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Tuesday 15 June 2021

"In The Language They Will Understand", Buhari Stated.

President Muhammadu Buhari, in a recent interview, openly declared that his government is ready to repeat the genocide which the Nigerian State committed against Biafrans between 1967-1970. Record holds it that Britain masterminded the genocidal war levied against Biafrans, with Russia, Egypt and others as allies.

My focus on this article is on the brazenly open and defiant declaration of the Nigerian government's readiness to bring about a repeat of that evil once again, on Biafrans.
Systematically, the genocide is already on and is being driven tactically.
Recently, there was an attack on the home of Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor, the lead counsel of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). This precisely happened on the early hours of Sunday morning being 6th June 2021, which resulted in the killing of his Personal Assistant,  Mr. Samuel Okoro (Biggie). He was barbarically burnt to ashes in Barrister Ifeanyi Ejioffor's Toyota vehicle. The Barrister's household attendants are yet to be released by the combined squad of the Nigeria Army, Police and Civil Defense, which in commando-style, invaded his home in Oraifite town, Ekwusigo Local Government Area, Anambra. They came fully armed on armoured carrier tank, toyota hilux vans and other vehicles, to intimidate and terrorize unarmed indigenous people. If this is not a clear indication of war, one then wonders what it really is.

On Wednesday 10th June 2021, a group of Fulani terrorists operating within Lokpanta, a location within Okigwe and Abia territory, abducted travelers who plied that route to various parts of the East. The abducted passengers, most of whom were women, appeared raped and devastated upon release. The women especially, would not stop crying.

The ongoing Owerri massacre has become a routine for over forty (40) days now and it is being carried out by the Nigerian joint military operations on innocent civilian population of Imo State, in a bid to systematically downgrade the Igbos. These are confirmations of the genocidal threat - "IN THE LANGUAGE THEY WILL UNDERSTAND".

The current DCP Abba Kyari, is from Borno state, Northern Nigeria, where terrorists have decimated hundreds of thousands of people and taken over their properties. Yet the Fulani led government under Buhari, is bent on repeating a genocide on peaceful populations in the East, as he threatened, for daring to ask for a referendum in the exercise of their legitimate right to self-determination as enshrined in the United Nations Charter of which Nigeria is signatory. For years now, the call for a referendum for Biafra has been met with acts of aggression. The East has become militarized, with soldiers and policemen firing live ammunition into peaceful protesting crowds and going on to abduct people from their homes at night for summary executions. 

The world should be aware that Biafrans are being exterminated and it is a well thought-out plan by the Nigerian government under Buhari. The principle of self-determination is prominently embodied in Article 1 of the Charter of the United Nations. It's inclusion in the UN Charter marks the universal recognition of the principle as fundamental to the maintenance of friendly relations and peace among member states. 

All peoples have the right to self-determination. By virtue of that right, they freely determine their political status and pursue their economic, social and cultural development. This is therefore, to alert the world that another genocide in effect to the comments of Muhammadu Buhari (the only Nigerian President that never grants a live interview or press conference), is ongoing in Biafraland.

An adage says that "it's only a tree that stands still after is threatened of being cut down". A goat when threatened would defend itself with it's horns, how much more a people with brains and God on their side.

Written by
Donald Okorie

Edited by 
Chukwunyere E. Emenogu

For Family Writers Press International

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