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Thursday 22 April 2021

Nigeria/Northern Unity: An Impossible Mission For The Fulanis

All the Indigenous ethnic groups in Nigeria are known for peace, inter-ethnic co-operation and harmonious relationship and these indigenous ethnic or tribal groups stand out being individual majorities with at least over ninety seven percent (97%) of the Nigerian total population put together.

All these indigenous people groups are known for their scientific, intelligent and accommodative prowess but over the years, there have been alot of steady acts of schemes for dominance, injustice, wickedness and imbalance from one minority tribe that is totally non-indigenous. A minority tribe with extreme primitive mindset, zero tolerance and unaccommodative nature. A minority tribe that is supposedly meant to beg to have a say on issues concerning the nation and it's governance. All indigenous peoples in Nigeria are not known for TERRORISM, BANDITRY, INSURGENCY, KIDNAPPING and RAPING. These major indigenous groups have cultures, traditions, norms and customs that guided and ruled them ever before the coming of the British colonialists that conceptualized the amalgamation theory. 

The problem of Nigeria started when foreigners who happened to be in the minority, took over the power and affairs of the nation with destructive selfish interests aimed at subjugating and impoverishing others. Nigeria has been messed up by these foreigners and the indigenous population has been caged and subjected to all manner of torture and slavery. Those they initially welcomed with open arms and unsuspiciously accommodated with love, have turned around to become their oppressors and murderers. 

The inhuman treatment, impoverishment and sorrow caused by these strangers or foreigners (Fulanis), have greatly resulted in the existing bitter hatred for one another, tribal/ethnic distrust and wars, blame games against one another, while the real enemy stay aside to watch the rightful indigenous land owners, destroy themselves. This is where the recent conscious re-awakening by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, comes in handy. He has so re-activated that needed self-consciousness to freedom from oppression by these Fulanis. It was their mad drive to control others through their evil manipulations that really caused the 1967-70 civil war. 

The Fulanis steadily being tutored by the British government, have caused divisions in Nigeria with the sole intent of saving the interest of the British. This is achieved through their dominance over the majority. In many ways, they have either by speech or action, shown that it is all about the Northern agenda and nothing more. The Fulanis introduced the NORTHERN AGENDA which makes them to think that in everything, it is the NORTH that must be given the first priority. They know that for them to achieve their dominance over others, they need to confuse the Northern indigenous people and then impose all their personalities on others in all government owned parastatals/institutions. 

Today, the real enemies are no longer hiding. They are out in the open perpetrating their evil and everyone could now see who they truly are through the lens of what Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), is doing, particularly via his lectures on Radio Biafra. Nigeria is presently no longer ONE. Nigeria is no longer in control of the foreigners (Fulanis) but the other way round, as every indigenous population wants total freedom from oppression and imperialism. 
Every indigenous citizen wants to be free from slavery, terrorists attacks and killings of innocent indigenous citizens. All thanks to this God-given man, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, for with his wisdom and lectures, he has been able to open the eyes of everyone to reason and ask relevant questions quite contrary to the expectation of the Fulanis. 

The voice of the people is freedom, and Britain through the Fulanis, is strenuously fighting to maintain that colonial agenda of ONE NIGERIA through ONE NORTH. It is an impossible task to maintain the status quo. They have over the years, tried to float the narrative that Nigeria is one and at same time, forcefully imposing dominance on the people. This has so clearly shown that the Fulanis have a sinister agenda which is to kill and impoverish the people through their reign and selfish gains.

The people want to be free from injustice, misery and oppression and nothing will change that. Trying to maintain one Nigeria is completely a huge task for them in this era. It will never ever hold because it is a mission quite impossible!

Written by Samuel Uchenna 

Edited by Nwachukwu Frank

For Family Writers Press International

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