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Wednesday 3 March 2021

How Kidnapping And Banditry Have Fastly Turned Into A Lucrative Venture in Nigeria

 How Kidnapping And Banditry Have Fastly Turned  Into A Lucrative Venture in Nigeria

According to the American investor, mutual fund manager and phylanthropist, John Neff, "It is not always easy to do what is unpopular  but that is where you make your money. Example: Buy stocks that look bad to careful investors and hang on until their real value is recognized." This is a proven investment technique that has worked for many big boys in the investment circle.

Unfortunately, this is the brilliant tactics that was used on indigenous ethnic nations in Nigeria by the Fulani janjaweed from the Sahel. When they started, they were overlooked and pited, no one was foresighted enough to see what they had in stock. So, they took their time to patiently and wholly infiltrate every length and breadth of Nigeria. Now, they have succeeded in grabbing every influencial position in politics, military, judiciary, etcetera.

I could remember many years ago as a child, that we usually pitied them because we thought they were so impoverished that they slept in bushes in all weather. We used to think they were slaves to the owners of the cows they moved, and that is why they are left in such conditions. Many times then at our village borehole, we pitifully made way for them on several occasions to get water before us because of whom we mistakenly thought they were. But they knew their plans and patiently hanged on it until due implementation of their agenda.Today, they have taken over our forests and bushes from us. Kidnapping, banditry and terrorism have become their lucrative businesses, because their brothers whom they have also taken time to fix in high places are patronizing them. So for them, terrorism became a most secured investment in which they engage in and are completely protected.

Just like what Neff said above, it is not always easy to do what is not popular because people will neglect it. Some will underrate it but that is where you make money with ease. You do less and gain more. The Fulanis have indeed invested much in this business of terrorism while the rest indigenous ethnic nations blindly clamoured for a none realistic "one-nigeria" and today, they are reaping and enjoying the fruit of their investment heavily. 

With the latest development in Nigeria, where terrorists who kidnap people  are paid as much as millions of Naira and above by the government of the day while Nigerian civil servants who serve meaningfully in different government offices are still begging to be paid their peanut salaries that have been owed for months, it is evident that terrorim have come to be the most lucrative venture for Fulanis in Nigeria, unless Nigeria is divided.

You could imagine that most Nigerian military officials are paid N45, 000 only, even when they are used to confronting the government sponsored Fulani bandits. Though they are forced to go and face well equipped Boko Haram terrorits, yet they are lanquishing in poverty. Even those that get killed in the process, are only compensated with mass burials as their remains are dumped in shallow graves. Those that are amputated are left to die and decay on sick beds.

The Nigerian government claims to lack the money to pay Academic Saff Union of Universities (ASUU), who have been on strike for months now due to poor and unpaid salaries, but yet those in power seek amnesty for bandits. And they have 80 millions of Naira to pay Fulani terrorists who have raped women to death, destroyed people's farms, killed farmers and ransacked homes.

Now, let someone with some reasoning, answer to what use the crave for school certificate is? Why would anyone border anymore to go to school when it is now better and faster to join banditry, kidnapping or terrorism and earn quickly and hugely?

Evidently, President Muhammadu Buhari, Shekih Gummi and the Fulani oligarchs in the Nigerian government, have apparently legalized banditry, kidnapping and terrorism. Since 2015 when President Buhari became the President of Nigeria, all we have experienced is the incessant killing of innocent citizens and street protests by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Shiite muslims, majorly. IPOB have been tagged a terrorist organization and members killed daily. The killing of #ENDSARS protesters that protested with only placards and Nigeria flags, is still fresh in our mind. Nigeria Fulani military have continued the bombing and shooting of innocent people at Orlu, imo state on the invitation of Governor Hope Uzodimma. But Fulani terrorists are being protected with everything at the disposal of the government.

If Nigeria is not divided now, it will only be a matter of time, and everywhere will turn into terrorism, since it is the only well secured and lucrative venture in the nation today.

Written by Obulose Chidiebere

Edited by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

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