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Wednesday 16 December 2020

Eastern Security Network (ESN): The Long Awaited Panacea To Insecurity In Biafraland

 Eastern Security Network (ESN): The Long Awaited Panacea To Insecurity In Biafraland

The deteriorating security situation in Nigeria for over 5 five years now has heightened the level of fear and anxiety amongst the citizens. This is actually not supposed to be a time of shifting blames, but a time of coming together to device ways of securing our lives and properties.

However, since every society have their leaders whose responsibilities are to play these functions, Nigerians have long awaited for their own leaders to rise towards strengthening the structures that will guarantee the safety of the citizens, but rather got the opposite. We even began to see leaders who practically seem to be participating in the sponsorship of gross killings of their people.

It is still surprising why these leaders that were basically expected to live by the will of the people now turned to not only ignore that, but went further into bargaining with the enemies. This has led to each regions attempt to establish some regional security outfits that they can trust for the protection of their lives and properties. 

It is important here, to highlight that insurgence started in the North through the criminal activities of Boko-Haram terrorists. And it was expected that the government should have pro-actively tackled this considering that it has in its's kitty, all the forces needed, but officials rather took sides with their terrorist brothers and swore not to tag them terrorists or clearly direct any fight against their terror- related activities.

On one occasion, while the Nigerian citizens campaign that these terrorists be seen for whom they really are and treated accordingly, President Buhari openly said that "Any attack against Boko-Haram is an attack against the North".

All these prompted the setting up of regional security outfits in the country by those threatened. The Oduduwas have Omotekun, the Arewaa have Miyetti Allah and Shege-Ka-Fasa.

In fact, those within the old Eastern region are even the ones coming out very late because our regional leaders failed to rise up to their responsibilities.

But thank God for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), who has boldly risen up to be the voice of the people by launching the Eastern Security Network (ESN).

We want to state clearly here that this is what we have long awaited from our leaders, but they failed to respond. So, we wholesomely embrace this development and warn that any attack in any form from our sold out leaders, verbally, militarily etcetera, is an attack on the East -YES! and will not be condoned.

This is so because the Eastern region belongs to the people and not to the politicians.



Written by Ogah C.S Maduabuchi

Edited by Elemeghideonye Nnamdi Stephen

For Family Writers Press International

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