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Monday 14 June 2021

Changing The Deceitful Narrative Of Possible Igbo Dominance Of Niger Delta People

It is most unfortunate that quite a number of the indigenous land owners in the artificially crafted South-South or better still, Niger Delta region so-called, have pitiably remained indoctrinated with the misleading narrative that the Igbos will most assuredly dominate them, in the event of the final emergence of the sovereign nation of Biafra. Some have rightly expressed the fear of Igbo socio-economic dominance due to either stark ignorance or tainted knowledge, should they be joined in a seperate nation with their kits and kin from the South-East religion. It therefore remains rather more puzzling to clearly spot out who actually is dominating who in the present architectural setting of Nigeria. Are the Igbos dominating? Why this unfounded fears of their possible domination of their own blood under the Biafra setting?

There is no gainsaying the fact that this unique human race has remained historically ingenious in virtually every progressive sphere of life. They are naturally wired to thrive and survive adventurously in whatever circumstance without any government assistance. The Igboman naturally prefers his entrepreneuralship with other considerations becoming secondary. The despicable, fallacious and grossly misleading narrative of possible domination, cannot  in anyway, survive intelligent constitutional framework of an emergent Biafran State. The deceitful theory is being floated to further puncture the unity and goal of the people, and so must be completely erased and jettisoned from our subconsciousness. So-called Niger Deltans or South-Southerners should forge a consolidated front even globally with their Igbo brethren to realistically advance this self-relization quest. The concocted and grossly unworkable Nigerian union brought upon us as a people, through the instrumentality of the British talored amalgamation of 1914, has over the years, been our greatest undoing. Nigeria has expired.

According to the proposed ideological  philosophy of the emerging Biafra nation known as the United States of Biafra (USB), the Constitution would be a joint draft of all relevant stakeholders from the various ethnic groups that will constitute the new nation. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has pointedly stated that the entire stakeholders from the concerned ethnic groups will make up the Constitution Drafting Committee. This will uncompromisingly,    be saddled with the writing and articulation of the document which will be overwhemingly accepted by all. This Constitution will determine the shape of administration/governance as well as the prudent management of all Biafra resources. Each member State will completely administer/manage it's resources without external dictate or control, to the benefit of citizens. The only expectation from the central government, is a token tax for the purpose of well defined national administrative expendiency. This emphasis from the IPOB leader, hinges on the principle of true federalism as the only recipe for inclusive and people-oriented government. This position has remained clear enough to douse such propounded fear of dominance of any tribe against another as all have equal stakes. 

It is therefore pertinent to clinically disabuse the minds of the frightened pertaining the flying misleading narrative of any sort. All must join hands in synergy, to ensure that this colonial chain of slavery plaguing us as a people, is totally and eternally broken. The Fulani cabals who have mortgaged our resources (oil wells) from across the Niger Delta must be stopped from ripping us off the benefits of our God-given inheritance. Their blatant feasting on the region while they surreptitiously speculate falsehood of Igbo dominance against us as our problem, must be stopped. It is a diversionary tactic orchestrated to sway us from the criminal ownership of our oil wells to the tune of twenty (20) by the Sultan of Sokoto while none of such belongs to an Igboman. This is the main import laid bare by their false and evil narrative aimed at further alienating us from our brothers and sisters within Biafraland. We must have to discountenance this kite of division being flown against us by our enemies. Believing in their Igbo domination theory amounts to simply taking a position of inferiority that the intelligence of the Igboman is superior to ours. These Fulani run Nigeria government must not be allowed to further pauperize us with their acrimonious narrative. We must accelerate our relevance by diligently working on ourselves beyond playing the second fiddle. No one can ignore us. We must imbibe the culture of acquiring new skills through self development. The emerging Biafra nation will be exceptionally detribalized and self fulfilling.

Written by Benpraise Loveson Agweye

Edited by Onyebuchi Eucharia
For Family Writers Press International

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