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Monday 12 October 2020

Nigeria Solution Lies Only On Total Dismemberment

Nigeria: Solution Lies Only On Dismemberment

In the year 1914, distinct ethnic nationalities with irreconcilable value systems, cultures and religious beliefs were forcefully brought together by the British colonialists for purely underlying selfish intentions. This is meant to  economically impoverish the indigenous people groups even perpetually. Successive Nigerian governments with human face, have courageously tried to rewrite the fundamentally structured wrongs orchestrated by the British without positive results. The contracted British enterprise called Nigeria has persistently remained unworkable over the decades even after the flag independence of 1960.

Recall that Nigerian government perpetrated genocidal war against the Biafran people in 1967, resulted from the gross incompatibility of the Arewa, Oduduwa and the Biafran people that were lumped together for the easy actualization of the British economic intent. Several militating factors however, account for the cracks on the wall of co-existence. They are brazen lopsided appointments of individuals to different offices which are necessitated by nepotistic sentiments by the Nigerian government via-a-vis the morbid enthronement of the Fulanis into top leadership hierarchy in the military. Undeniable evidences glaringly abound that the so-called South-East and South-South regions particularly, are being intentionally marginalized from accessing those sensitive offices. 

From the Army, Navy, Airforce, Customs, Immigration to the Police, the Fulanis are the ones dictating the pace. More worrisome is the sinister and very dangerous tactics being adopted by the Northern cabals to absorb with crass impunity, the so-called repentant  Boko Haram terrorists into the military and police with the backdoor mandate to officially decimate Biafrans even at the slightest provocation.

With several cases of unprovoked abduction, shooting, maiming and killing of unarmed, peaceful family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Shi'ite protesters, sane individuals would fully understand the grand mission of these "dare-devil" radical Islamists. Their mandate is to totally exterminate all the non-Fulanis with the backup intention of taking over their ancestral lands. How can one really explain the situation whereby a student that scored two hundred and and fifty (250) points in Joint Admission Matriculation Board Examination (JAMB) and well qualified for admission into a tertiary institution, is denied the opportunity while his Northern counterpart with just eight (8) points is considered? 

The present Nigerian President (Muhammadu Buhari), never pretended about his Islamisation agenda right from his assumption of office in 2015. He has surreptiously authorized the introduction of Sharia law to run simultaneously in the so-called secular/republican Nigeria. The over blotted inalienable right of the Northerners especially the Fulanis has given them the temerity to kill, maim, rape, destroy and occupy at will without any arrest or arraignment in the court of law. 

No matter the enormity of the crime being perpetrated, they remain favorably shielded. It is on this premise that the Fulani killer herdsmen can invade farmlands with their cattle and kill the farmers for daring to raise eye-brows without consequences. Thousands of Christians and their churches/homes have been killed and destroyed in the North without a singular prosecution of the perpetrators. Yet the deluded claim remains that Nigerians are one. A trip to the Eastern region (South-East and South-South), will provoke irresistable tears from your eyes due to the deplorable state of most of the federal roads therein. Like what one of the so-called founding fathers of Nigeria said: "oil and water can never mix". 

It is only a mentally deranged individual that will derive pleasure co-habiting with people who have absolutely no pretense of their hatred for you as a human. This is blatantly reflected in their policies, quota-system administration and the lopsided/nepotistic appointments which clearly show that some citizens are more valued than others even in the same country. When the Fulanis are in control of all things to their advantage, how then could anybody expect enjoying same right with them? The Fulanis are above arrest/arraignment no matter their crimes. 

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Nigerian police does not lay siege on the North nor harass their citizens. If after you are done reading through this write up and you still believe in the "One-Nigeria" scam, then something is fundamentally wrong somewhere. Nigeria is constitutionally designed to favor the Northern caliphate and doing the opposite is purely delusional. The clear mission of the rampaging Islamic terrorists in the name of herdsmen, Boko Haram and all those in the Nigerian army/police uniforms, hinges on the total extermination of all the indigenous people encaged in the Nigerian contraption.

That is why the bonafide indigenous governor of Borno State recently came under deadly attacks of the Boko Haram terrorists. It is the same reason why Kaduna and Plateau States are equally under the same terrorists attacks. Biafraland has had and yet having it's fair share of Islamic terror attacks both from the Fulani killer herdsmen and their counterparts in the Nigerian military and police. They have enormously had enough and now is the time to exit this devilish concoction of a country that majors in lopsided/nepotistic appointments, slavery and blood-sucking policies. 

People are being rampantly killed, with the government not decisively taking actions to stem the evil tide. SARS operatives are arrogantly brandishing their guns, victimizing and killing at will, the innocent citizens they are supposed to protect. Nigeria is totally a graveyard where nothing progressively advantageous is structured. Let all sane individuals entrapped therein pro-actively reason and take decisions before it becomes belated. Things cannot be allowed to continue this way. Never!

Written by Loveson Agweye

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International

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