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Saturday 21 November 2020

Nyesom Wike: The Evil That Will Destroy PDP

 Nyesom Wike: The Evil That Will Destroy PDP

Every body that have been reading my articles know that I am not the type that dwell in Nigeria dirty politics. I don't play PDP vs APC jamboree. For me, Nigeria politics is dirty and there is no hope for Nigeria in this present crop of politicians. However, the events of recent days, or should I say months can't be ignored.

Just few days ago, the incumbent Governor of Ebonyi State,  David Umahi, made an announcement of his decamp from the People's Democratic Party, PDP into the All Progressives Congress, APC. This announcement didn't go down well with the Rivers state Governor, Nyesom Wike. 

Wike went on to grant interview and press releases on how Umahi is selfish and trying to harm the people of South East. He accused  Umahi of wanting to be president and not considering his people when pursuing his personal ambition. Wike can no longer fool us again. He is fighting for his own ambition too. Like Umahi wanted to be president, Wike also want to stand behind a Northerner as his Vice president. 

Truth be told, Governor Wike has previously been a governor after the people's heart. Not that he is different from other governors, or doesn't steal public fund like his other counterparts, but he has kind of played into the sentiments of the people. He became that voice the people needed against a reckless government in the centre. We are living in a Nigeria where it seems the ruling class, especially those at the federal level have ganged up against the people. 

For some time, Wike provided the needed opposition the people needed at that perilous times. Even IPOB members, who detested the politicians in Nigeria  whose unbridled love for corruption and looting of the national resources knows no bounds, had loved Governor Wike and held him to a very high esteem. This is why despite IPOB's stance on election boycott, the IPOB Leader's voice was heard thundering from  radio, urging people to deliver Wike. Something they never did for any other political aspirant, except Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe.

But like the saying goes, 'power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Sadly, Governor Wike, due to his uncanny ambition to become a vice president and probably be on the good book of the Fulani people, unleashed mayhem on the Indigenous Igbo people in Obigbo. Wike went on to deny being Igbo, just like his Fulani pay masters ordered him. But he never knew the gravity of his actions.

What Governor Wike used Nigeria Military to do in Obigbo is a very outrageous crime against humanity. The media have been talking about what happened at #Lekkitollgate, but the truth remains that something more heinous happened in Obigbo. Under days of unrelaxed curfew, Governor Wike used Nigeria Military to commit genocide on Igbo people in the name of fighting IPOB members. Hundreds of people were killed in Obigbo and many more are still missing. Some analysts are saying that what Wike did was an assignment given to him by Fulani North, before he can be used by PDP as a vice president to a Northern candidate.

Being a deputy to a Northerner has been something South South and South East Governors are desperately craving for and even falling on top of themselves over it. Many have betrayed their own people just to buy into the heart of the Fulani North. But Governor Wike took it to all time high. He needed to show his Fulani masters that he is a willing slave.

One thing I keep saying is that Governor Wike has killed his political career with what he executed in Obigbo, and should PDP make the mistake of making Governor Wike their president or vice-presidential candidate, then know it that PDP is gone forever. To start with, any candidate Governor Wike anoints in Rivers State will surely fail. Maybe this is the time for other ethnic groups in Rivers State to take over the mantle of leadership in Rivers State. Wike, unless he decamps to APC and become the pitiable slave he is, he will be totally disgraced. Tell me how a man in the opposition, without the good wishes of the people, will win?

People wrongly called Wike the Lion and it got into his head. They say he defeated Chibuike Amaechi even though he(Amaechi) has Federal might, but it is all lies. What happened was that the people fought and stood with Governor Wike. 

Someone, an IPOB lady narrated to me how she trekked a long distance only to vote for and defend her vote for the ungrateful Governor Wike. A lot of people paid the ultimate prize. Tell me who will still do this for an ungrateful soul like Governor Wike? Your real supporters as a politician are not those you pay money to write or sing praises for you, but those that genuinely love you. They are the people Governor Wike killed in Obigbo and even brag that he has no regrets killing them. The Fulani are wise, they can never trust a man who killed his supporters that made him governor, because he wants to become the vice president. Who knows what a man that killed his brother for power will do to an outsider. 

People should say a befitting rest in peace to PDP should they contaminate themselves with a dubious and murderous personality like Governor Wike. He will be randomly disgraced. People, even his Ikwere brothers will reject him. Even Amaechi is waiting for the right time to strike. It will be an election between Governor Wike and the people. And surely, the people will win. 

That's if Nigeria will live to see 2023. That's if the politicians doesn't pay for their treachery against the people before that time.

I rest my case. Watch and see it happen.

Written By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi,

(A Teacher, Philosopher and Activist)

Edited By Ugogbuzuo Biafra

For Family Writers Press International.

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