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Wednesday 28 October 2020

Soldiers, Thugs Others Employed By The Nigerian Government Against Peaceful Protesters

 Soldiers, Thugs Others Employed By The Nigerian Government Against Peaceful Protesters

It has become glaringly clear to close watchers that the Nigerian government has presently resorted to expending billions of United States dollars in it's desperation to ensuring media blackout against the ongoing spontaneous peaceful protests across the country. Nigerian youths have over two weeks now, seriously mobilized in their numbers against police brutality, extra- judicial killings, illegal arrests, detentions, bad governance and grossly dysfunctional government system. 

They in their courageousness, strategically commenced the massive protest against the murderous Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) unit of the Nigerian Police Force. It is therefore important to bring to the notice of the International Community that the Nigerian government is at the moment, using the Armed Forces to brutalize and kill peaceful Nigerian protesters. Hoodlums are equally being sponsored to carry out attacks on the same fellow Nigerians thereby turning the well coordinated and peaceful protest into an uprising. 

Reports flooding into the news room of Family Writers Press International from our crack team of correspondents, have it that Apo Area of Abuja, the Nigerian capital city, is that the government actually sponsored the thugs and hoodlums who set ablaze over fifty vehicles belonging to the peaceful protesting Nigerian young men and wimen. This evil act was perpetrated under the watchful eyes of the officers of the Nigerian police who besieged the protest venue and yet, arresting none of the arsonists/criminals.

Reports from Abuja further revealed how a set of well armed Fulani miscreants obviously sponsored by the same Nigerian government, attacked the protesters for daring to state their displeasures against the present administration. 

They were however overpowered and roundly captured by the mammoth peaceful protesters and immediately handed over to the police. As at the time of putting this piece together, the Nigerian Police Force was yet to arraign these Fulani thugs in any court. The police officers rather, chose to lay siege on the protesters with the force of arms and armored vehicles. 

It is necessarily evidential to yet bring this disgusting development to the knowledge of the global community and should the peaceful protesters resort to violence perhaps in the coming days, the Nigerian government should be held accountable.

It is unfortunate that instead of the Nigerian President to honorably tender his resignation letter for woefully failing to discharge his covenanted functions vis-a-vis his leadership ineptitude, the government has in the bid to hide it's atrocious policies, has ordered the deployment of the soldiers into different areas of Abuja where the peaceful protests yet continued. 

This approach as employed to by the officials, is meant to violently suppress the protesters and of course, save the government from disgrace. Reports filtering into Family Writers Press International from Kuje, Kubwa, Asokoro amongst other parts of the capital city have it that the Nigerian Army has already deployed heavily armed troops which according to plan, have dispersed the peaceful protesters through the sporadic shooting of live bullets, forcefully causing the protesters to scamper for safety. Some of the protesters equally sustained varying degrees of injuries.

Fleeing interviewed protesters in Kuje area of Abuja who narrowly escaped the soldiers' invasion, simply stated that the Nigerian Army will hear from them in coming days. Another interviewed protester said verbatim that the Nigerian Army has really touched the tail of hungry/angry tigers and should get ready for what is coming soon after. Another stated that what they presently want is the division of Nigeria because it is no longer working. 

Since the Nigerian soldiers have turned their guns and bullets against them, it is going to be fire for fire as the protesters must definitely respond. It is through the evaluation of the responses of these protesters that form the basis of our call on the International Community to pro-actively wade into this brewing catastrophe that is awaiting explosion.  The earlier this is nipped in the board, the better for all. The situation at hand should not be allowed to uncontrollably degenerate into an all-out anarchy. Absolutely, no one has the monopoly of violence.

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International

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