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Friday 28 May 2021

Any Attack on the Southern Youth, We shall mobilize against Federal govt--Southern Youth Forum

 Any Attack on the Southern Youth, We shall mobilize against Federal govt--Southern Youth Forum

The Southern Youth Forum, SYF, has warned Nigerian security forces against attacks on ‘Biafra’ and the ‘Yoruba nation’ agitators in the south of the country.

In a Friday statement, the socio-political group notes that any attack against members of the self-determination groups will receive “an aggressive counterattack”.

Nigeria’s Inspector General of Police, Usman Baba, had ordered police to shoot and kill members of secessionist groups in the south of the country. “Don’t mind the media shout; do the job I command you. If anyone accuses you of human rights violation, the report will come to my table and you know what I will do. So, take the battle to them wherever they are and kill them all. Don’t wait for an order,” the police chief said when speaking to police officers in the early days of May 2021.

A statement signed by the Hon. Adewale Lekan – President, Comrade Nwagu Orie – Vice President, and Dezia Kue – SYF spokesperson, reads as follows:

“We, the Southern Youth Forum, SYF, strongly condemn the militarization of communities in southern Nigeria, the illegal arrest alongside the slaughter of youths by security agents who have been deployed on orders to kill at will.

“It is regrettable that the government has deployed its military equipment and soldiers against the population of the south, while pampering the Fulani terrorists who sack parts of the country, mainly the Christian communities of the north where they kill thousands of people, displace and kidnap others for ransom.

“It is also painful to see that Nigerian security agents who have failed in their constitutional duty to protect the lives and property of citizens, parade and kill innocent civilians in the south, accusing them of being responsible for attacks on them, police stations and others.

“Having said this, we, the SYF, hereby call on the Federal Government of Nigeria headed by “President Muhammadu Buhari” to withdraw soldiers, military equipment and police from all communities in the South within 48 hours.

“We also hereby demand the Inspector General of Police, Usman Baba, to publicly apologize and withdraw his order asking the police to arrest, shoot and kill IPOB members and other civilians he labeled as “criminals” in the south. Failure to do so within 48 hours will lead to all legal proceedings against the IGP, which will include his ban from the region, and we will mobilize against the police in the south, regardless of the consequences.

“Sheikh Ahmad Gumi who is the known spokesperson for Fulani terrorists in Nigeria, and whose house is used for the payment of ransom and other heinous acts by Fulani terrorists, walks free and threatens citizens even on national television and newspapers, but the army, police and DSS did not declare war and attack him and his gang of terrorists. Isa Pantami still holds a very sensitive public office in Nigeria despite evidence that proves that he is a sympathizer and sponsor of terrorism. This government sees nothing wrong with that, it pursues and kills peaceful Biafra and Yoruba Nation agitators in the South.

“We now state publicly that, henceforth, any attack against the agitators of Biafra and the Yoruba Nation, will receive an aggressive counterattack.

“We commend the governors of the south for the open grazing ban, and we promise to ensure that it is fully implemented as no Fulani herders will be left here in the south.

“Having said that, we peacefully call on any individual or politician working against the collective interest of the south, to move to north or wherever they believe will be safe because the south will no longer be safe for such people.”

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