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Wednesday 1 September 2021

Biafra: We See a Multitude but we know our people

We See a Multitude but we know our people

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has every right to dissolve, sack, appoint and reappoint any member of DOS if any of them is found wanting. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is still reachable. He can still pass instruction from DSS custody through his lawyer. For the fact that he hasn’t issued any such instruction, it means he wants the structure to remain intact as it is and continue carrying out its functions. Those of you castigating and accusing the DOS of being futile, you are not more knowledgeable than Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who established and has insisted that the structure must remain intact until he comes back.

Those of you fighting the DOS, you are not wiser than the leader of this movement who set up this structure from the scratch. I must tell you now that you are wasting your time and at the same time, delaying the coming of Biafra by fighting the DOS which is the hierarchy of IPOB.  None of you appointed these people and none of you has the power to remove any one of them when the head of the struggle is still alive and reachable.

Stop distracting our work. Those of you that have gotten another leader we wish you the best of luck. This is not our first time in the journey, some of you are fair-weather friends who are close when things are moving smoothly but withdraw support when the going is tough and rough. Some are agents of the abominable Nigerian Government who have only come to destroy the structure Mazi Nnamdi Kanu built. People like us will never allow agents of destruction to prevail. We have been in this struggle since 2012, we see a multitude but we know our people. The journey for freedom has become tough and only the strong will remain. The DOS IS UNBREAKABLE UNTIL THE LEADER OF THIS MOVEMENT SAYS OTHERWISE. 

God bless Biafra 

God bless Nnamdi Kanu

God Bless ESN



Mazi Emeka Gift 

Writing For Family Writers Press International.

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