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Friday 1 January 2021

It Is Admittance Of Failure For Fathers To Say That Their Children Are Miscreants

 It Is Admittance Of Failure For Fathers To Say That Their  Children Are Miscreants

The indisputable active followership of over seventy million Biafran sons and daughters to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu regarding the Biafra restoration project, is essentially verifiable.  This is besides those others of goodwill  unshakable backing that cut across the global community. These millions of Biafra citizens constitute today, this popular statement: "Onwehi Ebe Ojeree, Biafra N'anohi" (There is virtually nowhere on earth that you go without seeing a Biafran).  It therefore implies that if there exists any place here on earth without the presence of a Biafran, you should ideally flee because that land is inhabitably dangerous. Biafrans are naturally transformers (reformists) by every indication. Reasonable successes are impactfully recorded through their ingenuity in those fields that others have woefully failed. Biafrans are unmatchably progressive and boast of their huge contributions in any vibrant economy globally.

These Biafran sons and daughters in their millions, consist essentially, of medical doctors, engineers, nurses, midwives, lecturers, lawyers, amongst other notable professionals in divergent fields of endeavors. Unfortunately though, a handful of this trained professionals, groan daily as a result of unhealthy economic, social and political environments. Those in the diaspora desire sojourning back home but are being scared away due to high risk of kidnapping, killing, rape and other related criminal activities even orchestrated by the Nigerian state. Biafraland in it's entirety, has been reeling in pains of Fulani herdsmen terror attacks until recently when the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, courageously floated a crack vigilante group christened "Eastern Security Network (ESN)", which is saddled with the detailed responsibility of safeguarding Biafran lives and properties.

It is however disappointing to state here that the so-called elders, fathers and leaders in Biafraland have so disgracefully and slavishly stood by to watch as their own children are blatantly being killed by the Islamic Fulani terrorists. Our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters are being raped and farmlands callously being destroyed, with no commensurate punishment known to have been meted to the perpetrators. With Mazi Nnamdi Kanu boldly stepping out to provide the much needed leadership to the people, this bunch of sell-outs, have shamelessly connived with the enemies to tag their own people, with different derogatory names with the primary intent of jeopardizing the Biafra restoration effort. These are jobless, crude maniacs that so terribly pleasure in the death and enslavement of their own children.  These are the type of leaders we have in the Eastern region that cannot firmly stand up as men in defence. The officials of the Nigeria Department of Security Services (DSS) have consistently and boldly come up before now under the cover of some faceless Biafran groups to state their opposition to the protection of the Biafran people and land by the newly inaugurated Eastern Security Network (ESN). These Biafran snitches have not in any coloration, deemed it fit to also speak up concerning the enormous challenges being grappled with by their own people even in the present day Nigerian setting.

It is with every sense of unambiguity that it should herein stated that this crop of individuals, have woefully failed in their avowed duties as fathers to selflessly serve their people. These are leaders that have millions of their own sons and daughters with whom they should be proud of if they had earlier on, properly prepared their home fronts. It is what they failed to do yesterday that their own children are today, strenuously striving to put in place. If therefore,  stepping in to correct the anomalies of yesterday by this generation of Biafrans for a secured future is what constitutes miscreancy, let it so be. That which makes Biafrans proudly secured must rightly and relentlessly be sought after. The political leaders, fathers and elders from Biafraland of today, should actually cover their faces in shame for washing their dirty linens outside through their facilitation of state-sponsored brutality, terrorism and death against their own people. They have so brazenly failed us and we can no longer live at their own mercy.


#Support Eastern Security Network!!


Written by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International

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