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Friday 8 January 2021

Eastern Security Network (ESN) Operations Rated High By Easterners

 Eastern Security Network (ESN) Operations Rated High By Easterners

The security of the entire Eastern region during the last Christmas and New Year festivities, has been greatly commended for stoutly staying on the defence line via their activities.  This vigilante security outfit was launched on the 12th of December 2020, by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The festive periods excitedly ended with the Easterners eulogizing the efforts put in place to contain and defeat insecurity in the region as the holidays lasted. The land has very recently, started enjoying relative peace and   protection from the morbid activities of Fulani criminals and terrorists. The Eastern Security Network (ESN), has within a short period of existence, proven to be a very relevant need of the people.

It is no longer news that the Eastern political leaders have over the time, been callously watching as the people of the region were being hacked down to death, molested and abused by Fulani terrorist elements that infiltrated the states under the pretense of rearing cattle. They were compromisingly settled in our bushes/forests (colonies), from where they launched deadly attacks on our farmers unimaginably, with reckless abandon. Realistically speaking, the version of terrorism unleashed on Easterners assumed a sophiscated dimension, lending credence to the assumption that it was really Nigerian-state orchestrated. This was further evidenced on how  those at the corridors of power  rallied support and even patronized the terrorists. There was blatant silence on the part of the government when series of complaints were lodged pertaining the activities of these terrorists. There were blatant cases of kidnaps, rapes, killings, roadblocks, extortions, accidents, oil tanker explosions, amongsts other introduced life-snuffing, life-threatening devices, frequently aimed at the innocent especially within the Eastern part of Nigeria. These antecedents usually form the misfortunes Easterners were unabatedly visited with during the festive seasons like the past ones which though turned out to be hitch-free.

Family Writers Press International based, on investigations, could report that sustainable peace and calmness have eventually returned to the East, courtesy of the Eastern Security Network (ESN).

It is just not only ideal to have stop-on interviews  with individuals that visited home for the Christmas/New year holidays  within the Eastern part but also there were handful of opinions sampled from persons by Family Writers Press International online, to ascertain their security experience too amongst others from the same region during the festivities. Several overwhelming positive feedbacks were also obtained. Their responses were:

"No much death in our Land.... Our people will farm very nice this year..." ....Arinze Miracle

"The best Christmas so far in our time" Dickson Seth

"100% safe, no rampage and terrible attacks by the perceived marauding fulani terrorist." .....Prince Akadikejehovah

"It was Excellent and Lovely Sleeping with The Two Eyes Closed because of Our Able Leader and all the determined E S N on the ground to Secure Our Biafran Land" ......Uche Uzoma

"Every where in the East is terror free Thanks to MNK for given us ESN"......Okey Ben Chimzy

"From the city to my village, no police checkpoint and yet no crime witnessed. ESN, kudos!..... Eberechukwu.

"This is the best Christmas eversince the last twenty five (25) years of my life. Thank you Ohamadike, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, thank you ESN...... Offor.

"Our ESN is doing a great job power to them and our supreme leader mazi Nnamdi Kanu"....Felix Noonso

"No story of killing  of worshippers at Church or on their way back or going or even inside. I rate them (ESN) one hundred percent (100%), kudos to the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu........ Mr. Ikechukwu.

"My Dear, If Not MNK....what fulani Miyetti Alar Had planned against Ndi Igbo And Entire Southern Nigeria Would have Been very Devastating that we won't recover from. Thank God For MNK IPOB Leader And ESN Security men.".....Samson Sammy

"It was totally crime and terror free in our own part of Biafraland. Both those inside and outside uniforms behaved themselves. A million thank's to MNK"......David Mba

"Very peaceful" .....Chimezie Williams

"No long stories of littered dead bodies,no beheads,no kidnappings, no tanker explodes,no farmer/herder clash and no accidents due to no settlement chase. Thanks to almighty MNK" ....King Sley Nwali

"Perfect I was plying a very popular road where serious attack has happened in time past even at I was so scared funny I never heard or saw anything..God bless MNK and ESN"....Ginika Anioke

"To be honest with God almighty and humanity IHE DIKA MAZI NNAMDI KANU AND IPOB akona mu ozo na-ndu ah! because ESN has changed in totality the narrative of yesterday through the myth of CHUKWUOKIKE ABIAMA;NO kidnapping, rapping killing terrorism etc, OKIKE bless all the leaders of IPOB,ndi IPOB, ndi BIAFRA and lovers of freedom worldwide Isee! Isee!! Isee!!!".....Christian Chinedum Obayida

