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Tuesday 13 October 2020

Nigeria: Anti-SARS protest in the South and Pro-SARS Protest in the north, the case of deeply divided Country

Nigeria: Anti-SARS protest in the South and Pro-SARS Protest in the north, the case of divided Country 

It is expectantly clear that many Nigerians are still waiting for the family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), to rally round the ongoing protesters in Nigeria for the #EndSARSNow project. But is the ending or scrapping of this police department realistically the problem of Nigerians? The issue is not fundamentally SARS but the faulty foundation on which Nigeria as a country with its fake and deceptive constitution was institutionalized.

The End-SARS-NOW hash tag should reflectively be, End-Nigeria-Now.  However, the growing number of protesters across the Southern part of Nigeria and Abuja is exceptionally commendable but the unwarranted/gruesome killings of innocent citizens by the Nigerian security operatives will continue if the problems are not holistically looked into. 

The continued hardship and problem of the masses is the faulty foundation of Nigeria which needs logical ending.

The seemingly endemic crises revolving round the Nigerian foundational structure needs to be critically revisited, besides, the killings, hardship, terrorism, criminality, Police brutality, rigging , bribery, extortion, money laundry etc will persistently continue .

This same SARS operatives of the Nigerian Police Force that has over the years become a terror squad against the very innocent citizens that need be protected, has before now, been banned by the Inspector-General of Police, Alhaji Mohammad Adamu and yet, these criminal elements being fully armed with weapons by the police authorities get steadily redeployed under different names.

They proud themselves with sophisticated arms and mandate to continually arrest, torture, kill and extort with reckless abandon.  The foundational structure of the Nigerian entity remains the major problem and until we all fully come to terms with this glaring truth, we most assuredly go nowhere.

While Southerners are increasingly protesting to meaningfully bring this melodious SARS to an end, Northerners are provocatively asking the Nigerian government to retain them for whatever egocentric reasons. It is quite certain that everything about us with these Northerners are diametrically opposed. So how can Nigeria progress? The only feasible option to all these is for all to come together and have a meaningful round table discussion pertaining our continued existence. 

The "One-Nigeria" protagonists are the problems and causes of the many deaths and uncertainties engulfing Nigeria. Nigerians are not "one" and can never be so long there exists support for the delusional "One-Nigeria" under the present setting. All these unwarranted killings and other related crimes from the security operatives will continue unabated if the status quo is allowed.

Keep courageously pushing for you will certainly get there!

Written by Emeka Gift

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International

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