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Thursday 18 February 2021

Military Occupation in Orlu Nigeria and the untold story

 Military Occupation in Orlu Nigeria and the untold story

Yesterday being 17th of February 2021, Nigeria Military fighter jets were spotted in Orlu zone raiding. It was so close to the civilian habitats that there are possibilities of having civilian casualties. The videos flying online can atest to that. 

Imagine what will be the lots of Farmers in those bushes. 

Nigeria military are attacking #ESN (Eastern Security Network). Eastern Security Network is a security group instituted to tackle Fulani herdsmen terrorists who have for ages been kidnapping, raping women, killing farmers and wiping off villages.

Since these Fulani herdsmen have been committing these atrocities, there has been no military or police confrontation against Fulani herdsmen. These same Fulani herdsmen have killed 300 men in one day in Agatu Benue State and more than two dozens in Ụzọ Uwani Enugu state. No one is confronting them.

But funny enough, Nigeria Military have started raiding #ESN who stays only in Eastern Bushes confronting Fulani herdsmen  terrorists that are illegally occupying our forests and terrorizing people.

This is Nigeria government trying to protect their Fulani herdsmen terrorists. Just as they are paying Boko Haram terrorists and recruiting them into the Nigeria Military as 'Repentant Terrorists'.

Do not forget that Bandits in the North who are mostly Fulani indigenes have been terrorising the North, kidnapping massively. These bandits have been killing women and children. They are on Nigeria Federal roads taking passengers hostage and demanding huge ransom without any confrontation from the Nigeria State.

Just some few days ago, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi an Islamic Scholar went to the Bandit's enclave to speak to the terrorists. We saw the type of weapons they were brandishing. The visit of Ahmad Gumi is a prove that these bandits are not invisible. Their position are actually known, yet no government is air-raiding them. They are doing their thing without any confrontation from the Nigeria government.

This same Nigeria Government in bed with terrorists will use their military to attack #ESN that is not kidnapping or killing anyone, but only chasing out Fulani Herdsmen terrorists occupying South East bushes. What do this tell you?

Listen, I am not here to pride on what #ESN can do, I am here to tell you that you all in the East are under occupation. You are all seen as a slave by those in charge of Nigeria government. It doesn't matter if you are Igbo, Ijaw, Ogoni, Efik or Ibibio, you are seen by the Fulani led Nigeria government as slaves.

If not, tell me please, how on earth is Nigeria military shooting from the Air in Orlu, when Bandits are having a field day in the North? Why are Bandits demanding 500 million Naira from the Nigeria government? Why is Nigeria military not smoking them out? These are questions you should be asking yourselves as Easterners.

Do you now see the injustice of Nigeria? Do you now understand why many people are demanding for an end to the injustice called One Nigeria? Do you now understand why Nigeria must fling herself into crisis? Injustice brings nothing but chaos. Now tell me as an Easterner why you are still supporting One Nigeria. Why? Tell me why someone will see all these injustices and still accuse you of suffering from victim mentality.

This is a time for all of us, especially those of them abroad to rise up in support of ESN. This support must include monetary support. Our people back home must be protected. Nigeria military has set out to defend Fulani herdsmen terrorists ravaging our lands, and nature calls that the people must do whatever it takes to keep themselves alive.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021. 

For Family Writers Press International

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