"We offer unto our Lord of Host,The Captain of the Host of Heavens, Elohim Yeshua,The Almighty Creator all Thanksgiving, Praises, Worship and Adoration of His Exalted Name, Jehovah, for His Wisdom, proactively, establishing a dependable ESN for Biafra Land,Thank you, Rabbi, Ohamadike, Prince,Mazi, MNK!All hail Biafra,we move."....Eva Nzenwa

"My dear you people are great what a good job.. At. Least we can sleep with our eyes close in our villages.... All hail Biafran security" ....Johnpaul Ebuka

"You can see how fast they're now leaving our bushes instead of living in it like animals. God bless our Supreme leader and King Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the ESN and every genuine Biafrans working tirelessly together to restore Biafra somehow or anyhow."....Benn Sa Chukwukasi

"I never knew east can be so peaceful like this, all glory to Elohim, more grace to my able leader His excellency sir MNK, Tanx to ESN for job Weldon."...Henry Nnabuike

"So peaceful and lovely, no story killing adoption person, may chukwu okiki abiama continue to strengthen ESN and bless mazi Nnamdi Kanu"....Eze Ifeanyichukwu

"Definitely our people must have gone to bed with two eyes closed. Our people in diaspora that visited their families enjoyed themselves without spending extra cash hiring mopols. No news of herdsmen kidnapping and raping. No checkpoint extorting money from our people and much more. I know It was a fun. Me I can't wait to relocate.".....Ndidiamaka Paul

"Thanks to chukwuokike,this just a sample of what Biafra land will look like when fully restored. Kudos to IPOB worldwide.".....Suntex Rock

"I didn't heard about tankers explosions, no police brutalities or killings because of N100, no kidnappings, no rapes, everywhere was calmed thanks to Okike, ESN and MNK".....Ifeanyi Kalu Jr.

"Only God not man will reward IPOB. Biafra has come already because Biafra means peace,freedom and prosperity. This my experience".....Chinedu Isiani


"The fear of ESN is beginning of Biafrans safety.No raping, killing or kidnapping heard of,if any not as rampant as before.

Kudos to ESN,

Kudos to MNK

All must hail Biafra.".....Idika Ota Eziyi

"I have to be sincere here I didn't hear bad new on like before, because so many bad things happen in our land during December period." .....Isaiah Anozie

"ESN is a gift for us from God and through our brother mazi Nnamdi Kanu. I'm so happy it's happening in my time.

I will tell my children about MNK.".....TO Nna

"When Righteous is in authority, people will rejoice. Thanks to MNK & ESN "IPOB". we move...".....Ernest Omur

"Now people in Biafra land sleep with their two eyes closed, travel freely without any attack from Fulani herdsmen unlike other festive seasons. Long live ESN, long live MNK, long live Ndi Biafra"....Innocent Imoh

"I have come to realize that all this accident that usually happens every Christmas period is being caused by zoo police with their road blocks but this time around i didn't hear much accident. Thanks to MNK & Ipob.".....Victor Ani

"I rate it 95 % safe and peaceful unlike the previous years we were hearing stories of extortion, searching of phones and laptops and killing by police officers especially SARS.

Thank God for this ESN set up by our SUPREME LEADER.

God bless Ohamadike."....Comfort Uhuka

"This good testimony from biafra people, thank you mnk for good work in biafra land."....Shodimu Ayomide

"Wow our people of Biafra are giving testimony thanks be to God"......Chukwuebuka Obi

"You are the promised deliverer of the biafra nation prophesied in the Hebrew. You are the God's messenger in a biafra land..Thank you the master planner. You are the great man indeed.".....Ayogu Obaino Franklin

"Although I did not travel from where i am to our blessed land of Biafra, but with all this testimonies of our people that traveled from different places and those back home, I strongly believe that every where is calmed with the #EasternSecurityNetWork, therefore thanks be to Elohim, Chiukwu okike abiama for given us our leader mazi Nnamdi kanu the prophet of our time."......Eze Onyekachukwu

This development has really come a long way to distinctively confirm that the wise formation of this security outfit in the East, is basically for the purposes of safeguarding the entirety of the region. People's comments as carried above, are practically meant to prove that they existed some people who for years, have been denied security and enjoyment of holidays like they just recently did.  To support the efforts of these security volunteers therefore that have selflessly staked their lives for the safety of Biafraland against the menace of Islamic terrorism, all Easterners must strive to make their operational environment, conducive.

In Eastern Security Network (ESN), lies our hope of collectively purging Biafraland of all shades of insecurity.



Written by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International


  1. Please let our governors swallow up their pride and join this very move. It settled every matter. How can Fulani settled in our forest with AK47 in the name of cattle rapping our mothers in the open, please our governors is an abomination


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