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Sunday 3 January 2021





■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu

■ 04, JAN 2021 

Good evening wonderful people great Biafrans, wherever you are on this new year day, the very first day of January in the year of our most high Elohim 2021.

I welcome each and every one of you to this very special broadcast coming to you live and direct to the entirety of humanity on the surface of this very planet earth. Happy new year to all of you according to the Gregorian European Calendar.

I say good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight to some of you. My name is Nnamdi Kanu, and I am the leader of the largest mass movement on the face of this very planet the indigenous people of BIAFRA, I am the director of Radio Biafra and Biafra Television, and by the very special grace of the most high Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru Ime Ihe Nile, a servant of the wonderful people of BIAFRA.

These evening it's rather very unfortunate that we are unable to come to you live on my Facebook page, those of them that run Facebook not only in the damnable Zoological Republic but also out of California, they have decided, or determined I should say that I should not broadcast live on Facebook. I have done everything humanly possible, we have done everything humanly possible to make sure we come live on Facebook they have refused, they have flatly refused. The Zoo has stuck them with money as always, and those of them working for Facebook in Lagos and in Abuja have sided with the janjaweed Fulani caliphate to try to deny us space to propagate the gospel of the restoration of the kingdom of heaven upon the face of this very earth.

This address this evening is designed to touch upon everything we have accomplished over the years and what we intend to accomplish as we move forward.

Before we go any further, it's customary for us we must hand over our proceedings to most high Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru Ime Ihe Nile to come and take charge, not just of this very broadcast this very evening, but also this very effort to liberate his own children this year going forward.

Let us pay!

Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as always, and after which I Onyebuchukwu Oluchukwu Nwafor (Onyebuchukwu Olusco Nwa Biafra) echoed Isee! Isee!! Isee!!? To all the great prayers he made, and he proceeded with the special address to all the Biafrans and lovers of freedom worldwide.


Once again, I welcome each and every one of you this evening, morning, night, or afternoon depending on where you are.

Am starting this very evening by reminding ourselves what our eternal leader Dim Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu went through during his time. Somebody captured it very well, and the person said that Ojokwu fought two wars, I will call it three because Ojukwu was fighting neo-colonialism British

imperialist interest in black Africa, Ojukwu was also fighting the stupidity of a black man because those who rose up against him were also black people who were suffering, and they are still suffering till this very day, Ojukwu was also fighting IGBO efulefu's everywhere, that was exactly what happened.

And this fight we are facing now is not different, that is why our people must listen and understand what am about say this very evening, listen very carefully, because this very fight is not going to become any easier, as we get to the finishing line it will become far more difficult, but God almighty in heaven Chukwu Okike Abiama has done something for us.

As the Janjaweed are coming down to the South to come and engage us which am very sure they are going to do, their land in the North will be occupied with bandits that they themselves created, so this evening I want you to understand that there is a method in our madness. We are very very strategic in terms of our approach not just to the disintegration of the damnable Zoological Republic but it disembowelment.

I did promise you many years ago that by the time we are done with Nigeria, the name Nigeria will no longer exist that is where we are heading to. And for us to be able to accomplish that, we need to recreate the scenario of Yemen, the scenario of Syria, the scenario of Somalia in the Northern part of the damnable Zoological Republic, and there is only one way we are going to achieve that, Eastern Security Network (ESN) will give it to us.

How? Because in their eternal foolishness and stupidity the janjaweed army will come to the South to engage us, they will it's not a question of if but when, but this time around we are waiting for them in our bushes and in our forest. We are not going to fight this war in our township, and we are going to fight it inside our bushes and in our forest. They will come there, and we are going to kill them, all of them. And as they are coming into our bushes and our forest they will leave the backside open, terrorist from all across the Sahel will flood into Arewa lands and occupy it, God will destroy then, I just want you to watch and see what is going to happen to the Zoo, what they call banditry and insurgency is only beginning, the real dish is coming. At the end of this process, all of you will worship God the way that nobody ever did in the world before.

BIAFRA is coming not through the efforts of any mortal, but through the grace of God only and not man. God will not share his glory with any mortal. By the time that BIAFRA gets here to us, we all will be very thankful that out of the billions, upon billions of people that occupy this very earth Chukwu Okike Abiama choose BIAFRA to showcase his mighty works.

