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Sunday 21 February 2021

USA-Africa Mission: Joe Biden Should Prioritize The Agitations For Secession

 USA-Africa Mission: Joe Biden Should Prioritize The Agitations For Secession

As Joe Biden, the newly inaugurated 46th President of the United States of America, has promised to critically look into avenues of assistance to the continent of Africa towards the attainment of feasible economic leverage. He should equally give attention to the secessionist agitations within the continent especially, that of Biafra independence. Recall that few days into his government, Joe Biden promised to attend the next Summit of the African Union, to clearly demonstrate his desire of assistance towards African growth in the scheme of things. 

This encompasses security, economy and climate change. The President of the United States of America should be commended for this genuine interest aimed at helping to foster peace and security, contrary to the stance of his predecessor who was at loggerheads with non-performing African leaders and due to their corrupt antecedents. Measures were not put in place to help salvage the deteriorating security and economic woes the affected citizens were subjected to.

If therefore there is anything really that Joe Biden should get involved with in Africa, that should be to drastically arrest the growing wave of insecurity and ensure the kick off of the much needed economic development. This will surely endear him and his administration to millions of Africans. He should firstly arrest the secessionist agitations within the continent as it will all amount to colossal waste of resources if the United States Mission fails in it's responsibility should President Joe Biden and his Vice, Kamala Harris miunderstand the real issue plaguing Africa. 

It all began with the artificial creation of countries within, through colonial fiat. Joe Biden should as a matter of expediency, stand up against this impediment occasioned by sovereignty of nations whereby countries like Nigeria consoles itself with, while atrociously committing impunity. There should be well articulated facilitation of United Nations' supervised referendum that will enable the agitating indigenous people groups particularly Biafrans, within the West African sub-region, to fully decide via the ballot, whether to remain in their contrapted entity or secede and formulate their own political independence.

President Joe Biden must be ideally made to understand that there exists agitating regions in Africa, that are ardently looking for independence and such include:

* Biafra in the West African sub-region. The people therein have been agitating for political independence since 1967. That led to a brutal genocidal war which was levied against the people by the Nigerian government from 1967 to 1970.

*Ambazonia in Central Africa. The people are agitating for political independence from Cameroon.

*Zanzibar in East Africa. The people are politically agitating for independence from Tanzania.

*Western Sahara in North Africa. The people are agitating for political independence from the Islamic kingdom of Morocco.

* Oromo people in East Africa are agitating for political independence from Ethiopia.

* Cabinda people in Southern Africa are agitating for political independence from Angola.

Above and many more of the regions in Africa, are seriously involved in the agitation for political independence with that of Biafra, becoming more potentially dangerous due to unabated cruelty of the Nigerian government. Joe Biden can only write his name on gold by courageously taking to the outright abolishment of colonial boundaries created in the African continent. He should adamantly object to it than to be held down by the status quo as enshrined in the inordinate interests of the political dictators that are virtually ruling Africa. 

He should note that the very moment he starts hobnobbing with these corrupt, political dictators in Africa most of whom have been on seat for decades, he will be wasting American resources on Africa, thereby leaving White House without the tangibility of any result that will positively transform the continent. He must realize that the current wave of insecurity bedeviling the West African sub-region particularly, stemmed from Islamic terrorism arrogantly being sponsored by the Buhari-led Nigerian government. Should Nigeria therefore be divided, the government will definitely loose it's economic muzzle with which terrorism within the sub-region is being financed.

The present economic crisis rocking Nigeria as a country, came to be through the rampant destruction of farmlands amongst other economic valuables by the Nigerian government sponsored Fulani killer herdsmen that have encircled the entire country. The United States President must understand that agriculture accounts for almost fifty percent (50%) of the Nigerian economy as ninety percent (90%) of the population, dwelling in the rural areas earn their living from agricultural activities. 

These marauding Fulani terrorists that hide behind the veil of cattle herders, are being aided by the powers that be, against peasant farmers all over Nigeria which is tantamount to brazen act of economic sabotage by a government that is hypocritically crying wolf. The ball is presently placed in the court of President Joe Biden who is now steering the affairs of the United States of America and by extension, the entire global community. The mistakes or inactivities of the past must be jettisoned if applaudable encouraging results must be achieved. Africans and especially the seemingly endangered secessionist agitating species, must be given that sense of belonging and dignity.

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International


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  2. Time to revisit Africa is now after decades of colonial mismanagement and partisan fragmentations. The world will benefit more if Africa is properly fixed and President Joe Biden will have written his name in GOLD if this happens in his era as the President of the United States of America.


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