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Sunday 4 April 2021

Unknown Gunmen: A Cure To The Exploitation Tendencies Of Nigerian Armed Forces In The South-east.

Eastern Nigeria had become a fertile ground for the fraudulent activities of Nigeria law enforcement agencies  police and military especially. 
They see standing on high ways, mounting road blocks and extorting commuters bus drivers and other road users as a very lucrative enterprise.
Once a supposed law enforcement agent is deployed to any location in Biafraland(south east), they enthusiastically pop champagne like they have hit a gold mine. 
Some officers go as far as hugely bribing their top commanders to have them posted to the south-east. And subsequently, they do anything possible to remain in Biafraland, anticipating huge returns on their investment via extortion.

However, with the emergence of unknown Gunmen the spate of extortion on the highways has drastically reduced. it is no more business as usual. The fear for their lives seems to suddenly be greater than the love for extorting innocent commuters drivers.

The government has always tried to frightened the populace into believing that without the corrupt corps on our highways, insecurity might abound. 
But amazingly, everyone can testify that there was zero presence of police check points at several parts of Biafraland since the last Christmas holidays, yet that was the most peaceful Christmas celebrations ever witnessed, and no conflicts have been witnessed among residents.

Biafrans are law abiding citizens and can be at peace with their neighbours without police interference.  
If the quality of policing doesn’t improve, then Biafrans will prefer to live without the Nigerian police. 

If there must be police in Biafraland, then they must understand that the era of misbehaving is facing off. Even those attached to the corrupt politicians should as well caution themselves. These politicians in their greed have mis-appropriated the commonwealth of the masses and rendered many youths hopeless and without equal opportunities. But they should bear in mind the the dragon flag has been raised and it promises never to be business as usual anymore.


Written by Samuel Uchenna

Edited by Anne Uzong

For Family Writers Press International

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