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Wednesday 21 April 2021

51 Years After: The Biafra Dream Yet Lives On---New York Times

 51 Years After: The Biafra Dream Yet Lives On---New York Times

New York Times publication of 6th April 2021, carried a report suggesting that fifty one (51) years after one of the world's recorded catastrophe, the genocidal war levied against Biafrans for daring to rightly ask for their independence from Nigeria, is yet raging. Nigeria is still desperately grappling to maintain her unity, not having just the Biafrans alone as the people currently calling for the total disintegration of the country, but various other ethnic nationalities as well. The statement reads in full: “It has been 51 years since the end of the Nigerian civil war but the Biafran dream is alive and well. It is nurtured by Nnamdi Kanu. A populist figure, Mr. Kanu has managed to amass a huge following”---New York Times, April 6, 2021".

It is unarguably true that Nigeria has been a complete disgrace and  disappointment to every sane being. In terms of infrastructure, education, health, human growth, governance, rule of law, human rights and stability, Nigeria's developmental indices can only be compared to those of war-torn countries and failed states.

This failure can carefully be traced back to the mere lip service paid to the said post-war reconciliatory policies, which if they had faithfully been implemented, would have healed the nation’s wounds. But the greedy Nigerian politicians did not hesitate to buy into the deception of Britain, mistaking it for mere jolly ride.

It is only a few persons who are deceptively or myopically framed to still love Nigeria, that go on thinking that the Biafran ideology has died.

They mistakenly forget that those same things that caused the 1967 war are still very much prevalent, even worse now than it was before and during the conflict.

Fifty one (51) years since the end of the Nigeria civil war, the Biafra dream is yet alive and well. Biafrans are still being killed in their numbers on the streets of Nigeria with the government doing nothing meaningful to stop it but instead, is shamelessly giving support. Marginalization and unfair government polices, Fulani terrorism and many other unrests are still glaringly waxing stronger even across board.

The Biafran dream is alive and well because the Nigerian government and her allies with Britain as chief, are unitedly playing criminal rolls in the ongoing massacre of Biafrans.

Britain thought that through continued intimidation and subjugation of the people, the Biafran ideology would die. They failed to understand whom Biafrans really are. 

They failed to respect the warning of Colonel Philip Effiong of blessed memory, who warned that if they (Nigerian leaders), fail to treat Biafran children well, the agitations will erupt again. From the look of things, Nigeria is not ready to listen to the cry of the agitators, thereby hastening the anticipated disintegration.

Neither Britain nor any ally can save the situation because this is 21st century and not 1967.

Written by Obulose Chidiebere

Edited by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

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