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Thursday 8 April 2021

The Impending Revolution

The long awaited revolution has now taken over the surface of the Nigerian state, since the Fulani led government of the federal republic of Nigeria has remained adamant to the plight of the people. Citizens have consistently  placed demands for freedom from the British indirect rule over the people via the Fulanis, at the detriment of the indigenous ethnic nationalities that were forced into one Nigeria. The oppressions and the killings have finally got to the tipping point that the people are now relentlessly and diversely agitating to be free from the looming astonishing war genocide/ extermination. People have over the years, suffered all manner of injustice and subjugation all in the name of one Nigeria. Situations have proven beyond doubt that Biafran lives particularly, do not matter.

It is no longer news  that all these laid out activities of oppression, extermination, molestation and denials being carried out on daily basis by Fulani herdsmen, police and army are being sponsored by the Fulanized Nigerian Government to subdue and instill fear into the hearts of the people. These were bluntly perpetrated especially during Operation Phyton Dance, Operation Crocodile Smiles, police abductions, tortures and killings of innocent Biafrans. Sequel to the above, Biafrans  have placed demand for a referendum which has been adjudged a call for war by the Nigerian government. The officials believe that Biafrans do not deserve a better life like other races of the world. Fortunately, the unexpected emerged in the scene, with the arrival of Unknown Gunmen. These seeming invisible fellows appear to mandatorily, put a stop to the murderous activities of the Fulani killer squads that are brazenly enjoying government sponsorship, support, patronage and protection. Without any apology, the unknown gunmen are seen as the hope of the common man on the streets of Biafraland. To the Easterners (Biafrans), these unknown gunmen are heavenly sent to protect God's own people and dispense justice against the oppressive security personnel of the Nigerian police and army. 

The long oppressed people  have awakened and are determined to take their destiny in their own hands, despite being ignored by the world when help was much needed. Those that are supposed to speak up and take action, have been compromised by the Nigerian government.. 

Biafrans thus, are being successively killed without any  provocations but as God may have it, wind of freedom is blowing heavily across the length and breadth of the geographical space called Nigeria. No more shall the people remain prisoners and slaves in their own land while foreigners, the Fulani killer herdsmen/Boko Haram terrorists in military uniform, are terrorising, killing, raping and molesting Biafrans at will, go scot free with their mad agenda to take over Biafraland.

The Nigerian police has over the years, been terroristic to the indigenous civilian population. They have unjustly demonized, killed and raped civilians as the judge, jury and executioner. The people of Biafra have long lived under police and military siege since after the genocidal war of extermination termed the Biafran War of 1967. Even after the so-called Biafra war, it is yet raging. Today, the people have decided to stand up and collectively fight the oppressor, like the biblical analogy which states that "the violence taketh it by force". The people have courageously arisen to take back their dignity and no force on earth can stop that determination. The darkest hour however, is at hand and the Biafran people have decided to light up the darkness, which has shrouded their existence for decades. Guns and bullets are no longer barriers. It has finally began. The pay back time over the pit of terror, subjugation, penury and strangulation is here with us. The revolution has certainly commenced.

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Onyebuchi Eucharia
For Family Writers Press International

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