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Thursday 3 June 2021

Nigeria: A Perpetual Mishap

For those who want to be set free, I come with the truth. For those who wallow in inexplicable darkness, I come with the light. For those in bondage, I come with the message of salvation. I come with food that satisfies the hungry and water that quenches the thirsty. I come with facts that cannot be fatigued: that Nigeria is a mishap. 
Whatever brings pain, injury, sorrow, agony, death, backwardness, regrets and unbearable burden, is a mishap and ought to be rooted out immediately and completely. And Nigeria is the fountain of all of the above mentioned ills. Nigeria as a mishap, did not just happen; it is still happening and will conginually remain so unless it ceases to exist. In order words, Nigeria can be seen as a definition of mishap and abysmal agony. 
A jungle that exists for economic benefits of few white folks at the detriment of the  occupants of the land, is worse than a Zoo. For those who think that Nigeria being referred to as a Zoo will ever get better, let it be clear that whatever looks good that may come out of this country, is built on tombs of innocent men and women and it's ridden with the paint of their blood. 
A contraption that had a more  glorious yesterday than that of today is a mishap. Our people have a name, Nkiruka - which means that the future is brighter. But where is the future of those in her yesterday? Nigeria is a jungle that produced better professors and politicians in the past than in the present. The leaders in every sphere, have nothing whatsoever to offer to her people. All they bring in abundance is traumatic pain, agony and death. 
Nigeria is a worm that eats up the carcass that produces it and that will eventually end up dying of hunger. Since it  exists only to bring mishaps and all manners of evil, it must be stopped from happening to us all and our generation yet unborn. If we do not all rise up and end this Nigeria, Nigeria will definitely end us all. Making sure that Nigeria dies, is a course worth living for and dying for and I will gladly work to see that happen. Will you work with us to end Nigeria or will you allow Nigeria to end you and all that concerns you? The choice is definitely yours. 
Written by Daniel Nwobodo
Edited by Chukwuemeka Okechukwu
For Family Writers Press International

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