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Monday 15 March 2021

Nigeria: The Clock Is Ticking As The Doom's Day Fastly Approaches

The evidence is everywhere, the news is in the sky, the deaf can feel it, even the blind can sense it. Any person that is still in doubt of the terrible days ahead is simply ignorant or intentionally living in self-deceit.
Unfortunately, the leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has for a very long time, prophetically warned Nigerians and those in government to desist from acts that will bring the country to where it is now, but nobody listened.

Like someone wrote sometime in the past, "Nigeria is now on a highway to Rwanda and on an express road to Somalia; I foresee the 1945 holocaust as a child play. The 1966 -1970 Biafra genocide may be a preamble". Nigeria and Nigerians are doomed, the doom'sday is fast approaching, the clock is gradually ticking. Even the vultures have seen the terrible tragedy that is going to befall Nigeria. They have began to celebrate for they see a great feasting period approaching. I foresee the dead bodies of many Nigeria politicians littered on the streets. Even some none prophetic men have started seeing prophesies about the situation of Nigeria. The blind is now feeling the dangers ahead, even unborn children are feeling the heat.

The Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, on Saturday 6th March 2021, restated his position on restructuring Nigeria, stating that the country cannot work under the current system of government.
Soyinka, who has been emphasizing on decentralization of power and governance, cited the current security challenges as one of the reasons Nigeria needs to be restructured. He said, “There is a consensus that this country whether in terms of governance, economic relations, security, educational policy, cultural policy, etcetera, requires restructuring. He continued by saying that even the word ‘restructuring’ has been restructured in many directions and in cogent expressions which means the same thing for everybody.
“For me, for instance, I emphasize decentralisation as reconfiguration because we all know that what we have now is not working, it is obvious and we cannot continue along the same line and say that it will work, it is a sign of madness,” he said.

An elder statesman also had in January 2021, urged the National Assembly to listen to the calls for the restructuring of Nigeria, while lamenting the state of the country.
Former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Dr Obadiah Mailafia, has said that it will be unfortunate if Nigerians still cannot see the handwriting on the wall as insecurity continues to plague the country. He, in an interview with The Punch Newspapers, once again, alleged that the ongoing security challenges facing the country is the aftermath of a well thought-out plan by certain individuals in the North, to take power away from the South. He said many of the bandits currently troubling the country were originally sponsored to ensure that the former President, Goodluck Jonathan never retains his seat beyond 2015.
He further stated, “During the 2015 elections, they brought in thousands of foreigners into this country and armed them because it was a case of "if Goodluck Jonathan does not surrender, there will be war". They were ready for civil war, they were not ready for peace. Of course, Jonathan handed over to them and then they turned their backs on the hoodlums and the hoodlums said ‘look, you brought us here and we are still here’.”

He added, “They are already in the South, in the rain forests of the South. They are everywhere. They told us that when they finish these rural killings, they will move to phase two. Phase two is that they will go into urban cities, going from house to house, killing prominent people. I can tell you this is the game plan.
By 2022, they want to start a civil war in Nigeria. Do not joke with what I am saying. I have a doctorate degree (PhD) from Oxford University. I am a central banker, we do not talk nonsense. I have this from the highest authority, some of the commanders of Boko Haram," he added.

Some little minded persons in Nigeria may see this statement from Obadiah as a mere allegation or threat, but if you should look very well at the everyday unfoldings in Nigeria, you will see whole lots of truth in what the man have said. And not only that it is true, it has already started happening. This is not just a revelation but a heavy one which need urgent attention of world leaders. But as he rightly said, many of the world leaders are paying deaf ear to it, because they want to sell their ammunitions.

This is also exactly what Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has been preaching. Kanu has called on the world leaders and well meaning Nigerians to conduct referendum for all the different ethnic nations within, as the only way for them to decide their faith but nobody has cared to listen. In fact, many are rather calling for his head.

From all observations, the rain will certainly fall if nothing is quickly done. And it will fall heavily.
But the prayer we make daily is that this heavy rain will only beat our politicians and all those who are gaining from all the mess we are experiencing today in Nigeria.

Written by Obulose Chidiebere

Edited by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi
For Family Writers Press International

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