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Wednesday 20 January 2021

Terrorism: Herdsmen Menace And the Courage of Governor Akeredolu In defense of Ondo People

 Terrorism: Herdsmen Menace And the Courage of Governor Akeredolu In defense of Ondo People 

Great and courageous leaders sometimes make hard decisions and sacrifices for the over all well being of their citizens. This type of leaders is what is grievously lacking in the Eastern part of Nigeria. There exists leaders elsewhere that stake their lives for their people but not so amongst ours that pride themselves as our leaders. They are those that beckon on our enemies to come into our land to kill, rape, victimize and pillage our people/land because of their selfish interests. 

Such crops of leaders are roundly represented in Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State. There is no gainsaying the fact how dangerous the description the Fulani killer herdsmen represent, even before the global community. These Fulanis are cherished vampires within the Nigerian state but Governor Dave Umahi would rather prefer working with them against his own people based on his crass political interest. He has turned Ebonyi State into a killing theatre because of his love with the activities of the Fulani terrorists in the State.

It is encouraging therefore, to note the action of the Executive Governor of Ondo State, Rotimi Akeredolu who bravely issued an order to these rampaging, murderous elements from the sahel, to vacate the State's forest reserves within seven (7) days grace period. In his words, the Governor said: "These unfortunate incidents are traceable to the activities of some bad elements masquerading as herdsmen. These felons have turned our forest reserves into hideouts for keeping victims of kidnapping, negotiating for ransom and carrying out other criminal activities".

"As the Chief Law and Security Officer of the State, it is my constitutional obligation to do everything lawful to protect the lives and properties of all residents of the State. In the light of the foregoing, the following orders are hereby issued:

1) All Forest Reserves in the State are to be vacated within the next seven (7) days with effect from Monday 18th January, 2021.

2) Night-grazing is banned with immediate effect because most farm destructions take place at night.

3) Movement of cattle within cities and highways is prohibited.

4) Under-age grazing of cattle is outlawed.

"Our resolution to guarantee safety of lives and properties within the State shall remain utmost as security agencies have been directed to enforce the ban. In it's usual magnanimity, our administration will give a grace period of seven (7) days for those who wish to carry on with their cattle-rearing with appropriate authorities".

Above are the words of a true and dependable leader who has the interest of his own people at heart. It is the duty of a leader who prioritizes the  safety and well being of his people to pointedly undertake to do this as constitutionally obligated. This is a signature of a courageous man and not the bunch of "women governors on trousers" that we have as leaders in the South-East region.

Written by Obulose Chidiebere

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International

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