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Wednesday 9 September 2020

RED ALERT : Hausa-Fulani Jihadists Plan To Attack Rivers State

RED ALERT: Hausa-Fulani Jihadists Plan To Attack Rivers State

Tangible information made available to Family Writers Press International reveals that Hausa-Fulani militias dressed in military uniform are plotting an attack on Oyigbo local government area of Rivers state. According to the information, the planned attack is meant as a  ‘revenge of two Hausa-Fulani menʼ reportedly  killed by cultists in the area following the discovery of the corpse of a young man in a tank at an Hausa residence in Oyigbo.

Northern community in Rivers had accused members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) for killing of the Hausas, but a thorough investigation carried out by Family Writers Press International, and confirmed by Oyigbo Police Command, revealed that the claim by Northern community in Rivers as published by Daily Trust and Daily Times Newspapers is false.

The information obtained by Family Writers Press International however reveals that the Hausa-Fulani community in Rivers have concluded plans to unleash mayhem on Oyigbo people as a means of retaliation.

Also uncovered during investigation by Family Writers Press International, is the murder of Okada riders, both of whom are natives of Oyigbo, as well as the constant stealing of motorcycles which are smuggled to Northern part of the country.

 “They always target people with new motorcycles. Once they lure and murder the person, they bring the motorcycle to Bori Camp, where it would be transported to the North with an army escort. This have been ongoing for a long time,” a soldier who pleaded anonymity stated.

Since Monday night, there have been influx of Hausa-Fulani jihadists into Yam Zone and other Northern Muslim densely populated areas in Oyigbo. The information further reveals that the planned attack is being perfected by some persons known as Alhaji Abdullahi, Saidu Musa and others whose names are yet to be uncovered.

With at least three Toyota hilux vans made available for their movement, the jihadists are expected to dress in military uniform stockpiled in Hausa-Fulani residences and mosques across Oyigbo and its environs.

"Apart from secret abductions and killings, their targets are also mainly venues of meeting by IPOB Family members, Churches (mostly during night vigils), households and other places,

"One of the leaders of Northern community in Oyigbo who goes by the name - Alhaji Abdullahi, is the mastermind of the attack which is  imminent," the information unraveled.

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