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Tuesday 22 June 2021

The Belated Brinksmanship Of South-East Governors And Biafra’s Relentless March To freedom

In the political game of brinkmanship between the South-East Governors and the Biafra agitators, it is the immutable law of nature that one side shall eventually crumble. The side that shall emerge victorious in the end is unarguably, the people of Biafra. This is because every nation comprises of two political classes notably: the elites and the masses. And the elites’ power always derived from the masses which is also withdrawable at any given time.       
Surprising though, the political elites in Nigeria have continued to lay aside this natural law of politics. The prime example of disregard to the collective wish of the people is well showcased through the South-Eastern leaders’ recent communique, with Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State, released to the press. In the middle of the huge swell in popularity for self-determination, the regions’ leaders audaciously maintained that they are not in support of any agitation for Biafra. Although quite unfortunate, the governor’s public statement does not cause discerning people any despair or sleepless nights as they cannot offer any better than that. 
Without doubts, these governors themselves are drowning in the stormy political sea of one Nigeria. As the agitation for Biafra keeps gathering momentum, the Fulani regime and their jihadist cabals jitter at any slightest move in the region. Likewise, the governors of the South-East, who are also the stooges of the Fulani jihadist regime, are anxiously trying to prove to their political ‘godfathers’ that they have the ongoing turmoil and horrendous violence in Biafraland under total control. Still, they cannot mask the ongoing bloodletting and senseless killings of civilians in the region by the Nigerian security forces.   
The political battle to pull in the South-East to forge ‘‘one Nigeria’’, pushes these governors into a limbo. For one thing, they lack the support of the majority of South- Easterners whom they claim to be speaking for. Even worse, referendum for Biafra’s restoration is their political villain. Because of the fear that independent Biafra might turn these so-called leaders into political nonentities, they now engage in gamesmanship and propaganda in order to stay afloat. What is more, each of the governors can never risk antagonising their masters from the Northern part or the Fulani controlled regime in Abuja with whom their political relevance hangs.     
The tragic irony is the governors’ own very cloudy perception of their spokesperson's role. Even though they see themselves as political heavy weights responsible for the South-East region, the dominant political power in Nigeria still lies with the Fulani jihadist groups. This unsavoury truth is well illustrated by the presidency’s latest uncompromising demand that open grazing must be implemented down South. This comes despite the Asaba declaration by all Southern Governors just a couple of months ago, in their resolve to ban open grazing. Since the presidency refused to listen to the entire governors of Southern Nigeria, it implies that whatever the few governors from the South-East say, can be easily overturned.   
Although the communique claims to reflect the wide range of the views of the South-East leaders, it is undeniably designed for only publicity convenience. Without consulting with their people first, these governors freely pledged commitment to ‘one Nigeria’. Such is the extent to which these elites are notoriously out of touch with their own people. Their agenda is not driven therefore, by the ordinary people’s wishes which is referendum but by their wretched hunger and thirst to remain in power. 
Because the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), are the bugbear of this Fulani Jihadist regime, the South-East leaders are frustatingly, distancing themselves from IPOB. No wonder, their communique’s proclamation that IPOB does not speak for the region, stems from dishonesty.

All that is needed as proof is the overwhelming strict compliance with the Sit-At-Home order the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, issued to commemorate the Biafra’s Fallen Heroes/Heroines. In a nutshell, leaders from the South-east region are completely out of step with the political realities of the times we live in and as such, should never be taken seriously in whatever stand they take concerning Nigeria. Charity they say begins at home. If these Fulani stooges in the name of elites want to be taken seriously, they need to firstly heed the wishes of their people and reflect such in their decisions. 
Written by George E. Anukwe
Edited by Chukwuemeka Okechukwu
For Family Writers Press International

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