You must remember this always, the fight we are engaged in is not of a carnal nature, it's very very spiritual. That is why the same Efulefu' that fought Ojukwu, the same idiots that are scattered all over the Zoo that fought Ojukwu's restructuring, they gave birth to their children and today those idiots, some of them of course fathered by janjaweed are fighting us because BIAFRA is the kingdom of heaven upon the face of this very earth. The beginning of genuine libration of every black person on the face of this very earth, therefore Lucifer doesn't want BIAFRA to come, an agent of darkness in the Zoo and beyond do not want BIAFRA to come, neo-colonialist in British foreign and commonwealth office do not want BIAFRA to come because they know what BIAFRA potence. They know that by the coming of BIAFRA entire Africa will be liberated that is why they are fighting.

When you see idiots like Wike and Umahi they are doing the job of Devil, they are working for Lucifer, for darkness. Have they been able to defend you against Fulani janjaweed? When Nimbo was attacked, Uzo Uwani was attacked by Fulani herdsmen; all this Efulefu's what did they do? They did nothing. When were people being murdered, raped, and slaughtered in Edo state what did then the Governor of Edo do? Nothing. Even right now, Delta state is under siege, what have they done? Nothing. Therefore I find it very very distressing that human beings that claim they are educated or have a semblance of exposure to enlightenment and reasoning will raise up one morning to side the Governors, I find it very very shocking.

Are we not all suffering now, who is having fun am asking you? Ken Saro-Wiwa that sold out BIAFRA is he not dead, was he not killed by a Fulani man? Who are the people that own the oil wells that we have today in Ijaw land, in Ogoni land, in Ibibio land, in Anang? In Efik land am asking them? The idiots that refer to themselves as South-South, I want to ask you a simple question, how many oils well do you have in your land? That was what Ojukwu was fighting for, so you can have access to your own resources but out of your stupidity, your idiocy and foolishness you sided Abacha, you sided Obasanjo's of this world, today all the billionaires you have, not one single Biafran is among them, not one single Easterner, the only thing you idiots specialize in is fighting those who are fighting for your freedom that is how foolish you are, you are foolish beyond redemption. After fighting Ojukwu from 1967-1970 how is your life today I ask you?

None of your so-called Governors could defend you when the Fulanis came, and the same people are today saying they are against Eastern Security Network and some of you are foolish enough to be listening to them. That is the reason why God gave me this revelation many years ago, that the greatest obstacle to the progress of a black man is in his brain, that a black man can not reason. 

Fulani they come to your land, they attack you, they rape your mothers what are you going to do about it? Is a very simple question. For very many years we kept quiet to see if you can do anything about it, but you did nothing. All you did was to lament, every year, every week you kept on lamenting with no concrete action the only lamentation. Now that those chosen by God to fight for his land has risen up to set up Eastern Security Network some of the fools, some of the idiots fathered by janjaweed they are busy telling you the Governors is against it, is Nnamdi Kanu militia. But Amotekun is there, and they will tell you it was set up by law, there is a law guiding it, which law is that, show me in the constitution of the Zoo? And when you point out Miyetti vigilante group to them, they shut their mouth.

We know how many soldiers they have in the Zoo, and we know that we have more men under arms than them in the Zoo. We know why we lost the war, we are not going to lose this very war am telling you the truth, before God and man we can't lose it, heaven is my witness we can never lose it. They are going to die in our land; they are going to die in BIAFRA land, their homes will be taken over by the monsters that they breed.

Do you know that the entire Fulani cabal that I was telling you about before that they are all dead, are you aware of that? Buhari is dead, Abba Kyari, Isa Funtua is dead, Sam Nda is dead, are you aware of that? No, you don't know. This war has been raged in the spiritual realm for some of you who don't understand. The reason why they have not announced the death of Maman Daura is that they said if they announce it now, I will look for the next person to curse, go and ask them in Abuja that is what they are saying. Anybody who raises to become the head of the cabal he will die, you have an eternal curse placed on you, the entire cabal is dead if you don't know let me tell you, they are just playing a mind game with all of you, but we are going to unravel them this year. You know that what saved them last year was Corona Virus and restrictions of travel all over the world and all the attending problems that came with it, am telling you the truth, but this year they can't escape it. Something is going to happen to the Zoo that any ear that hears it will vibrate forever and ever. God will destroy Nigeria completely and totally, and I want to let Britain understand this, I want them to do all they can to save the Zoo that they created for the habitation of idiots who can not reason in Africa especially Nigerians. I need them to understand this very carefully, do all you can to save your Zoo, you can not save it. Watch and see what is going to happen.

