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Saturday 14 November 2020

Suppressive And Repressive Policies Will Soon Fail The Nigerian Political Leaders--Kanu

 Suppressive And Repressive Policies Will Soon Fail The Nigerian Political Leaders

Suppression and repression are the two moral and political hazards being experienced in Nigeria. It is what the political gladiators use to rule Nigerians especially, the youths. These undemocratic ruling circle have not yet understood that suppression and repression will one day end, perhaps with unspeakable shame on the faces of the perpetrators. This will be only if they are handy with history of all that happened to the tyrants and vampires of past years.

Germans, during the era of Hitler of the Nazi Germany and Joseph Stalin of Soviet Union are good examples of eternal regrets.  Antonio Lopez de Santa Ann in Mexico and Juan Manuel de Rosas in Argentina are not equally exempted. This set of individuals used official ideologies to legitimize and maintain their regimes through the use of terror and propaganda. 

They supressed dissent, strife opposition and the media in holding on to their depotic governance of their respective countries. The turn of events these days however, are clear signs of doom that will certainly befall the suppressors. Against this background, Anna Cooper opined: “Peace produced by suppression is neither natural nor desirable”. 

This of course, can be attributed to the awakening of the Nigerian youths through the nationwide #EndSars protests which clearly defined the state of failure and hopelessness of the teaming future builders The protests served as avenues to address some inhuman acts of impunity and suppression ravaging the country. The youths wanted a total change from the status quo, which was firmly driven during the #EndSars, #EndPoliceBrutality and #EndNigeriaNow public democratic actions aimed at the bettering all the Nigerian citizens. 

The awakening of the Nigerian Youths via the protests for the first time since independence in 1960, revealed how attentively enlightened they really are by their listernership to Radio Biafra London broadcasts being anchored by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. He recently took to his Facebook page and pointedly stated that: 


“The merchants of repression in #Nigeria should note that it never works because you can not suppress the will for freedom in a population that is fed up or tired of being slaves. The more you repress, the more the desire for freedom flourishes. #Biafra shall come! #Oduduwa shall come! #MiddleBelt shall be free! The sacrifices of the bravely fallen protesters at #Lekki and #Obigbo, shall not be in vain". The aged barrier of tribal sentiments, religion, ethnicity, emotional blackmail, initiated and cited by the corrupt politicians, the agents of neo-colonialism in government houses, the corrupt media and compromised traditional rulers to hold the masses down through the deception of the gullible and ill-informed individuals have been broken for good. Politicians can no longer count on the aged lies to keep dividing the people. The unity exhibited by the Nigerian youths during the first phase of the #EndSars protests is a testimony to this fact. The second phase of #EndSars protests, palliative chasers and all those who are given to the primitive tribal sentiments, religious bigots and the gullibles will not be entertained. The #Revolution that is coming is for the mentally tough and resilient, not for #Zoo animals who are easily deceived with ethnicity, tribe and religion. The non- revolutionalists must not be involved. Are you really ready? Are you?"

The wise quote of Neil McDonald becomes essentially relevant here. It says, “Whatever the immediate gains and losses, the dangers to our safety arising from political suppression are always greater than the dangers to the safety resulting from political freedom. Suppression is always foolish.”

It will pay the doers  better to understand that things have so dramatically changed and that the youths can no longer be cowed as usual. The days of suppression and repression are over. "Free expression is the basis of human rights, the root of human nature and the mother of truth. To kill free speech is an insult to human rights, a rape to human nature and suppression of  truth”, Liu Xiaobo.

Written by Obulose Chidiebere

Edited by Onyebuchi Eucharia

For Family Writers Press International

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