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Tuesday 16 March 2021

FWPI Editorial: Roadmap To Biafra Restoration And The Delusion Of Nnamdi Kanu Critiques

 FWPI Editorial: Roadmap To Biafra Restoration And The Delusion Of Nnamdi Kanu Critiques

The abysmal failure of some notable individuals to actually decipher the peculiarities surrounding the quest for the restoration of the sovereign nation of Biafra, have invariably proved self-frustrating. They have in many ways, majored in irrelevants though yet appearing rationally on track.

At this stage of the restoration struggle, tangible developments really ought to have been achieved, with all working in synergy and with understanding that it is more of spiritual than physical. This position however, could be the likely exception of some of these self-deluded and beguiled individuals who supposedly ought to confess their connection with spirituality of sorts. The truth therefore remains that the freedom of Biafra is definitely much more spirit based than men could even imagine. Infact, ninety nine percent (99%) of the struggle could be hinged on spiritual factors than the remaining one percent (1%) of physical concerns. This understanding will go a long way giving the right concentratration than the exerting of our energy on the elementary or inconsequential motives.

Moreover, spirits and spiritual entities do not operate without taking resident in human or physical structures. Anyone who therefore understands and believes in the existence of spiritual forces in life endeavors will not pleasure in unfruitful arguments. This importantly aligns with the thought line which says that every critique of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, needs to carefully watch the details of his approach. This is the only means through which his methodology could be predictably appreciated. He is unarguably, a mere mortal that is housing immortal spirits just like every other person.

The nation of Biafra with so much untold stories which would yet be revealed at the fullness of time, will cause men to fully comprehend the intricacies involved therein. The connection of this great race to the ancient Israeli people that were delivered by God Almighty Himself, from the annihilative bondage of Egypt's Pharaoh embedded in outstanding mystical displays, is same one that has proven beyond all measures, that He is in charge of the Biafran project. This is the reason behind the positive attachments of the Biafran people to the workings of the Spirit of God known for the provision of unprecedented blueprints that the IPOB leader is meticulously adopting in the struggle. Asking Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to show the restoration roadmap of Biafra is immaterial. It is divinely orchestrated and God Almighty will most assuredly fulfill what He has started by promise.

The very cause for Biafra freedom could yet be arguably fought with the interest of spiritual beings because millions of ardent Biafran believers of strong spiritual persuasions have died equally in this struggle. And it is believed that they in their present abode, still aid this worthwhile effort.  The living most definitely know through this link between the spiritual and the physical that the spirits of these fallen heroes/heroines are in synergy, pushing for this collective course. This may as well be contested but that reality is honestly whom Biafrans are. This understanding enhances the very strength that spurs all up in this mandate with fearlessness and resilience. To draw further clarity to this subject aimed at agreeing with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on the basis of his remarkable approaches, some of his statements here revisited, could be of immense advantage.

1) He proclaimed in the early years of this struggle that Chukwuokike Abiama (God Almighty), told him that if he (Nnamdi Kanu) will not fear any mortal man, then he will be used to get Biafra. And this fearlessness in the presence of the enemies have been the carriage of the IPOB leader and his followers since inception.

2) He has maintained that God will destroy Nigeria with the words of his (Kanu's) mouth. To this effect, every truthful individual can fully attest to the fact that the condition of Nigeria has simply not been the same since the government's resistance to the Biafra restoration effort.

3) He has severally stated that if heavens give him any message, he will definitely give same to the living. Does this not authenticate his relationship with another realm of existence in all that he has been doing? He takes directives from a higher being as far as this struggle is concerned.

4) He has also sometimes, called on the spirits of Biafran dead heroes/heroines to have no rest until Nigeria is brought to her knees. And truly, the country has been reeling in irreversibly destructive problems over the years, one after the other.

Therefore, those who yet have difficulties accepting the attached glaring facts to the Biafra restoration drive should critically consider the above outlined points. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has repeatedly stated that all those not in the spirit cannot really comprehend his activities. So instead of working to bring him down, his critiques should rather endeavor to considerably view beyond the ordinary.

The subsisting delusion is quite out of place and anyone who is limited in knowledge needs to be awakened and place demand for the handout of accomplishments  so far unbiasedly recorded. The Biafra restoration project is being championed with a more spiritual concentration that uninformed men could not possibly know. It is expedient therefore, that the critiques distance themselves from unfruitful criticisms and then focus comprehensively on the relevants.

Who knows if the encountered delays in this Biafra restoration process do not hinge on the indices of various misgivings as being witnessed? Nigeria is presently reeling in irredeemable pains and must have to go the Somalia way just like the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has prophesized before Biafra could be let go. Biafra enemies should be advised to think about saving themselves from the unfolding Nigeria doom rather than getting concerned about Biafra redemption methodology of Nnamdi Kanu. That is the only reasonable concern for them in such a time like this.




Written by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

Editor, Family Writers Press International

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