The janjaweed are coming from all over the Sahel with their camel, bringing in every manner of sophisticated weapons, not to come and fight BIAFRA of course not, but to come and finish all these vultures, they are in a very serious mess I assure you. We gave three examples, Yemen, Syria, and Somalia, that is what is going to obtain in the Zoological Republic.

Is today our eternal leader not vindicated? Fulani is now telling you we are ready for restructuring, the same restructuring that Ojukwu went to Aburi and negotiated and Britain said no, Fulani said no to restructuring. Now they want to restructure back to regions the same thing that Ojukwu cried and complained about, is not the same thing they are asking for today?

We are on a struggle for liberation, and there is no democracy in a revolution. We are in a perpetual state of the revolution there is no democracy, when BIAFRA comes you can do all the democracy in your life all you want.

There are a lot of things that we are doing that we can not tell you when telling you something you will oh but why at you telling us? You don't have to tell us, but when we don't tell you, you also complain, why didn't they tell us?  If we don't tell you what we are doing, you will say we are not doing anything, and when we tell you you will say oh they are talking too much, they are revealing everything.

Do you know how much we have spent releasing those that Wike went to kill in the North? To free them from the clutches of the Fulani Janjaweed murderers and killers, do you know how much we spent on a daily basis? No, you don't know, but somebody will come and ask you. Oh, but where is our money going? They have seen those we flew abroad for medical treatment, they have seen those widows we are taking care of, they have seen those we are putting through school, that is how evil some people can sometimes be That is why it's only those of us at the top that knows everything, you can't know everything because some of you don't know how to manage information.

We Biafrans we have a lot of enemies, that is why you need to school yourself through, you need to be hardened in terms of your devotion to this very noble course. Some of you don't know what we encounter on a daily basis. Do you know that I have been to ISIS before to go and give evidence? I never wanted to say it. Do you know that I have been to International Criminal Court before to give evidence they said we shouldn't announce it and I kept quiet all these years, are you aware of that? I went to ISIS to go and give evidence about Operation  Python Dance and the effort of the Zoo to exterminate our people, am just telling you for the first time but if we don't say this thing is as if we are not doing anything, nothing is happening. These are the things that people did not appreciate nor understand, without me telling you today will you know?

Everybody who has a hand in the death of Biafrans I feel sorry for you because we will never forgive nor forget what you have done, never, ever. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever.

We Biafrans we have a lot of enemies understand it very well; google is against us, are you aware of that? All of you well know that Facebook is against us, even Twitter is against us, are you aware of that? Do you know that only a few months ago If you go to google and you type in IPOB you will see us, you will we everything there about IPOB fighting for BIAFRA and all the rest of it, are you aware of that? I ask you to go this evening now, or morning or afternoon depending on where you are. Go and type in IPOB on a google search engine, they will start quoting you New York stock exchange, and it started happening only two months ago they bought them over. What they want to do is to airbrush our presence away from the minds of people. If you go and you google Nnamdi Kanu, you will see all the fake, fake news from DSS that is what you will see.

If you seriously think about the brain,  and the nature of a black man believe you me you will drink poison and you will die. Look at how Britain is using Fulani irritate to subjugate all of you, and you can not see it because you are daft. They gave you your name, didn't they? Nobody ever got up one day to say if God created all men equal, how come a black man can not go to Europe and give them all these holidays? Nobody is willing to do that, absolutely nobody, they can never ever do it.

Look at how ordinary Fulani ndi na Tachi nama (cattle rearers) recruited somebody who is an engineer in Umahi,  Wike claims he went to school, he is a lawyer, but those controlling Wike are cattle herders, ndi na Tachi nama. People who can not even spell their own name, are you aware of that? The same thing that white man did to us when they came, the white man trained Fulani to be doing, they buy off you, and you are there looking like an idiot.

Now that IPOB is doing something tangible, you are asking me where the law is backing Eastern Security Network? Please where is the law backing Miyetti Allah? Where is the law backing Fulani bandits raping our mothers? When was a girl butchered and cut into pieces in Uli, what did you do? Obiano what did you do am asking you? Ohanaeze ndi ara what did you do? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Now that we have done something some of you idiots are busy yacking rubbing.

I pray that the Fulani come, I want them to come let's be honest, I want them to come. Remember what I told you many years ago? They will kill us, and we will kill them at the end BIAFRA will come everything I tell you to come to pass. You know they are janjaweed they are foolish, by nature they are very hopeless they will come, this time around we will turn Biafra land into bury ground for terrorist they will understand how serious we are, we have raised it is no longer coming down until freedom is declared, they understand that very well.

