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Thursday 3 June 2021

NIGERIA: A Country Its End Has Come

 NIGERIA: A Country Its End Has Come 

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi

For Family Writers Press International

Chunua Achebe was in Lagos the time he published a book that suggested a coup. The coup actually happened. The first thing that came to the minds of the Nigerian security was that Achebe must have known about the coup. If not how will he (Achebe) managed to write about it in his books. This attracted Nigeria soldiers to go after Achebe. The young writer was on the run. He later told us in his book 'There Was A Country', how he hurriedly sent his family down to the East and how the building housing their printing press was bombed by Nigeria government. The printing press was actually co-owned by Achebe and Christopher Okigbo the Poet. According to Achebe, standing there among the crowd watching the debris that was their printing press, that he saw Okigbo last. The young poet without saying goodbye, left and joined the Biafra Army and died fighting for Biafra. Achebe heard of his death over the radio. Driving on a lonely road at that point in time, he gently parked by the side of the road, killed his engine and observed a minute silence for a Biafra hero who was his bossom friend. 

Achebe knew nothing about what the ruthless Nigeria unpatriotic soldiers were thinking. He just read the events and intuition made him gain insight on what is about to happen. 

I have been receiving inbox messages from people who wants me to deliver messages to even the the darkest parts of the world. They read me and think I control things. I control nothing and know absolutely nothing. What I write is what I got through adding one or two things together. Probably, Okike gave me this gift and I am using it to forewarn our people. 

Before the attacks on security men started happening, I wrote about it. I wrote that some things is about to happen. There is no how the security will keep killing the people without making beasts out of them. These things are normal things. I am only surprised that some people, including the security men themselves were ignorant of it.

There is nothing like security in Nigeria. It has never existed. The security that seemed to be happening in Nigeria was the unanimous resolution of the people of Nigeria to remain law abiding. And unfortunately, the ineffective Nigeria police and Military mistook this to be that Nigeria is secured.

Now, the people have been pushed to the wall. They have killed hundreds of thousands of peaceful protesters. IPOB members were killed left right and center. Nigeria government thought it wise to use force on young people protesting. At Emene, Port Harcourt, Onitsha, Nkpor, Aba, Umuahia and Akwa Ibom, IPOB members were murdered in cold blood.

Same Nigeria government killed up to a thousand Shiite Muslims for blocking roads in protest. While these things were happening, some people that claims they are intellectuals kept blaming the victims. They asked why Shiite Muslims should block an Army Chief from using a Federal Road. They killed themselves, they concluded. Others questioned how IPOB members should go on peaceful protest without weapons, when they know that Mohammadu Buhari is in power. 

I remember one writer wrote that if protesters are not ready to get armed, they should stop protecting. Same people that said these things are today against ESN for being armed.

Personally, I don't see Nigeria surviving this. The threat from Nigeria President is simply what is necessary to end Nigeria. Like I said Nigeria will never survive this. Which ever way Nigeria tends to move from, it will result to Nigeria's eventual division. Let me explain. Should Nigeria decide to offer what I call a 'Scotland solution' to the problems currently ravaging Nigeria and accept Referendum as a solution, then it will still boil down to division of Nigeria. The difference is that it will be bloodless and no properties will be destroyed.

But if Nigeria choses the path of war, as being propagated already by Nigerian government, then it will still lead to Nigeria's division, even though it will take with it lots of lives. This is me telling you that Nigeria's time is up. Nothing will save Nigeria at this point. Not even changing the name Nigeria will save Nigeria. Nigeria is a country its end have come. Nigeria would have been a nation other of her surrounding neighbours will be begging to join their union. It would have been like something close to United States of America. A country richly blessed by God. But they lavished everything. They employed politicians that stole the nation dry. They practiced all sorts of marginalization against Eastern Regions. In all these, they thought they have built an Army of suppression. An Army that specializes only in killing innocent civilians.

