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Tuesday 16 February 2021

Are Fulanis Really Hated In Nigeria?

 Are Fulanis Really Hated In Nigeria?

The Fulanis, a people of obscure origin, are predominantly known for their nomadic lifestyle. Their religion is Islam, although some of them in the cause of time, have given up their nomadic pursuit for a modern way of life but the truth still remains that the larger part of their race is still holding grossly to crude nomadism. Among this later fraction, are some corrupt minded militia herdsmen (otherwise known as "Fulani herdsmen"). These are Fulani terrorist gangs that have veritably terrorized several indigenous peoples in the West African sub-region.

In fact, they have been enlisted in the Global Terrorism Index since 2014 as the fourth (4th) most deadliest terrorist group in the world. In Nigeria, they roam different parts of the country with assorted dangerous weapons, ranging from poisonous knives, bows and arrows, AK47, AK49, etcetera.

According to a report from a Catholic Diocese of Kafachan in the Southern Kaduna State of Northern Nigeria, more than eight hundred  (800) men, women and children have already been killed by them while over ten thousand (10,000) people have fled their homes, leaving Southern Kaduna as one of the most terrorised areas in the country. These Fulani militias are known to have mostly targeted non-Muslim communities, particularly Christians, in their mad terrorist acts. They also attack isolated communities and individuals that are vulnerable, including men and women, working in their fields. The death toll has been mounting and it is vital we speak out now".

In the South-West part of Nigeria, they have also done much havoc. They have killed many prominent men, raped their women and destroyed their farmlands that are worth millions of naira. This goes a long way to confirm that total conquest of indigenous land owners is their drive. The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, saw this coming, and had warned against it since almost ten (10) years ago.

Unfortunately, because the West have been a companion of the Fulani North in decades of continued oppression and suppression of the East, they did not see or believe it was coming.

Thankfully, the foresight of the IPOB leader is now understood and believed by many. The real intents of these Fulani plaunderers than Kanu spoke of, have been made more obvious by their persistent terror activities. So, the narrative has now changed and the West's relationship is currently, more of cats and dogs, with the Fulani North than they initially were, as friends. 

Likewise, the South-East is not left out in the list of regions that have lived under perpetual horror occasioned by the menace of these Fulani terrorist herdsmen. Hardly does a week pass by without the news of Fulani killing or raping in the East. In Enugu State alone, they have killed traditional rulers and Roman Catholic Priests. They have also invaded and killed almost a whole village in other instances in both Ebonyi, Enugu, Anambra and Abia States. Raping of Biafra mothers, wives, daughters and sisters have become a day to day occurrence. Just very recently in Ebonyi State, they raped an old woman to death.

Needless talking about the destruction of peoples's farmlands because that is no longer news.

They abusively and arrogantly feed their cattle on people's farmlands in broad daylight. So many at times, they have been caught on cameras, harvesting the products and cutting them in pieces for their cows to feed on.

Now, with all these atrocities outlined, could any sane human really think that Fulanis are hated? The answer is a big NO! But they have proven to be agents of darkness and instruments of death. We all love life and eschew whatever will pose a threat to our existence. That is why these Fulani terrorist herdsmen have been served quit notices by both South-West and South-East regions as a way of curbing their excesses. 

They are not hated. Rather, they are the haters of the well being of others. Irrespective of the fact that they do not accommodate others, many have given them accommodation notwithstanding. Instead of being grateful, they rather embark on the struggle to dominate and wipe out any race that stand opposed to their evil. 

They hardly live where others are living. They prefer to live in desert places, forests and bushes where they can comfortably be committing their attrocities with no easy public notice. That is why Biafrans have ordered that henceforth, any Fulani that will not be comfortable to live in the towns where other well meaning humans live and where their activities can regularly be checkmated, should equally vacate Biafraland.

Realistically, Fulanis are not hated but rather, their attrocities have made people to abhor their continued accommodation.



Written by Chidiebere Obulose

Edited by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

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