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Saturday 3 April 2021

Weak Defence: ‘‘Bandits Tricked Us With Fake Repentance To Get Money For Weapons" - Niger State Gov

 Weak Defence: ‘‘Bandits Tricked Us With Fake Repentance To Get Money For Weapons" - Niger State Gov

The name of the game been played by the Nigeria government with her security breakdown is christened DECEPTION. 

It can not be overemphasized, as we all know how kidnappers in the North get just warnings and handsome rewards while peaceful protesters in the South gets bullets and batons. Not to talk of comparing the systematic abuse of legal process in the arrest, detention, torture and rape of indigenous of Biafra(IPOB) family members to the government’s own policy of rehabilitating Islamic terrorists and kidnappers. 

What mirrors the regime’s hypocrisy is its own National Security Adviser’s, Babagan Monguno, inconsistencies. He said the government ‘will deploy all necessary force to eliminate insurgency and banditry…’. Bizarrely though, Monguno confirmed the government enlisted Sheik Gumi’s help to fight Islamic terrorism. 

Worryingly, the right-minded people in Nigeria are left wondering if Sheik Gumi is the government’s partner in crime, keeping in mind Saudi Arabia, of all places, expelled Gumi for Islamic extremism, including his link to the underpants terrorist bomber (Mutalab).      

The questionable handling of Islamic terrorists by the Nigerian regime is often misinterpreted as the government being habitually or comically inept. Example of what feeds such simple-minded theories is Governor Bello of Niger State’s weak defence which states that: ‘‘Bandits tricked them with fake repentance to get money for weapons.’’ 

Given that the northern flank has for several years been the kidnappers’ hotspot, it is plausible to expect the government to have developed the needful expertise for dealing with abductors. A closer look at how all the students were ransomed and returned unharmed suggest it is naïve to think this governor merely fumbled. 

It is highly unlikely Governor Bello of Niger state was easily outsmarted, especially when this was not his first experience dealing with kidnappers. Would a government serious about counter-terrorism rely on the mere words of kidnappers feigning repentance? How then could terrorists motivated by religious fanatism be trusted to repent overnight? Apart from weapons, what on earth did the governor assume the billions of Naira these kidnappers earned through ransom would be ultimately spent on? 

Any sound answers to the preceding questions needs revisiting the unique insights of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB. Accordingly, Mazi Kanu forcefully maintained that the regime’s ways of dealing with Islamic-inspired lawlessness and violence are indeed consistent with their sinister historical pattern of ensuring only Fulani Jihadists remained strategically armed and dominant in Nigeria. 

In his latest radio broadcast, the indefatigable IPOB leader gave details of this ongoing Fulani divisive Northernization blueprint that Ahmadu Bello created since the early 1960s, which calls for the permanent exclusion of Igbo people from all the key political positions in Nigeria.

Because the government’s transactions with terrorist kidnappers are primarily presented in the form of propaganda and gamesmanship, it reveals more than it hides. This same regime keeps paying ransom while on the other hand, it claims it does not pay ransom or negotiate with terrorists. 

Equally intriguing is why Nigeria does not learn from the EU, UK and USA, all of which adopt the zero-tolerance policy on the payment of ransom. As a result of the Fulani regime’s curious stance, deadly violence remains as horrific as they are frequent. Today the region is awash with weapons while this government continuously creates the impression it is in charge.

IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has been consistent in opening everyone’s eyes to the Fulani-led regime’s agenda: their art of misinformation, various ploys and tactics to gain complete political control and military advantage over all indigenous groups. 

The IPOB leader is justifiably incandescent at the regimes doubled standards, which ultimately pushed him to create the ever-growing Eastern Security Network (ESN) in order to counter the Fulani Jihadist threats.

Now that the gamesmanship have been exposed, Nigeria is inexorably heading to history’s dustbin.


Written by G. E Anukwe

Edited by Mazi Chuks Lyon

For family writers press international

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