Nigeria Army have went to a house of a known Nigerian musician and had his aged mother thrown off from a Two Storey building, killing her. They are so barbaric that if they come for you and couldn't get you, they will kill your family.

Nigeria soldiers have gone to the village of Odi and Zarki Ibiam and killed everything that moves. Women, Men, both young and old, children and animals they all killed. Nigeria soldiers have never changed and will never change. Their shooting of peaceful protesters at Lekki Tollgate and their denial is nothing new. Security men that stays on the road collecting 50 50 naira have no honour. That's why they lie and cover evil. Since whatever Nigeria does at this present time will lead to the same thing, I don't think the old men leading Nigeria today will ever think of accepting referendum. Never. They will lead youths to kill themselves in the name of defending One Nigeria. They would have opted for referendum, had it been they have a guarantee that Igbo Leaders will help them rig the referendum. But unfortunately, Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB have reduced Igbo leaders, both the governors to nothing. The complete LOCKDOWN of Biafra land by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB gave credence to this fact. 

I will simply advise everyone to prepare for a show down. The threat made by whoever is representing the cabals in the name of the dead Niigeria president is very real. That is their only option. Why do I think a military action will fail? Nigeria government don't have the capacity to fight at many fronts. And I know they are doing everything within their power to avoid that. That's exactly why they are trying so hard to use ISIS to neutralize Boko Haram. They feel that they can control ISIS by reaching a bargain with them. If they can promise to share the government of Nigeria with their men, then they can halt the ongoing jihad in the North, thereby allowing the Nigeria Army to concentrate only in the East.

If this goes as planned, there is also another problem that will face them. Going to war against the East without the support of Yoruba and Middle Belt is already a lost war. So Nigeria government with the help of Britain will pressure Yoruba leaders to join hands to fight the East for the second time. At least, for now, the leaders of Yoruba land are still in charge, unlike in the East. This consultations if not mistaken is already ongoing. With the Yoruba agreeing to join in fighting the East, the Middle Belt will have no option than to join or be crushed. Yoruba leaders will be divided in this devilish decision, but the majority of their leaders drinking from the cup of corruption called Nigeria will side with the government against the East. But they won't have their way. Their youths will not agree and that's is final.

This is not 1967. This is 2021. Palestinians didn't have to march to Israel to fight them. They had to unleash missiles and it travelled miles. So I don't think the Yoruba will make a second mistake of joining to fight Biafrans again. And I also don't think they will risk Lagos to protect an unworkable useless One Nigeria. Yet, even without the support of the Yoruba, Nigeria government will still bring this war. That's because the Nigeria government you are seeing is a Fulani group who are bent on taking over Nigeria state using Nigeria government as a pretense. They can't just stop now. They will hope on the Fulani militias across Africa and the help of other supper powers with huge interest in Nigeria.

These super powers they believe will help them.

In weeks and months to come, I see evil being unleashed in the East. They will double their brutality and those Boko Haram members recruited into the Nigerian Army will be in the Frontline. I once told you that Nigeria police will all run to the village and disguise themselves as farmers. It is happening. I also told you that Nigeria soldiers will desert the military in great numbers. There will be a time major ethnic groups in Nigeria will be tired of what the Fulani led Nigeria government is doing and demand that all their people serving in the Nigerian military come back home. And when this happens, say goodbye to Nigeria. I don't see Nigeria military defeating these crop of youths. These youths are not only volunteers, they are also determined. They pride themselves as dead men working. They are ready to give it all, including their lives.

And the coming of social media have made it too difficult for Nigeria and Britain to fool the world again like they did in 1966-70. How can they now lie to Nigeria that Biafrans are rebels and hide the atrocities happening in Biafra without the world knowing about it? There is time for everything. Time to be created and time to die. The country created by Lord Lugard In 1914 is about to take a bow. I still maintain that the only better solution here is a referendum. Don't forget that referendum is peace.

Elochukwu Ohagi is a Philosopher, Teacher, Writer and Activist, 2021.

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