammad Yusuf), got summarily executed in the month of July, 2009.

One thing that is stupidly associated with the Nigerian military is that the officers and men are not only just unelightened and uncivil but vampirically trigger-happy against the civilians they are constitutionally obliged to protect. They are totally bereft of superior reasoning and only always get armed with the activation of murdering the innocent. This is how much dangerously and disgustingly ravenous they are.

Following the gruesome killing of Mohammad Yusuf, his men were roundly arrested and imprisoned in Bauchi from whence they afterwards, massively engaged in prison break in 2012. This high handedness by the Nigerian government, precipitated the unfortunate commencement of armed insurgency. Use of sophisticated weapons and attacks, came in with soft targets as  the main campaign spots. This grew in 2011, with the Islamic insurgents bombing the office of the United Nations in Abuja and selected police stations. Presently, the same history is about being repeated by the Nigerian government, beating the drums of another round of insensitivity against the peaceful and well organised family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), in 2020.

IPOB known all over the world as the largest, peaceful, civilized and well enlightened indigenous mass movement, have over the years, being peacefully protesting for self-determination amdist provoked attacks, killing, maiming and arrests by the Nigerian security forces in Nigeria. Up till date and with absolutely no intention to follow along with peace and civility, the Nigerian government has remained adamant to the voice of reason for non-violent approach. Thousands of IPOB family members have either been abducted, killed, maimed or imprisoned, for daring to take to the path of peaceful and rightful meetings without guns/disruption of public/private order. The Nigerian government which is a member of and signatory to the charters of the United Nations, has  oppressively been on the neck of IPOB, without recourse. The world body in it's position, has remained shamelessly unconcerned with the ongoing victimization and massacre of innocent Biafrans. Member nations cannot however, pretend to be ignorant of the evolving dangerous developments in the country.

Rather, this supposedly unbiased and unpoliticized world body, is "Speaking in hypocrisy", with the sole purpose of  deceiving the ignorant. What they want is war. They want is death. They want to further disposses us of  our ancestral land after our extermination. Crises in the continent of Africa is what gives them joy and satisfaction. Their silence is otherwise, a tacit approval and support of the myriads of atrocities being committed against Biafrans over the years, despite being law abiding.

To their shame, IPOB will definitely prove before the global community, their mettle that this is not 1967. This thick cloud that has heavily gathered over Nigeria if not proactively contained, would very adversely, rain upon all.

At The End Most Assuredly, Biafrans Shall Triumph Over Their Foes.


Written by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International

1 comment

  1. The word terror horrifies me a lot. United Nations must take proper steps and decision to stop it.
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