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Thursday 11 February 2021

Peace And Tranquility Of Ebonyi People, Traded For Selfish Gains By Political Office Holders

 Peace And Tranquility Of Ebonyi People, Traded For Selfish Gains By Political Office Holders

Continued investigation drive of Family Writers Press International in Ebonyi State, in it's effort to comprehensively unravel the immediate and remote causes of the seeming refusal of Fulani herdsmen terrorists to vacate the bushes, farmlands and forests in the restive areas. The indigenes of Isu town in Onicha Local Government Area, came up with this decision after the town union's vehement order to the Fulanis to quietly vacate the environs. 

It has been discovered that some political office holders are representing the constituencies, are hell bent, trading the peace and tranquility of the helpless villagers for their own selfish interests. Interviews carried out on several Presidents-General of communities, women leaders, youth groups and farmers unions, all clearly indict political office holders particularly from the area, for selfishly getting themselves involved in the menace, at the expense of the general  indigenous interest.

A union secretary in Amanator Isu, lamented during an interview, over the lacklustre performance of these political leaders in their handling of the Fulani herdsmen violence and criminality that have virtually spread across all over Isu town. He specifically mentioned a peace meeting that was conducted between Isu community leaders and representatives of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeder Association, which himself was rightly present. 

He stated that the Fulani herdsmen pointedly threatened to deal decisively with the chairman of the local government area that presided over the peace meeting. The chairman was accused of being scared of his people because of his refusal to issue an order for the arrest of some persons the Fulanis accused of challenging them in the farmlands.

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In another development, the farmers unions in Onu-Esu Mgbom and Amanatòr Isu,gave lamentations of complete destruction of their cassava farms by the marauding Fulani herders. The Ebonyi State Government up till date, has not deemed it fit to put up compensation measures to assuage their sufferings. The complaints lodged about this menace even with pictorial evidences both on  photograph and video, at the Agriculture department of the local government area, seem to have been swept under the carpet. 

On the visitation of the investigation team of Family Writers Press International to Ndiachi Mgbaleze Isu, a couple of peasant farmers interviewed, decried how Fulani herdsmen were severally caught digging out and stealing yam tubers from their farms. Complaints were equally lodged with both the Chairman of Onicha Local Government Area and Coordinator, Onicha West Development Center, to no avail.

The investigation team also touched down at Agueke Umuniko Isu, a neighboring community to Nkwo-Agu main market. The youths were distressingly angry with the position of Isu traditional ruler, His Royal Highness, Eze Ambrose Ogbu. It was learnt that he has remained nonchalant on this provocative issue of Fulani herders menace in the town. 

The aggrieved youths brazenly registered their displeasure against the traditional ruler's complacency towards the plight of his own people. They stated that the traditional ruler is disappointedly, parading himself as a political office holder instead of firmly standing in defence of Isu indigenous citizens. This development they stated, stemmed from his imposition on the people as a traditional ruler by governor Dave Umahi, primarily for the protection of his (Umahi's) political interest in Isu against the overriding interest of the people. 

One of the youths who simply identified himself as Onyekachi, said that it is ironical for HRH Eze Ambrose Ogbu, who should be an unbiased chief security officer of Isu town, to presently be taking refuge at Abakiliki due to fears from his own subjects. Mr. Onyekachi made it abundantly clear that nothing will ever make the former Eze of Isu town, Ude Umanta, to run away from his palace just like what Eze Ambrose Ogbu recently did in the face of threats due to his treachery against his own subjects.

Family Writers Press International fully understands from the foregoing, that Isu people's complaint about political office holders in this part of the world, is totally true. The Councilor of Amanator ward in Isu town, gathered his supporters and started issuing out threats to the people in Amanator town hall, Eke-Agu, Isu, against their objection to  accommodating the Fulani herdsmen in their bushes. 

He stated that the Ebonyi State Government will commence denying them the dividends of democracy amongst other allocations if they fail to retrace their steps. During that town hall meeting with the Councilor, the villagers angrily deserted the venue due to his untamed utterances even while he yet spoke. This is indeed, a pointed and strong public disapproval of discontent.

More updates coming from Isu, Ebonyi State!

Family Writers Press International

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