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Thursday 3 September 2020

Enugu Massacre: The Right Time For Igbo Leaders To Call The Shots

Enugu Massacre:  The Right Time For Igbo Leaders To Call The Shots

The angry reactions by the membership of Ohaneze Ndigbo, Alaigbo Development Foundation, a couple of other political office holders and religious leaders, following the gruesome/callous killings of peaceful Igbo youths in Emene, Enugu, will not in anyway, provoke any rapturous national disaster in Nigeria, if these notable Igbo groups and persons could come together as a voice in strong condemnation against the unwarranted mayhem.

Both the Nigerian government and the International community deserve being openly told that the vociferous demand for the unfettered restoration of Biafra, is an inalienable right that is needed for peace to reign and the youths saved from this relentless mad killings.

This step could be the only step in the right direction as it has become quite obvious to all sane beings that the Igbo youths (Biafrans) totally object to being cowed in the struggle for their freedom, despite the level of the senseless killings being meted on them on successive basis by the Nigerian security forces. In view of the foregoing therefore, it is important to ask the "Igbo Leaders of Thought", this questions: "For how long will your hearts continue to bleed as a result of this persistent massacre being orchestrated by the Nigerian armed forces against your youths? Must you people painfully die in silence before you stand up to this wave of despicable treatment against your children? Enough is enough!

There is need here for everyone to fully understand that the opinion of this write-up does not in anyway, suggest that the Igbo leaders are being apportioned the blames for the gruesome massacre as their hands seem to have been tied by the Nigerian occupational government in the land. The opinion being conveyed here though, is that they have no direct powers to forestall the killings as this insanity persists. The machineries are in the hands of the Nigerian government that is yet waging wars of annihilation against the people.

The Igbo Leaders of Thought of course, have the absolute power to unequivocally say that they want Biafra independence to permanently put a stop to this incessant madness of unprovoked killings of Biafran youths. Over time, it is required of the Nigerian government even in a democracy, to democratically handle this deteriorating situation with wisdom and decorum than bluntly refusing to handle the Biafra agitation question. It is certainly obvious that Igbo leaders are presently being displeased with the way the Nigerian government is handling Biafrans with an unprecedented malice and ethnic hatred but yet terrified to place a definitive demand for outright independence of the region due to political victimization.

However, the Igbo leaders should not in anyway present the Biafra independence demand as private opinions and desires but as a collective yearning of the people. The Nigerian government can only victimize an individual or few Igbo leaders when such a demand is presented out of prejudice. If it becomes a general demand with an accompaniment of unwavering stand by the socio-political, economic, cultural and religious leaders, the Nigerian government will definitely become rattled over the people's request which has no other option but must be attended to.

Therefore, it is important for the Igbo leaders to  courageously do the needful this time around in order to win back the respect and admiration of the overwhelming Igbo populace scattered all over the world. There is nothing that any Igboman craves for at the moment other than the full restoration of the Biafran sovereignty. Heaven will most definitely not fall, if a collective demand to that effect is made. The Nigerian government will collapse, thereby ushering in the much desired peace, tranquility and progress within the West African sub-region.

This truth cannot be over-emphasized!

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International


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