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Friday 12 March 2021

The Sudden Mischievous Song Of Restructuring And Unity By The Northern Fulani Leaders

The romance of mischievousness being orchestrated against the South-East region by the Nigerian Fulani led government, is by no means another vista of strategy aimed essentially at beguiling the gullible and the faint-hearted. They have severally come up with diverse strategies solely aimed at destroying further, the bond of unity being preached by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Do not fall for the current chameleonic exhibitions because the agenda remains unchanged. The Northern Fulani leadership alongside most of it's citizens have never concealed their hatred for the success of Igbo speaking Biafrans particularly. Right from the time of Tafawa Balewa, the ultimate task of the Fulani controlled Northern Nigeria, has remained the demonization of the Igbos. His agenda to economically strangulate the Igbos has dispassionately led to the gross economic decadence of every other indigenous ethnic nationality within the entire Biafra territory. Their recent disgusting antics could be explicitly analyzed.

The recent push for the emancipation and glory of the sovereign Biafran nation through enlightened/disciplined act of peaceful protests, rigorous and well articulated media thrust, historical updates and an organized security outfit, have left the Nigerian Fulani government at the crossroads of it's evil machinations. It plotted to drive it's morbid jihadi conquest to a swift and irresistible conclusion with the dipping of the Qur'an in the Atlantic Ocean. The Nigerian government haven therefore foreseen this height of unusual determination by Biafrans amidst unabated killings, intimidations, economic strangulation, state-sponsored terrorism via the instrumentality of the military and police, is helplessly left with no other option than to fashion out a new pathway of attack.

Firstly, the drivers decided to foster cumbersome unity of purpose christened North-East Governors Forum, with baptized Fulani stooges who disguise as Igbo leaders, stationed within to do their evil biddings across Biafraland. This debasement is aimed at showcasing to the global community via the compromised media, that the Nigerian leadership is really in charge of affairs whereas the people themselves fully know that the country is really in an irreversible comatose. On what pemise then is the newly created cult called North-East Governors Forum anchored? What is it's bearing or improvement on the economic development of the gravely impoverished Biafran people? Note however, that the Biafra region is the lifeline of the entire Nigerian contraption and yet host communities greviously wallow in abject poverty. The North-East Governors Forum sternly stand opposed to the reopening of seaports across Biafraland, will not make for the provision of regular electricity power supply, campaign for the creation/reopening of international airports nor ensure an unbridled freedom of speech and association.

Secondly, these people are surreptitiously soliciting for a referendum. To them, it has become a gift. Without due consultation, the Fulani government of Nigeria has unilaterally decided to go for restructuring aimed solely at inciting and destroying the very economic stability of the indigenous populace. They now create states based on ethnic groupings, thereby cementing further, their age long strategy of nepotism and biasness along regional borders. This is craftily orchestrated to infuse more disorderliness and terror thereby, further aggravating the tilt towards economic imbalance which certainly, will have elongated bitter effects of tussles within state boundaries.

For Biafrans, the bridge must assuredly be crossed. Their demand for restructuring has spilled the people's blood, muffled their economy, eliminated lineages of heroes/heroines, stolen the people's finances, etcetera.  Presently, the rubicon has been painstakingly crossed, the veil of fear of death and intimidation has been turn into shreds and without fear or favor, the match to a glorious total emancipation, peaks. This wave of carnage, enslavement, subjection, penury and shame to the blessed land of Biafra, is forever defeated.

To the Nigerian Fulani government, Biafraland will never ever again, be overrun by the militia vampires. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever. Biafran blood has enough been drained and covenanted along the line. It cannot be alternated.

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International

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