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Monday 7 December 2020

Insecurity In Nigeria: The Needed Catalyst For Enduring Peace Amongst Amalgamated Indigenous Nations

 Insecurity In Nigeria: The Needed Catalyst For Enduring Peace Amongst Amalgamated Indigenous  Nations

When hopelessness sets in, nature assumes to responsorially offer succor in such difficult moments of tyranny, despondency and wickedness. While some people opine that the ongoing mayhem cum other related security challenges in the North being orchestrated by the Nigerian government is natural, it will also interest some to know that the terror-inflicted is the much needed spark. This will definitely lead to the freedom of the grossly entrapped indigenous people groups under forced co-habitation in Nigeria. 

The Nigerian state has for decades woefully failed to toe the path of obedience to constitutional laws by every section of the country. For the Northerners, there exits different laws, for Biafrans, it is totally different set of laws as well as same for the Oduduwas (Yorubas). In the North, all progressive humanitarian laws are made inapplicable to non-Northerners (Muslims). This has so terrifyingly led to the indelible cracks right in the foundation of Nigeria and citizens with particular reference to Northern residents where terrorism and all terror-related activities hold sway.

The Northern section of Nigeria for decades of years, has blatantly paid no allegiance to the constitutional provision of progressive/civil laws as provided. The Northern Muslims for instance, have persistently and via sinister motives, alienated the country's constitution while upholding and imposing their Sharia laws. This of course give impetus to the promotion of terrorism, bandity and institutionalization of modern day slavery while demonizing freedom of association, speech and the right to live freely within the geographical space christened Nigeria especially the North. 

This has successfully given the practitioners the leeyway to institutionalize what is termed 'Hishbah Police'. This security outfit is saddled with the responsibility of enforcing the Northern Sharia laws on Nigerian citizens resident therein, your religious inclination nonetheless. People are being hunted down without provocations but just because they are non-Muslim Sharia adherents.  Secular life in the North is being brazenly strangulated by these Islamic Sharia legal enforcers called the Hishbah Police, thereby redundantly incapacitating the regular conventional police force.

With attached respect to the decades of the gradual imposition of terror and poveety, education embargo and religious intolerance on the citizens resident in the North, life has really been hellish. The indigenous people of Northern Nigeria were systemically tamed to be modern day slaves cum cannon folders in the service of the Fulani feudal tyrants. These obnoxious acts of subjugation is being formulated to verociously cling on to power as much as they could, whereby the gravely impoverished Northern citizens are presently being armed and commissioned to embark on terrorism and all manner of crimes. 

These turn into uniformed monsters as time rolls by, under the creation and sponsorship of the Northern leadership. These formed terror outfits like Boko Haram, bandits and Fulani killer herdsmen were given birth to. The indigenous people of the North are presently being systematically wiped out even in their ancestral lands by these marauders who are much more less in population than the  bonafide land owners.  They are being driven away from their internally displaced  persons (IDP) camps, who are subsequently being recruited into suicide bombers.

Despite the array of recorded brutalities, kidnappings and killings being steadily carried out by the these state-sponsored terrorists whose leadership structure falls under Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association (Fulani terrorists), the Nigerian government has bluntly maintained seal lips,  undeniably confirming the report that it is the major sponsor. The government is presently wailing with the demand for an end to criminal activities. These monsters the government helped to create have now metamorphosed into a ridiculously vicious threat. Their lives are no more safe while the bizarre thirst for blood is on the increase as virtually none seems spared now in the same North, particularly.

Implosion of Nigeria is quite inevitable at this very critical time even as the Senate which played the flute for the dancing, the marauding terrorists are now calling for the mercenaries to aid the eradication of Boko Haram terrorists. While the South remains on it's way to exit the subsisting mirage called one-Nigeria. It is essentially important to clearly note that Nigeria cannot be salvaged as a country based fundamentally, on religious and tribal oppression. While the South clamors for peacefully progressive lifestyle and economic development, the North is yet enmeshed in oppressive/terror-related activities designed in/for anarchy.

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International

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