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Monday 4 January 2021

Telescoping Into The Insecurity Future Of Nigeria

 Telescoping Into The Insecurity Future Of Nigeria

Nigeria since the year 2006, has notably and unconsciously dug herself in with daunting security challenges and the question yet remains: "Will Nigerian youths grow old before assuming responsibility in the society or must they be forced into terrorism environments to survive? Providing answers to the above honestly remains a conscious duty that must be maximally considered.

The release of the abducted Kankara Secondary School boys in Katsina State, was widely rumored to have swallowed a whooping sum of four million pounds (£4,000,000), approximately one billion, nine hundred and twenty one million naira (N1,921,000,000), as ransom. This is exactly where the problem lies. A country where terrorists are pampered and made to recklessly enjoy the "national cake' while workers are owed months and even years of unpaid salaries, is honestly doomed. 

Teachers (lecturers) are subjected to starvation and months of avoidable industrial action as compensations for their tireless services while government functionaries smile to the banks at month end. The Nigerian government is callously responsible through it's insensitive and clueless policies. The education system is terribly dwindling with the students staying more than necessarily normal to go through their courses, thereby forcibly taking to obnoxious means to survive. Nigerian government officials value this disgusting scenario hence none of their children schools in the country. The education system has been terribly bastardized.

The issue of abducted Chibok school girls seems to have been forgotten eventually or have all of them been released? Some of them were said to have been taken off hook while nearly half of the abducted number could not regain their freedom. This is due to the Nigerian government's  inability to meet up with the financial demand placed before it by Boko Haram terrorists. Part of the total ransom demanded was said to have been paid, prompting the partial release of some of the school girls. 

What about Leah Sharibu, that famous Christian girl kidnapped with others, numbering about one hundred and ninety eight (198)? It was said that she particularly was held back in captivity due to her refusal to denounce her Christian fate amongst other claimed reasons right under the nose of the same Nigerian government that commands enormous powers. This is a country that really has the interest of her citizens' wellbeing at heart.  

There is no definitive will power for job creation or conducive employment environment for the citizens. Virtually every domestic product is imported. No functional industries, no stabilization of prizes of consumable commodities for the masses. There exists nauseating inflation with the poor masses struggling daily to survive even in a country that sells millions of barrels of crude oil successively. Prices of petroleum products have skyrocked, school fees are being marked up that majority of patents and guardians can no longer afford the education of their children and wards. 

In delicately hopeless situation like the purported abduction of students by the Islamic terrorists, hope of rescue was almost gone until the lucrative negotiations became optional. This is Nigeria where "terrorists" negotiate with terrorists for the release of the kidnapped. 

Whether the whole episode was stage-managed to beguile the public and divert attention, remains a subject for another day. But for how long will the Nigerian government keep tossing with the sensibility of it's citizens? For how long will this ransom payment to Islamic terrorists continue at the detriment of the wellbeing of law abiding citizens? Why would Nigeria be keeping the security of her citizens' lives and properties at the mercy of criminals?  It is certainly obvious that nobody can give what he/she does not have. Nigeria is only stressing herself with the boast of having a gallant military ready to engage these terrorists in fierce combat but grossly lacks the logistics and the will power needed to prosecute this war. 

Most of the military commanders and top government officials are either members, apologists, sponsors and creators of these terrorist groups. And so, any plan to engage them in  real combat showcases deceit and unseriousness. Most of these politicians and military authorities especially of Northern extraction, are having these terror groups as their enterprises.

The Nigerian youths and other upcoming generations cannot in any way decent, emerge beyond having a romance with terrorism in the light of the foregoing. Terrorism has become so lucrative a business, in the country where millions of dollars exchange hands following just one operation. The youths below the ages of twenty years, would most likely prefer to get enlisted than pursuing legitimate means of livelihood especially in the Northern region. Just engage in kidnap, hide somewhere in the forest and mention the price, you will most certainly attract government attention and patronage in just few moments. That is how they roll.

Graduates do also take delight in this enterprise hence no job employment anywhere. There is no availability of even a soft loan or grant for self empowerment program. That is why terrorism will continually remain a delight to criminally minded and vulnerable youths of Nigeria within the next twenty to thirty years because they have closely monitored it's operation and equally weighed the corresponding gains and workability. 

It may be surprisingly ridiculous to ask where the growing number of Boko Haram terrorists amongst other affiliate terror groups emanate from. These guys have never been defeated since 2006. This concern could also form another discussion in coming days. Nigerians just have to stay strongly opposed to this seemingly institutionalized and covert policy of government and say NO to "One-Nigeria" of deceit. 

Written by Ifeanyi Chibueze James

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International

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