There is a need for us to remain focused, going into this 2021 focused, don't allow yourself to become distracted; that was what happened to us during the war. Had we fought that war upon till August, September of 1970 we would have won, there would have been a victory. But we gave up as we always do ndi ISI ojii (black people) you know mental toughness is not in us, after a little thing we just give up. Look at how Trump is fighting, if it's us now you will be hearing, oh why don't you give up nah? Let's leave it for God let God do it,  Trump said no because in a first world like the United States of America any hit of electoral fraud ought to be investigated, these are white people you think they are black Africans? No, am not saying that Biden did not win am not saying that, but there is evidence of electoral fraud and has been investigated. Look at all of you in Africa rigging after rigging have you done anything? No.

This evening I must make you understand this, we at not folding our arms, we at not going to allow them to overrun us. They have overrun parts of Benue that is their game plan, that is what Devil Umahi doesn't know, Wike doesn't know, Obiano doesn't know all these idiotic Governors, or maybe they know. Do you know that in Benue state they want to install a Sarduana of Sokoto in our own Oturukpo? They want to put Sarduana there. The same place they couldn't penetrate for nearly five thousand years now they have come, how did they succeed? Because they told you that Oturukpo is different, you are not part of them, and you are part of us North, IGBO man is your problem, now Fulani is your problem, isn't it? Sardana of Oturukpo that land is gone, unless you join us and fight. You have to fight if you don't fight your land is gone.

Do you think that under my watch am going to allow Fulani Janjaweed to overrun our land? We will all die. I told you that I am coming and I will bring hell with me; you think I have forgotten? Anything I tell you are going to do, am going to do it. And I will come, and I will bring hell with me because nobody is going to stop us.

Everywhere there is kidnapping, everywhere you go to bandits are killing just google it, is in the news every blessed day. People are dying, people have been kidnapped every blessed day, and some idiots are talking bout one Nigeria, do you see how foolish some idiots are? You are talking about one Nigeria when in Oturukpo there is a Sarduana.

All of us must understand this, that Eastern Security Network has come to stay, they are not going anywhere, everybody in the international community is aware of our sensitization effort, and now the world understands that the main perpetrators of violent attacks against our people, against everybody including even some Fulani peasants are extremist from the North spearheaded by the Fulani caliphate.

Before the coming of IPOB, the Fulani through the aid of the British Govt and their zoo media that they control have always lied about the reality of events in the Zoo, and everything is farmer herders clash, farmer herders clash, this was the people taking the land of the indigenous population, which left the international community confused for very many years until we came, and spent a whole lot of money on our consultants in Washington. It's not hidden, the department of justice in America has the details of our contract, and somebody will raise up and say oh, but where are they spending all the money?

Are you aware that in Enugu a Fulani man shot dead a traditional ruler wearing a police uniform? This is the one Nigeria they want you to belong to. Go and tell the family of that traditional ruler about one Nigeria, a policeman because he is a Fulani, can you imagine an IGBO man constable or inspector going to the North and killing an Emir What do you think will happen? They will kill every IGBO person in that state.

Now, look at the Eze they have killed in Enugu, what is going to happen? Nothing, I ask you this question do you think an IGBO policeman can go to the North, stormed a village and kill an Emir, is that possible? No, but is happening in your land and you open your dirty mouth to say you are a Nigerian, Chineke kpo gi oku (let the fire of God consume you). God punish you now, and punish you forever, ndi one Nigeria mad people everywhere.

Let me say what is going to happen this year, and we will start with the saboteurs in our land. Anyone that collaborate with the DSS to issue a statement bring the person name, and the address am saying it live on air. When it starts happening in our land, I will be in the head very close to ISIS, and you don't need to write any letter to me, once they say come I will just walk in. Anytime you read a statement like we are against Eastern Security Network, get us the name of that person and his village where he comes from, and his address and you will hear what will happen to the idiot.

Tell me why thunder will not fire you, just explain to me why God will not destroy you and your lineage, you hate your self that much?

BIAFRA is going to come; we don't care how long it takes we are going to keep fighting until BIAFRA is restored, or we all die, if BIAFRA doesn't come we all perish, and I will lead it from the front. And when it happens, I will tell you that I am here leading this very battle from the front. If you are nursing this idea of your stupid one Nigeria, may thunder consume you, may thunder and lightning consume you.

