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Friday 18 June 2021

Open Letter To Governor Hope Uzodima Of Imo State

Sir, before your appointment to oversee Imo State by the Fulani Caliphate, existed relative peace and tranquility. But since your arrival, everything has suddenly changed to the detriment of the people. It is on record that you were never duely elected as the Imo State Governor, not at all! Yet, the good people of the State welcomed you with outstretched arms despite the fact that you were imposed on them. And not contented with their simplistic gesture, you invited death squads from Aso Rock to kill them, destroy their livelihoods and steal away their peace, in conformity with the acrimonious and vampiric agenda of your employers. What really have Imolites done to you to deserve this wave of inhumane treatment and wickedness? You turned Imo State into a war zone with fighter jets and attack helicopters bombarding and destroying virtually everything and everyone in sight. What was the offence of Imo People?

Sir, can you really account for the actual number of citizens you have intently killed since your assumption of office, as a stooge to the Fulani Caliphate? As I write this letter, there exists restiveness with no atom of peace in the State. People have been so traumatized to freely live in their God-given homeland. You have clothed yourself in the blood of your kit and kin and have won yourself a Fulani medal for killing and abducting your own. I guess you have achieved your life long ambition of decimating your own brothers and sisters. Congratulations to you for this devilish achievement. 

Today, the beloved People of Imo State though still in tears of all the actrocious crimes you have committed against them, hear you say, you are ready for dialogue. Please Sir, permit me to ask you, "Dialogue with who and about what?" Do you want to dialogue with the living whose livelihood and homes you have despicably destroyed, whose sons and daughters you have murderously sent to their early graves? Or you want to dialogue with the dead whose only crime was being citizens of the State?

Dear Hope Uzodima, should you wish to dialogue, kindly go to the land of the dead. There, are over four thousand (4000) souls you wasted. The living have no interest in listening to a murderer. They are in tears and will forever mourn for their loved ones you and your Aso Rock backers tyrannically snatched away. 
And just incase you have forgotten, let me quickly remind you of a vibrant and brave warrior, the great Eastern Security Network Commander, Mr. Ikonso, who committed no crime but you killed him. He was a warrior who swore to keep Imo State safe from the filthy hands of maraudering Fulani Islamic killers and invaders from the Sahel. He was a warrior that you killed in his sleep. If you wish to dialogue, first ask yourself ''what Ikonso's offence to you really was". You did not just kill him, you went ahead and burnt down his only house, leaving his wife and little children, homeless and fatherless. Yet, you shamelessly ask for a dialogue?

May it be known to you that there shall be no dialogue with you in this life and in the hereafter. Relentlessly continue with the destruction of  lives and property in Imo State. Biafrans shall never forget nor shall they ever dialogue with a murderer and someday, you will definitely come to terms with your evil deeds.

Written by Samuel Uchenna

Edited by Anne Uzong Okon

For Family Writers Press International

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