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Wednesday 30 December 2020

Dave Umahi: The People's Worst Enemy In Biafraland

 Dave Umahi: The People's Worst Enemy In Biafraland

Engineer David Umahi, the Fulani caliphated governor of Ebonyi State, is a green snake, dangerously crawling in green grass. He is the hatchet slave governor in Biafraland, that is neck deep in subserviently perfecting the conditions handed down to him by his Fulani slavemasters against Ebonyi citizens particularly, in the Biafran nation.

Consequent upon this treacherous antecedent, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, succinctly wrote: "I want the world to know that all the Fulani herdsmen attacks in Ebonyi State have the backing of Governor Dave Umahi. 

This video (as attached in his statement), is an incontrovertible proof. As the Eastern Security Network (ESN) has been busy securing our land in recent weeks against attacks from state-backed foreign terrorists from Mali, Sene-Cambia, Niger and Chad, Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State has  equally been busy, using the powers of his office and the backing of Fulani soldiers in Nigeria military uniform to forcibly relocate these killers back into Ebonyi communities, precisely those areas where #ESN previously dislodged them from".

"These are the type of demons Fulani janjaweed planted as RULERS in our land not just in Igboland but across the entire Eastern region. The same Fulani terrorists #ESN drove away, are seen here returning to Ndiagu Ezima Agbabor in Isu-Onicha Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, where they removed them from few weeks back. All because Dave Umahi wanted to be an All Progressive Congress (APC) Vice Presidential candidate in 2023 elections in Nigeria. Igbo Governors and their handful of praise-singers are the very worst enemies of our people".

This is the irrefutable reality. Dave Umahi's subversive track records are there for all to see. He is neck deep in his complicity with the enemies (Fulani terrorists), to kill the people of the South-East.  Dave Umahi is the people's worst enemy in Biafraland and should be treated unreservedly as such. He had right on the onset, bluntly stood against the formation of the Eastern Security Network (ESN), by the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). 

He brazenly stated his opposition during his media briefing to journalists in his office in Abakaliki by urging Ebonyi people to completely disregard the security outfit. He noted that the governors and leaders of the region were doing everything in their powers to ensure the protection of lives and properties of citizens and that all those other residents living in the state.

He stated: "Our region remains the safest and nobody can controvert this. And so, our brother said he has formed a security outfit for the South-East. It is very laughable and should be totally ignored".

"I commend very highly, the South-East governors. It is only in this region that the leaders are being castigated openly. It is the duty of the governors to protect the lives of the citizens and also the citizens of other regions living in their states that are not from the South-East. I want them to ignore the side distractions. We are doing a lot in the education of our people, payment of salaries, infrastructural development and most especially, the security of our people. No governor will come out openly to tell you A to Z, what he is doing about security. But I want it to be debated whether South-East is not the safest region in the country".

"We need to warn that our youths should desist from being engaged for the destruction of lives and properties. During the #EndSARS protests, this happened in all the states of the South-East region. The governors will no longer tolerate that. We will continue to keep our eyes on the ball to ensure that anybody living under our care is protected", Dave Umahi concluded.

This whole statement is totally laughable and really smacks of an irredeemably hypnotized, drowning and self-destructive political snitch of a governor. What kind of deluded security formation and assurance is he talking about in the face of aggravated/relentless Fulani terrorists' mayhem being orchestrated against the people of the South-East? These dare-devil Islamic criminals from the sahel are blatantly brandishing AK47 rifles, raping our women and killing our men. They are pillaging communities and destroying our farmlands with impunity with absolutely no punitive measures put in place over time by the so-called South-East governors, to checkmate their excesses.

In the words of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, he stated: "I cursed them many years ago that God will visit every horrible deed they inflicted on Biafrans". This was lifted from the IPOB leader's full statement made on Sunday 27th December, 2020. He took to his Facebook page to remind the Fulanis how they conspired to kill over five (5) million Biafrans within the period between 1964 and 1970. But as the sayings go, "what goes around, comes around" and whoever wants go to equity, must do so with clean hands".

"That same mess they subjected Biafrans to, are exactly what they seeing today".

"During the war, many Biafran children languished in Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps. Many were mercilessly bombed to death in the camps, while many  others were starved to death through stiff blockades. Today, they (the Fulanis), are seeing/experiencing the repercussions of their wickedness. In his statement, Mark Anthony in William Shakespeare's Julius Caeser, pointedly said: "The evil that men do, lives after them.......".

"The Arewa Janjaweed Northern Nigeria do not really understand the mess they have put themselves into. "I cursed them many years ago that God will visit every horrible deed they inflicted on Biafrans, on their own children and they thought it was a joke. Today, they have IDP camps in the North the same way we (Biafrans) had refugee camps in Biafraland during the war. As they massacred Biafran men, women and children, so also are their own children and loved ones being gruesomely killed today by those they imported from the Sahel to conquer the South. The same reign of terror they inflicted on Biafrans for nearly four (4) unbroken years, is the very same rampant life consuming insecurity they are now doomed to endure across the core North" .

Nothing and I repeat nothing, will save the great zoo (Nigeria) from imminent collapse. What the Fulani janjaweed brought upon Nigeria and Nigerians, is worse than the worst tsunami. They are about to witness the greatest shock of their lives. In their infinite stupidity, the Fulani janjaweed will be the ones to provoke this Armageddon. As they have continued to kill Biafrans even after it was said that the war ended in 1970, that is how they have continued to see hell in the hands of those they imported from the Sahel to come and kill Biafrans".....Mazi Nnamdi Kanu unambiguously concluded.

Written by Obulose Chidiebere

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International

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