I don't know why you people are not mentally tough, look at the #EndSars protest they brought in religion, they brought in the tribe, and all of you fell apart. Some stupid journalist in Lagos, idiotic Yoruba journalist in Lagos started writing nonsense IGBOS are destroying our properties, and all of you just capitulated and fell apart that means you are not ready for a revolution, you don't want your life to change, because in the revolution there is no other side consideration apart from the goal and mission in the front. You allowed yourself to be divided that means you are not ready for freedom, that was how #EndSars fell apart last year just like that, you allow them to divide you as always, the same thing they are doing in Biafra land, telling you that Ikwere is not IGBO.

As I said before this I a new year message, what we are saying is that we are going to intensify our efforts to flush out every Fulani herdsmen from our bushes and from our farmland, they will try us oh don't think they will not come, of course, they will try us. We are waiting for them to commit their men on the ground.

What we should have done when I left prison in 2017, is to go into the bush, you know they specialize in killing civilians, burning down houses once you are in the bush they can't come in. You are fighting Boko Haram in a Savannah, in a grassland you can not defeat them, and you want to come into a rain forest? Did it take Britain and their saboteur oh forty years to penetrate our land, imagine Buratia, look at Buratia? Main looking at him he looks dirty. With his physical appearance, you will know he is a very filthy idiot. It took Britain forty years to move from Calabar to Otulukpo, then let Buratia come.

Let me make one thing very clear, Fulani they are very foolish they will come, expansionism is in their blood they want to take other people territory that is how they are wired genetically. But telling me that Fulani can come from Mali to come and take our land to kill my sister, rape my mother and then build a settlement in the name of one Nigeria hahaha 😂 it won't happen oh.

No saboteur will go free, all these idiots born under ojuelegba bridge, writing rubbish from Lagos we will find you in that place you are Chineke akpo gi oku there, this year will be a year of cleansing our land of the saboteur. That thing that will happen in 2033 let it happen now, that ISIS let us all go there. The saboteur is a problem in our land and is about time that they are dealt with, am saying it live on air so that the whole world can hear because janjaweed if they make a call and there is nobody to pick their call, am very sure they will start reasoning very well.

This nonsensical garbage called Nigeria must come to an end; we are going to fight for our freedom; we will keep fighting for our freedom until that freedom is attained until we get it. There are no two ways about it; we are not going to stop, not now, not tomorrow and not ever, until BIAFRA is restored then our work done.

I want us to be very very vigilant, you know they are changing their sim card, leave all this their nonsense is because of BIAFRA agitation, they think they can cage everybody.

Had French people behaved the same way you are behaving in the Zoo called Nigeria, do you think they France will be developed? I keep telling you this all the time ndi is ojii (black people), you can never go forward without a revolution. France had it; United kingdom had it led by Oliver Cromwell. In American, George Washington, in Russia, there was a revolution, China the same thing. Everywhere in the world that people are moving forward, there was a revolution. But in your own case, Eastern Security Network doesn't even try it; there is no law backing you. Which law established Fulani banditry? Somebody will come and be raping your wife, and you will be quoting the law.

You think you can bring down IPOB? or dear me, how foolish some people are.

With that, we have come to the end of our program this very evening, as I said before. There are many things we are doing; we are not at liberty to announce live on air, a lot of things are happening and we are moving forward. But you know that any great army in this world matches on its stomach, for us to sustain Eastern Security Network they have to eat, we have to clothe them, every blessed day they have to look very neat. They are in our bushes fighting to protect our heritage, our homeland, and we must support them. All the way from Cross River to Edo State we must support them to defend our land, they are coming oh from Mali don't say I didn't warn you. Sardana of Oturukpo, maybe very soon there will be Sarduana of Benin City, or Sarduana of Itsekiri, or Sarduana of Yenagoa then you will know you have arrived.

Do you see Wike? He is a dead man walking. Thank you very much for listening until next time, this year is going to be very remarkable, is going to be an open hunting season for saboteurs because BIAFRA must come because Chukwu Okike Abiama said so.

Wherever you are around the world, you must remain resolute, determined and very firm in your beliefs, that BIAFRA is your right, BIAFRA existed before Britain was created and it shall exist again, and with it freedom for all in black Africa and beyond. Until next time from me, from here it's a good evening.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi 

For  Umuchiukwu Writers 

Remain Blessed Umunnem.

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  1. From Bakassi LGA C.R.S
    We says NO! NO! NO! to sarduanas... We are waiting for them in the open sea to flush'em down the bottom of the ocean... mad people's


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