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Wednesday 7 April 2021

How Terrorism Will Lay Nigeria In Ruin And Biafra Will Stand Tall


Firstly, I share in the widely believed fact that dreams are one of the ways through which spirits communicate with humans. There might a reader of this writing that may have some disagreements with this believe, but most people from my parts of the world (Africa), strongly believe same.

So, it all started as a pocket attack, and there was a big crisis in Niger republic and these terrorists took power with a leader called (basum or basoum)

When they took over Niger republic they realize they needed to expand their territory beyond, so they moved down towards Nigeria and saw that the north has already be conquered. And all through these, two(2) women representing their countries in Nigeria, Britain and America respectively, were still politicizing these attacks until these terrorists moved south. Reaching there, they met a greater resistance, especially in the East, but that didn't stop them from attacking soft targets.

These terrorists were moving in convoy from one community to another, killing and instilling fear. And this was done simultaneously; while some were operating in the west, some were operating in the east.

The terrorists operating in the west were a bit successful because they met little resistance which was as a result of the unpreparedness of the West and also because some people in the west capitalized on this crisis to loot and rob people of their belongings. 

While the terrorists instilled fear, the bad boys where busy robbing and stealing and this made the terrorists' attacks successful. Everyone was running helter skelter. The Lagos we know was deserted. Many who were running, left their vehicles anywhere petrol finished. It was like a world war.

In the East, where the terrorists met stiffer resistance and started attacking soft and weak target, they continued with that tactics, but the opposition force was strong. The woman who represent Britain in Nigeria that would have brought change, but was busy politicizing the terrorist Attacks, was caught up in the fight, she and her American counterpart ran to the east for protection. They were protected but were very ashamed.

When the world intervened, the west had fallen. The world managed to find the base from whence they launched a very devastating attack on the terrorists and amazingly, the East became regained their nation while the rest of Nigeria were laid in ruin.

Lesson: Nigerians should get prepared. This is no longer a joke; It is no more the time to act ignorant of all the things going on everywhere in Nigeria now. Let everyone rather act wisely now by rising in support of justice and self-defense against the onslaughts of these marauding fulani killers.

Lastly, my western brother should be prepare and not allow distractions because there might be no 2023 election.


Written by Joshua T

Edited By Mazi Chuks Lyon

For Family Writers Press International

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